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Spend my days and nights in roaring halls of crimson fire
 - from 'Solar Confinement' by Bruce Dickinson

The 2nd Doctor

For the first time since the Doctor had moved back into their shared bedroom she and Yin had made love.  Yin had needed a couple of days to fully recover from his near death experience and the Doctor had used that time to deal with her own issues as well as making a couple of new changes to the interior of the TARDIS.  She created a recuperation area adjoining the bedroom.  It was a simple place of pampered luxury, a hot tub, a massage table and a steam room to help with Yin’s lungs.  Their passionate lovemaking had been supposed to been a celebration of Yin’s half birthday and had turned into a fifteen hour marathon romp between the sheets instead.

The Doctor had never felt so comfortable with Yin, even just after they’d met she’d held a lot back.  Now those barriers had been knocked down and it was official, they were a serious couple and they were having the most fantastic sex ever.

That sexy lingerie she’d bought just before Yin had been allowed out of hospital had done the trick, not being superstitious the Doctor was loath to assign any credit to the underwear but she didn’t doubt she looked hot in it either.  Maybe she’d give it ten percent of the credit?  Fifteen tops.

Yin was certainly happy to see the Doctor getting back to her old self and wow was he lucky to find a woman that good in bed?  Especially one who claimed to have never had sex for nearly a millennium.  Maybe it was that tantric thing he’d heard about, how denying yourself made it more enjoyable when you finally did it or something.  Either way he was happy that she was happy.

“We should get up and do something.”  The Doctor said at last.  “If we don’t wash these sheets soon they’ll be stuck to us for the rest of our lives and I don’t want to look like that just yet thank you very much.”  He slapped her rear as she got up off of him.  “Hey, that might get you some serious action later, mister.”



Solaris Prime was the home world of the Solar Knights.  They were a mysterious order of warrior priests that held all life as sacred and the taking of life was a crime except when sanctioned by their god, Solaria.

The grand temple of the Solar Knights is surmounted by a huge golden dome, known as the temple of the sun.  In this temple the Grand Paladin of the order would sit in command of a vast army of highly trained warriors.  However over the years the laws have been twisted and changed by the Grand Paladins, turning the once noble order into a mob of fanatical warmongers who attack all species they consider weak or a threat to their god’s authority over the termination of life.

Grand Paladin Excelsior looked at Knights Jeremiah, Helga and Paolo.  His command was a simple one.  “Kill the Doctor.”

The three knights saluted grandly and then turned the leave.



The Doctor looked at Yin.  “Did I ever tell you about the time Jamie, Zoe and I got tangled up with the Solar Knights?”

“No.”  Yin replied.  “What happened?”

“It was many years ago.  I was only about four hundred and sixty, maybe four hundred and seventy tops.  We had arrived on this pleasant planet, oh what was its name now?  Never mind, we’d arrived and the natives were nice and friendly and things seemed to be going well.  Jamie and Zoe were talking about going off on a treasure hunt in a supposed haunted cave and I, well I was s man back that as I told you before.  Only my second body too.  Things were a lot more complicated back in those days, on the run from the Time Lords.  Back then the TARDIS wouldn’t work properly, it was always taking us off on these strange adventures, and of course once we’d landed on this planet and met a few of the friendly locals, the Solar Knights invaded and started slaughtering or imprisoning everyone.”

“That all sounds rather nasty.”  Yin replied.

“At one point we were attacked by this huge swamp monster!”  The Doctor held her arms wide to indicate its size.



The Doctor threw the burning branch at the Xiannif; it whelped in pain and ran off.

"Oh Doctor that creature nearly had me for lunch." Zoe exclaimed dramatically.

"Well it's gone now Zoe. They were right out this journey being dangerous. I think you and Jamie should go back while there's time."

"No Doctor, we'll stick with you if it's all the same. Besides who's going to keep an eye on you?" Jamie smiled.

"Ok, let’s continue then. After you Jamie."

"Och Doctor you're no afraid of anymore beasties are you?"

"Well let’s just say I have a feeling our troubles are just beginning."

They found a small man sitting on a rock. "Ah hello friends. It's not very safe in these woods this late in the day. You should turn back while you can." he said.

