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We're livin' large in our own little way
 - from 'Livin' Large' by L7

Chung Yin

She still couldn’t quite believe it.  She was getting married.  Yin had asked her to marry him and she knew at once the answer was yes.  She really wanted to get married straight away, so they could really enjoy the pleasure of being a proper couple.  Not that it had stopped them since the day they met, but it was nice to have that little message in your head that said ‘I’m a married woman’ and besides it would be nice to be the bride for once and not the guest.  She remembered the day after.  When realisation had sunk in.  She’d ran along every corridor of the TARDIS yelling ‘I’m getting married, I’m getting married!’ over and over and over again.  That day they’d talked like they’d never talked before, getting to know everything about each other.  She knew his allergies, lime and lobster and he knew her fondness for having the backs of her knees lightly tickled with a feather.  Then that night they hadn’t made love.  They promised that they’d save themselves one more day, for their honeymoon.  Yin had agreed to move into the next bedroom along, just to avoid temptation, because the Doctor knew she didn’t have the willpower to keep her trousers on.



That night the Doctor lay on the bed; the sheets had been freshly laundered and smelled of pine forests and bluebells.  She had a dozen bride and wedding magazines open and she was looking through them all at once, making of a note of what she liked on little pink post it’s.  So far she’s found shoes and stockings and plenty of lingerie options, but the big thing was finding a dress.  She wasn’t a dressy kind of gal to begin with; give her trouser legs or a knee length skirt any day.  Somehow the idea of something without a belt was odd, ninety degrees off the accepted angle to reality she called normal.  In the end she decided that she’d rather do without any of these dresses.  She’d simply be herself, only slightly better turned out.  There was a time to be smart-casual and there was a time to be smart-smart and her wedding day was one of those times.  Still she didn’t want to give up every superstition.  She’d found an old pair of Tegan’s shoes, a new broach for her jacket lapel, sexy powder blue bra and panties and of course she borrowed Benny’s ‘BABE’ anklet and wore it on her left ankle.



Yin paced around his bachelor suite.  He was nervous.  He didn’t want such a big fuss.  He just wanted a simple intimate ceremony with the woman he loved and a couple of strangers to act as witnesses to their special day.  He looked at his tux, still hanging up in the wardrobe.  It was so not him, we wanted something more casual, more traditional and in keeping with his family’s past.  His mother was matriarch of the small but incredibly old Chung Dynasty and she’d never forgive him if he didn’t wear red to his own wedding.  In the end he settled on the black shirt, with the bright red waistcoat and matching tie.  His trousers were ok and he had some red silk boxer shorts he could wear.  The main thing though was: how was he going to tell the future Mrs. Chung that he didn’t want a big fancy do?  He just wanted to celebrate their union and their future happiness.  He decided that there was no easy way to tell her, so he’d have a couple of drinks and wait until the alcohol loosened his tongue.



The Doctor found Yin sitting in the comet room with a bottle in his hand.  “Are you going to keep drinking?”  She asked him.

“I don’t think I’ve had enough.”  He replied.  “I don’t seem to be able to tell you that I’d rather we just had a simple ceremony.”

The Doctor sat down next to Yin.  “That’s what I want to.  I’ve seen tons of weddings, of every type.  I want a marriage that lasts forever.”

“Forever?”  Yin asked.

“Are you up to that?”  The Doctor asked.

“I can only try.”  Yin replied and passed out.

The Doctor brought his duvet to Yin and tucked him up in bed to sleep the drink off.  Then she returned to her room and jumped up and down on the bed.  “I’m getting married!”  She yelled again and again.  “I’m getting married.”



Yin woke up, he felt like screaming as the noise of what sounded like a jumbo jet landing on top of him reverberated through his skull.  However after a few agonizing moments the pain loosened its death grip just a little.  He tried to sit up but it took him seven attempts and only then he was partially successful.  “I am never drinking again.”  He slurred to himself as the words felt like someone was sawing through his head with a chainsaw dipped in salt and vinegar.

He managed to crawl along the corridor, on hands and knees, sometimes on his feet, lurching metre by metre to his room.  It seemed like an eternity away but slowly he got closer and closer to it.  “At least there was no stag party.”  He was relieved that he hadn’t woken up handcuffed to somewhere in the middle of a far away city, like his elder brother Fong.