"Well we're on an important journey my good man." The Doctor began.

"Not so important they couldn't send you by airtram now is it?"

"The airtram isn't secure." Zoe blurted out.

"Well then take the left fork in the road up ahead. It'll make a big difference to the time of your journey. I'll be leaving now. I like these woods, but I never stay here after dark." He trundled off whistling.

They found the left fork and went along it until they came to what seemed like a large swamp. "Oh dear I do think we'll have to turn back." The Doctor looked glum.

"There's something in there Doctor." Jamie stated as bubbles began to froth in the swamp.

"Yes Jamie, something big and hungry too."

Zoe screamed...

Vioc t-matted beside the three time travellers. "Aren't you there yet?" Then he noticed the bubbles in the swamp. "They say the Foss Worm lives in these swamps. It's as big as ten men and as wide as three and eats fairly large animals whole."

"That's a large beastie Vioc." Jamie pulled out his dirk and held it out in a defensive posture.

"Now lets just all be calm and rational." The Doctor began.



“Sounds like you had quite a fun time.”  Yin said to the Doctor.

“Well it wasn’t all fun and games.”  The Doctor replied.  “Let’s get a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you more.  She playfully pushed him over as he tried to stand up.



Knights Jeremiah, Helga and Paolo found themselves standing on the surface of the planet Serenity.  It was an insignificant backwater planet with just the single large continent that looked kind of like a bagel from orbit.  Their ship had landed in the spaceport and they had quickly set off to question the locals about a mysterious wanderer known as the Doctor.



Knight Jeremiah questioned a beauty parlour worker who claimed that the Doctor had stopped by to get her nails done.  The description was at odds to the photograph of the small man with the sad intelligent eyes.

Candy wondered why the attractive man seemed upset.  “Yeah, she like had her toes done too and we talked about hair care tips and then she left.”

Jeremiah resisted the urge to shoot the witness.  He may need to ask her additional questions at a later date.



Knight Helga looked at the racks and racks of women’s clothing and then at the timid sales assistant.  “Are your sure she was a she and that she bought these items of clothing?”

“Yes.”  Felicity replied.  “She asked for my opinion on a suspender belt while she was trying on underwear.  She was definitely a she.  Of course there are surgical procedures but I knew a girl who used to be a guy and there were scars around her intimate areas.”

“You make it a point to look at your female customers?”

“Only the good looking ones.”  Felicity replied.  “It’s not like I go to the gym regularly or anything.”

Knight Helga looked at the picture of the Doctor.  Either the woman was lying, which seemed remotely likely as she was staring at her breasts, or the picture was wrong or the picture was right and the assistant was right and the Doctor had somehow changed gender and appearance.



Knight Paolo looked at the jeweller.  According to him he’s served a brunette female known as the Doctor a month ago.  She’d bought several pairs of earrings from him as well as a small fortunes worth of bracelets, anklets and necklaces.  He wondered if it was a weird coincidence but the signature was exactly the same, and the credit card matched the one associated with the Doctor.  Perhaps it was a codename for a larger operation?  Whatever it was it was time to co-ordinate his findings with those of his colleagues.



The Doctor put her empty mug down on the table.  “I don’t know about you but that was a damn fine cup of coffee.”

“You do make a good pot of coffee and no mistake.”  Yin replied.

“The secret’s all in the blend.  I have a few bags of the stuff, but I’ve ordered it specially made in bulk from a little place I know in Italy.”  The Doctor looked longingly at Yin’s slice of cherry pie but made herself remember about her waistline and the damage that cake could do to it.

“You were talking about the Solar Knights.”  Yin reminded the Doctor.

“Oh yes.”  The Doctor said after a moment.  “Well we were attacked by a Foss Worm, but we were lucky.”



The Doctor pulled his two companions to safety just as the Foss Worm's jaws snatched at where they had being standing.

"Thanks Doctor, yon beastie nearly had us for lunch." Jamie pulled his jumper back on.

"Yes, thank you Doctor, another second and we would really have been finished"

"Never mind, now come along, they're waiting for us." The Doctor trudged off through the swamp back to civilisation.



Knight Verminus watched as the offworlders left. The trap had been perfect but now it had all gone wrong. How much longer must he depend upon others? Well no more, this time he would finish them off himself.



The swamp was quite beautiful in some respects, Zoe thought to herself, if you didn't mind the insects and the terrible, terrible smell of course. It was nearly as bad a Jamie before his bath. She giggled at this thought and tried to look innocent when they looked at her.

"How much further Doctor, this place gives me the creeps. There's too many wee beasties in here for my liking."

"Oh now Jamie, they're probably more afraid of us. Besides a big strong chap like you shouldn't be afraid of a few pests. You a McCrimmon..."

"Yes Doctor, of course."

Zoe watched as the reptilian creatures kept advancing and retreating. Probably sizing us up, she thought bleakly. Nothing to worry about though, she kept telling herself. Not for the first time she felt that her silver skin-tight clothing was not much of a defence against teeth.

"We're here Jamie, Zoe. I'll just input the code."

Zoe looked around but all she could see was more swamp. Suddenly the air shimmered and a wall appeared from out of nowhere.

"It's using refracting technology. The walls appear as more of the swamp."

The Doctor grinned. "Yes, yes isn't it great, now hurry up inside."

The inside was very ultra-modern; at least that was what Zoe liked to call this ancient type of decor. All bright shiny metal and plastic surfaces. Black wood and no taste, thankfully it had gone out of fashion before she was ten.

"Now don't touch anything..." The Doctor tried to impart the benefit of his wisdom.

Jamie saw a strange looking purple disc on the nearest table. He tried to pick it up but it shot out three bolts of light, one at him and one each at the Doctor and Zoe, the light made him feel sleepy and tired.

When he awoke he was lying on the floor of a cold prison cell, the door was open but the Doctor and Zoe were still out of it. There was a face at the door, it was Voic. Jamie rushed over and greeted his friend of late.

"You have to get away from here, it's a trap. This is one of the Solar Knights prison lairs. They keep their victims alive for months in sheer agony, it's terrible. We try to blow them up but they keep rebuilding them. Tell me did you find a coloured disc?"

"Yes it was a purple one."

"Yes same with me. I have no idea which camp we're at. We could be anywhere."



They searched for the next hour, occasionally popping back to check on the Doctor and Zoe. The prison camp was part of a much larger base and it seemed to be occupied. They returned to wake the Doctor and Zoe.

"Hey Doctor wakey wakey." Jamie shouted cheerfully as they turned the last corner. Too late they saw the red glow of a force field in the door frame. "Hey they're trapped."

"Let's find the power source." They left their friends for a few minutes, looking for the off switch.



"Zoe, you must wake up. Zoe." The Doctor slapped Zoe's cheeks gently, she started to come around.

"What, where am I?"

"No time to explain, there's a force field over the only exit and the air's getting a little thin." He played a quick tune on his recorder to demonstrate the dropping air pressure.

"Who's doing this?"

The Doctor, now finding it harder to breath tried to use the computer keyboard by the door to reverse the process, but he didn't appear to have much success...



“I’m glad your friend was ok.”  Yin said to the Doctor.

“Zoe?  Oh she’s a lot tougher than she looks that one.”  The Doctor laughed.  “We’d be about the same size now I supposed.  I have one of her old outfits somewhere in the TARDIS.  Wait here and I’ll go and put it on for you.  It’s quite a laugh to see what fashions some of the later colonies think is cool and groovy.”



Rog-4 was a ruined mess.  A month of guerrilla warfare had turned the once beautiful planet into a concrete no-mans land.  Luckily however a general amnesty had recently been declared and Knight Helga radioed to command that this world would be easy pray for an invasion force.  The three knights decided to stick together this time, they doubted anyone here would remember the Doctor, but the indication device insisted that the Doctor’s ship had stopped off here at one time.

“Lets ask this one.”  Knight Paolo said to the others.  He had spotted a man wearing bright blue socks and blue was the colour associated with the Doctor’s ship, it made a sort of sense.  “What do you know of the Doctor?”

“What doctor?  I don’t know any doctors.”

“He or she could have been here, in a strange blue box.”  Jeremiah said slowly.