The Doctor jogged down the corridor, dressed only in her bright pink Lycra thong leotard and running shoes.  She wanted to keep herself trim and healthy for the honeymoon.  She didn’t know what planet Yin had picked yet but she hoped it was one she hadn’t visited before.  Lately she’d been thinking that there was still so much of the cosmos for her to see and she wanted to see it all with Yin at her side.  She went all gooey inside when she picture his face, he was in her life in the biggest way possible and she wouldn’t trade their relationship for all the coffee beans in Brazil. 

She’d already run fifty eight miles, another two and she’d be done.  She didn’t want to overdo things after all.  She had to arrive at their chosen planet.  Arrange the ceremony, and then they had all the last minute preparations and other stuff to do before their moment of fate when their two lives would officially be joined in blessed matrimony.



Yin felt better once his system was more hydrated.  Seriously, three large cups of water had improved him no end.  The simplest cures were often the best.  Now all he had to do was persuade his arms and legs to function properly.  He dressed in his second best outfit and went to find the Doctor before they landed on the planet.  He found her in the control room, where else?  “Hey there.”  He said to the one on the left.  “I feel terrible.”

“What did you do?”  The Doctor asked.

“My head, it’s not pounding so much but my vision is seriously wonky.  I see two of you.”

The Doctor turned off the hologram of herself.  “Sorry, I was just messing about with this old thing.  I thought I might be able to create a virtual me to run the ship while we’re on our honeymoon.”

“I think the captain should always be at the helm, or in bed with her husband.”  Yin all but collapsed on the sofa.  “I’m just having a little trouble getting going today.”

The Doctor poured Yin a large black coffee.  “Drink this; it’ll help you snap out of it.”

Yin pulled a face.  “That’s a seriously strong cup of coffee.”

“It’s wake up juice.”  The Doctor smiled.  “Are you looking forward to today?”

“You bet.”  Yin replied and fell asleep again.

“Men.”  The Doctor sighed and turned her virtual self back on.

“What do you expect me to do?”  The virtual Doctor asked.  “He’s your man.”

“I’ll take care of him.”  The real Doctor replied.

“You’d better.”  The hologram replied.  “I want to hear all the juicy gossip.”

The real Doctor set the landing controls and it was just a few moments later when they arrived at their destination.

“We’re here, last chance to back out.”  The hologram said to the real Doctor.

“Not a chance.”  The real Doctor replied.  “It’s my wedding day, I wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

“Well as long as you’re happy.”  The hologram Doctor replied.  “Have a nice time.”

The Doctor turned the hologram version of herself off.  “Nice woman, bit too chatty for me though.”  She deleted the program from the TARDIS’ memory files.  “One of me is more than enough, for anyone.”



Planet Rees 7 was a large rocky moon orbiting a huge green gas giant.  It was the seventh largest moon out from the innermost.  It was just far enough away to avoid the lethal radiation belt surrounding its parent but was still close enough to get enough ambient heat from the planet to keep it at a stable earth like environment.  The planet is hugely volcanic, large black streaks of basaltic lava criss-cross the green sides of the huge shield volcano islands.  The basalt erodes over time to form wonderfully soft beaches, which combined with the purple sky and yellow sea create a spectacular backdrop to a simple beach ceremony.  That was still hours away however.



The Doctor had taken up temporary residence inside one of the huts on the beach.  She was being attended to by three of the local teenage girls who fussed over the visitor’s hair and helped paint her face in the traditional manner of a bride of the tribe.  One day it would be their turn to marry and as was the custom of their tribe they learned what was involved by watching and helping.



Yin was in another hut, attended to by three of the tribe’s strongest warriors.  They taught him the traditional stance of the warrior, the way to hold a ceremonial spear and wear an earring made of a bone of a platypus, an animal associated with fast reproduction.  They also taught Yin how to sing the traditional song of the hunter who wins over his love with a haunting melody of his love and hunting prowess.  Finally they tattoo Yin’s back with the traditional markings of an honoured defender of the tribe, officially making him a member of their clan.  Yin is honoured by this, and then they give him a special gift for his wedding night, to give him endurance.



The Doctor shared in some of the girl’s gossip.  Apparently one of them, Bindri, has her eye on a boy called Trok and she’s waiting for him to begin the courtship rituals.  The Doctor is sure that Bindri will get her guy and life happily ever after.