“I knew a guy who had a friend called that, weird sort of name for a woman if you ask me.”

“What can you tell us about this Doctor?”  Helga asked.

“My baby sister died because of her.”  The man spat out.  “She saved her from being raped and the guards killed her for it.  Took one of them out see.  My sister never stopped to think once in her life and she paid the ultimate price.  They say her dead body was torn apart by their dogs for entertainment, they put bets on how long it’s take them to strip her body to the bones.”

“Thank you for your help.”  Helga said as she stabbed the man in the heart with a stiletto knife.  “Now he’s at peace with his sister.”

“Blessed be the way of Solaria.”  Jeremiah and Paolo said together.

“So the Doctor isn’t male at all, she’s female.  Perhaps this is just a test?  Perhaps it’s part of something bigger.  Either way we have to see this thing through to the end.”  Helga led the way back to their ship.



The Doctor slinked into the kitchen area, dressed in Zoe’s old cat suit and she swished the feather boa around her neck.  “Can you believe that young women used to think that this was fashionable?”  The Doctor laughed.  “I mean where’s the pockets?  What’s the point of wearing something this impractical?”

“I think you look sexy.”  Yin said to the Doctor.

“Let me get this off first then.”  The Doctor said to Yin.  “I don’t want to have to explain to Zoe that I got her outfit torn wearing it.”

Yin kissed the Doctor’s neck and she giggled some more.  “Leave it on, I’ll just hug you some more.”

“I know where you and hugging leads.”  The Doctor grinned.  “The bedroom, which is where we’re going right now.  This time I’m on top Mr. Chung Yin.”

“Well that’s fine by me, Dr. Smith.”

“Call me Zoe.”  The Doctor giggled.  “I’ll call you Jamie.”



Jeremiah, Helga and Paolo looked around Neptune’s world.  It’s a crass centre of commercialised retailers and sub-standard fast food franchises.  Helga and Paulo go back to the ship, leaving Jeremiah to explore on his own.  Soon he spotted a woman seemingly matching the description of the Doctor and she was with a man matching the description of her male colleague known as Yin.  He followed them into a department store.  She seemed to be shopping for undergarments.  Suddenly the emergency bulkheads closed and the force wall activated.  He saw the Doctor wander over to what looked like an air lock and when she opened it he took his chance and pushed her inside of it.  She tried making a noise and he activated the controls to cycle the air out and let in the outside sea in.  She seemed to be undressing as he finalised the control sequence to usher in her doom.  He smiled as the airlock filled with water and no one had even seen this happen.  Once the woman was flushed outside he closed the outside door again to make it look like nothing happened.  Then he spoke into his communicator and seconds later he teleported away.



They were walking back to the bedroom.  The Doctor skipped along in the sexy outfit and Yin fell more in love with her than ever.  “You never finished your story.”  He said to her.  “I assume you won.”

“I always win, usually.”  The Doctor replied and kissed Yin on the nose.  “Zoe had just been taken prisoner and I was feeling a little guilty.”



"Och Doctor, he's got Zoe held prisoner." Jamie tried to staunch the slight wound on the Doctor's head.

"Yes Jamie and it's all my fault. How was I supposed to know he had a legion of knights lying in wait for us?"

There was a sound of metal against metal and Entario appeared at the hiding place. "It's time."

The Doctor looked up at the young warrior. "So soon, well try not to kill anybody. Remember it's a revolution and not a massacre."

Entario led the two offworlders to the infiltration unit. Their job was to sneak inside the fortress using the hidden route.

"There aren’t a lot of warriors Doctor; if we get into a fight we won't stand a chance."

"The idea, Jamie, is to sneak in without making a noise. Can you imagine the noise a hundred fully armed warriors would make?"

They made their way through the secret passageways towards the command centre. They could hear the artillery bombardments and gunfire outside. Finally they reached the outside of the command centre. Entario threw the door open and threw a smoke grenade inside. Three warriors then rushed inside only to be cut down by heavy gunfire.

"It's no use; I've got to use a gas grenade, Doctor if your friend is in there I'm afraid that she'll be killed also."

The Doctor looked appalled. "You can't do that, no I won't allow it. I'll surrender before I allow you to harm anyone." He pulled a white handkerchief from his left coat pocket and waved it in the doorway. "I'm unarmed and will enter under a flag of peace." There was no reply from inside. Then inspiration struck the Doctor. "Do you have a mirror?" The troops checked their pockets.

"No." They chorused.

"Any reflective surface will do." Entario passed his a gleaming bayonet.

"Will this do Doctor?" The Doctor took it from him and used it to see what was inside the room. "There's nobody in there apart from a sentinel robot. They're somewhere else."

"Of course, the fall back bunker."

They all rushed through the passageways in the fortress, descending all the time until they finally came to a set of huge blast doors. Jamie gawped at the doors. "Look at the size of those doors Doctor; it's like a doorway for a giant."

"Yes Jamie they've got to allow the movement of tanks and the such like through them. Now do you have any explosives?" Entario passed a few grenades and some plastic explosives. "No this won't do, this simply won't do at all." Then he remembered the vials he had picked up a few days ago. "Yes with this it should boost the explosion and we should get through."



The explosion was the loudest thing Jamie had ever heard. Even with his fingers in his ears, like the Doctor suggested, it made his head fuzzy and his ears ring. He looked at the door and saw that a large piece of it was destroyed.

"Attack, take them alive if you can." Entario rushed through the hole and his few troops joined him. By the time the Doctor and Jamie entered it was all over. The force of the blast had stunned a lot of the Solar Knights and the rest had been taken captive.

"Doctor? Jamie? Zoe rushed over to her two friends and hugged each of them. I never thought I would see you again. Since I've been here I've been monitoring their efforts and it seemed like they were going to win."

"Well Zoe, have I ever let you down? Let’s slip away before they try and give us medals or something."



Back by the TARDIS they had last seen almost a month ago they found Entario waiting for them. "Not staying Doctor? The new government wants to make you a general you know."

"Is that why you're here?"

"No Doctor, I'm here to say thank you, for freeing my people."

"Well in that case you're welcome. Goodbye, I'll pop back in a few dozen years or so and see how you've managed."

The Doctor led his friends inside the TARDIS and dematerialised, on their way to another exciting adventure.



“Not long after that my own people caught up with me.  They put me on trial, for meddling, can you believe that?  I remember that quite clearly, and then it was a bit hazy for a while.  In the end though, I think they artificially induced the regenerative process and I was on to my third body.  Big nose, weird eyebrows, nice hair though.  Terrible singing voice though, but a good nose for wine.”  The Doctor lay on the bed, seductively pouting at Yin.  “Now do you want to help me out of this or not?”  She blew him a kiss and slowly started to tease down the zipper, slowly and teasingly down past her breasts and on to her belly button.



The Knights celebrated their success but it was short lived.   Paulo found a medical fine in the archives of the last planet they’d visited.  The Doctor had survived the ocean and had been pulled out of it alive and reasonably well.  Jeremiah swore that this time they would not make a mistake and all three of them would make the kill if that was what it took to get the job done.

They landed on an out of the way planet known as Orman’s World.  They found the accursed blue box in a quiet forest grove.  The Doctor was standing there and her male colleague was kneeling down, offering her some sort of ring and she was apparently laughing and crying at the same time and nodding her head.  They wondered if it was some sort of bad news.  Either way they were definitely about to get all the bad news that they could handle.


The 2nd Doctor flashbacks are parts of a round robin story I wrote years and years ago.  I dug up my sections and put them into this set up story as an extra treat for the readers.  It's a way of having a story with two Doctors without having them meet and do the whole pantomine ala The Three/Five/Two Doctors...
I also wanted to do a flashback kind of story in a different way, by revisiting places already seen int he 14th Doctor's stories and it also ties up perfectly with the last story 'King of the Deep' as we finally see who bundled the Doctor into the airlock and why.
The third and final form of flashback was the Doctor wearing Zoe's old outfit from The Mind Robber and The Invasion and I thought it'd be interesting to have a bit of a laugh as the Doctor teased Yin with it.
Then the final paragraph is a peek into the next story 'The Knights of Solaria'.

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