As evening approaches Yin slips into his chosen wedding attire.  He opts to leave the shoes and socks off however as the sand feels so warm and comfortable between his toes.  He stands by the speaker of the words, waiting for his bride to begin her walk to stand at his side.

The Doctor and her three maids of honour approached in a spiral pattern, until she is standing at Yin’s side.  She is wearing the traditional necklace over her plain white blouse and off-white skirt.  She too has gone without shoes or stockings because she wanted to enjoy the luxurious sandy beach between her toes.  She smiled at Yin, showing off her pearly white teeth and trying not to give in to the huge amount of butterflies in her stomach.

The speaker of the words slowly begins the wedding ceremony.  She calls upon the strength of the tribe to join the two souls as one.  To bind them for all eternity together.  To bless them with many strong children.

Children?  The Doctor hadn’t even considered this possibility.  Suddenly she had an attack of frozen feet, but she looked at Yin, saw the contentment on his face and she knew that she wanted to be with him come what may.  Maybe they would have a kid, as long as they didn’t take over everything, they might actually make it out alive.

Finally Yin offered the Doctor the sacred branch of love and she accepted.  It was official, they were married.  He kissed her, passionately.  He heard the tribe’s people giggle and laugh but he didn’t care, it was his wedding day and she was officially his wife.

The Doctor gazed lovingly into the eyes of her husband.  They’d done it, they’d tied the knot.  She was his wife, he her husband.  She felt strange, elated.  This was a beginning, a new phase of her life.  Her aimless wanderings could end now.  She could have a normal life, well as normal as she wanted.  She still considered herself galactic pest control but at least now she’d never be alone.  She’d always have someone at her side who loved her and wanted to be with her.

“How do you feel, Mrs Chung?”  Yin asked.

“I feel great, Mr Chung.”  She kissed him again.  “I like your waistcoat.  Red looks…”  Her words were cut off however by the sight of a large spaceship descending closer and closer to the beach.  She recognised the design and markings immediately.  “The Solar Knights.”

“How?”  Yin asked.

“I don’t know.”  The Doctor replied.  She was about to say more but gunfire burst out of the ship killing the witnesses and injuring the speaker of the words.

Yin helped support the weight of the old woman as he rushed over to the TARDIS, all but carrying her slight weight.  However they are grappled by some sort of energy beam and lifted up into the air.  They are pulled into the ship and they see the Doctor struggling inside of a similar beam of light.



Knight Commander Jeremiah stands over the prone bodies of the three prisoners.  “You almost killed me.”  He said slowly.  “My body was at the point of death, I was ready to serve Solaria for all eternity, when I was dragged back into this.”  He stepped into a pool of light to reveal his mostly mechanical body.  My mangled flesh was healed and fused with this life support unit.  I am forced to endure this half life and you will all know the true meaning of suffering.”  He raised his iron foot and brought it down on the old woman’s head.

“What the frak kind of psycho are you?”  Yin gasps in shock.  “You don’t kill harmless old ladies like that, you monster.”

“Far from harmless.”  Jeremiah replied.  “She preaches a false gospel; she lies with the words of a fake deity.  Only Solaria is the one true god.  Only her words are the truth of all things.”

The Doctor stood up.  “You lot just don’t get it, do you?”  She began to laugh.  “In this ship Solaria isn’t god, I am.”

“Blasphemy!”  Jeremiah yelled as loud as he could.  “I sentence you both to death!”

“You won’t hurt us.”  The Doctor replied.  “I, your god say it isn’t so.”

Yin looked at the Doctor then Jeremiah.  “You’d better listen to her.”

“Watch me make you all die.”  The Doctor said to Jeremiah and pulled out the TARDIS summoning device from her blouse pocket.  She pressed the button and her time ship materialised around her and her husband.

“Fire!”  Jeremiah shouted to the other Solar Knights, but their guns hit some sort of force field.



Safe inside the TARDIS the Doctor pressed the other button on her remote control device.  “It’s done.”

Yin watched on the screen as the airlocks opened into deep space.  Jeremiah and the others were blown out into the freezing oblivion of a quick death.  “That’s one for the old girl.”

The Doctor sat down on the sofa, tears rolling down her cheeks.  “What have I done?”  She asked.  “I could have let them live, I should have let them live.”

“They’d have just come after us again.”  Yin hugged the Doctor.  “Next time they could have killed you.  You did the right thing.”

“No.”  The Doctor said softly.  “I did the wrong thing, for the right reason.  I have no right to celebrate today.”

Yin kissed his wife on the forehead.  “Maybe not today, but we have the rest of our lives together.  Plus you have a certain bikini I know you want to wear.”

“Hold me.”  The Doctor put her arms around her husband’s waist.  “Just hold me.”

Yin held the Doctor; he would hold her for as long as she needed him to or until he needed the bathroom.  He kissed her neck.  “We’ll get through this.  I promise you, we’ll get though this somehow.”

“I love you.”  The Doctor said as fresh tears began to roll down her cheeks, ruining her mascara and probably her blouse.  Yin stayed with her for a few minutes, before going to get her a cup of coffee.  Immediately once he left her tears stopped.  After all why continue the scene if the audience was not around to see it.  Instead she went over to the databank on the TARDIS console and began to research everything in it about the Solar Knight, looking for more weaknesses to exploit to her advantage.  One by one, group by group, she’d deal with them all…if necessary.  No one threatened her and her husband.  She may be a married lady now, but that didn’t mean she had to stop being the biggest bitch in the universe when necessary.


This is a short little story that starts off all bright and cheerful and ordinary and ends with a massacre.  This really is a turning point for the Doctor as she realises that her actions have real consequences.  That she's guilty of murder even though it could be argued that it was preventative action.
I really want to give the Solar Knights as big a threat as possible, yet not go overboard (yet).  I want them to feel like real people and not just ciphers.  They may be twisted psychotics but they're that way for a reason and not just plot convenience.
This incarnation of the Doctor uses her emotions as a weapon against herself, she likes to make herself feel really bad as a way of punishing herself more than she should.  She thinks that by experiencing guilt and suffering it's absolution for her actions.
Also due to losing my notes in writing this story I originally wrote a far happier ending than the one intended.  So here it is, the 'missing ending':

“How do you feel, Mrs Chung?”  Yin asked.

“I feel great, Mr Chung.”  She kissed him again.  “I like your waistcoat.  Red looks so good on you.  I feel closer to your family’s history and culture.”

“You look radiant too.”  Yin replied.  Those red flowers in your hair are perfect, an acceptance of my culture but in your own special and unique way.  I am wearing the symbol of your heritage close to me.”  He took out the small gold disc with the strange pattern on it.  “I like the design, a never ending circle showing how we will last, he will be happy together.”

“I know we will.”  The Doctor replied.  “Now if you excuse me, three very over excited teenagers want to catch my bouquet.”  She turned around and threw her bouquet towards the three teenage girls.  Bindri had caught it and already she was making big eyes towards Trok.  The Doctor knew that she had caught her man and all she had to do now was reel him in.

“We should give our thanks to the tribe’s people.”  Yin said as he nuzzled the Doctor’s earlobe.



The Doctor and Yin stood in the control room.  Yin was to make his big announcement regarding the destination of their honeymoon.  The Doctor could barely contain her excitement.

“I want to go home.”  He said.  “I want you to come with me to the family home, see the family shrine and have tea with my mother.”

The Doctor felt a little let down, she had a bikini she wanted to premiere.  “Are you sure honey?”

“Just for a couple of days.  Then we can go for a real honeymoon once we have the blessing of my family.”

“Ok.”  The Doctor replied.  “Is the tea mandatory though?  Can’t we have a latte instead and talk about girly stuff and my sex life?  It’d be less painful.”

“It’s just a ritual; you don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to.”

“I have to though, this is important to you.  I have to accept the family I’ve married in to.  You should be grateful that all my family died years ago, well apart from my granddaughter, Susan.”

“I should meet her.”  Yin replied.

“Maybe.”  The Doctor pondered.  “She’s like me, always off wandering the cosmos.  I haven’t seen her in years but I always send her an Othersday card.”  The Doctor set the controls for Yin’s homeworld, it’d be good to learn more about his family and there were always the obligatory embarrassing family photographs to look forward too.

Yin wondered why the Doctor had such an odd smile on her face but he really didn’t care anymore.  They were married…married!  He picked her up in his arms and carried her down the corridor to their bedroom.  Family reunions could come later; right now they had their own union to consummate…several times.


- the home of the 14th Doctor -