Time Lady 2

November 1888

Time Lady 2
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The Whitechapel Murders
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Warning - Not Suitable For Anyone Under 18



Mrs. Chung was arrested for drunk and disorderly, she claims she only had one glass of lemonade!  It’s this case, the waiting and the inability to affect the outcome.  Either that or she has an ulterior motive.





Erin reports that Mrs Chung eluded her after she paid the bail money.





Erin and I took a walk along Oxford Street; we bought each other small tokens of our affection.





Mrs Chang has made friends with M.  I’m hoping that after so long without a kill (hopefully) the killer will make some mistakes.





Holmes is getting suspicious of Mrs Chung.





Holmes is convinced that Mrs Chung is the killer!  I cannot dissuade him.





Erin provided a distraction so that Mrs Chung could elude Holmes.





Tonight is the last night, after tonight we may only have once more chance.  I worry that Mrs Chung will try to save M’s life in order to effect a capture. Sadly this cannot be allowed.  M must be sacrificed to maintain the integrity of the web of time.





Mary Jane Kelly’s mutilated corpse was discovered just before eleven this morning.  It brings to a close a grisly chapter of this planet’s history, alas from now on we must rely on other means to try and identify and capture this mystery killer.


Scotland Yard summoned both Holmes and myself to the crime scene and we were both appalled beyond words at what we found.  I assisted my good friend Thomas Bond with the autopsy.  I must transcribe his findings here as best as I can.





Holmes confronted me over my protection of Mrs Chung.  I had to inform him that she was my agent and is innocent of any crimes of murder.  Holmes is not happy, not happy at all.  Can he suspect?





Holmes informed Scotland Yard of his suspicions; however I was able to warn Mrs Chung in advance.





Erin has informed Mrs Chung of the situation.





Holmes cannot understand my reluctance to give up my source of information. He in convinced she is the killer, as if.





Erin met with me in secret.  We talked of small things, in case we were overheard.  I have no doubt that Holmes has tasked the Irregulars with reporting my every word and move.





Holmes seems agitated today.  He was attacking his violin savagely as he played.  Oh how I wish he was hitting it with an axe instead of the bow.





Holmes tried to follow me tonight as I went in secret to meet with Mrs Chung.  I detected him easily however and was able to lead him on a merry chase around old London town.





I spotted a man in a leather jacket and a blonde girl in a most peculiar outfit looking worried outside the Bad Wolf Club in Soho.  I dare not say more, lest it tip my hand.





Mrs Chung has made contact, at last.  She wishes to arrange a meeting with myself and Erin.  I must find a way to get Holmes out of his rooms for a while.  Perhaps some sort of diversion?  If only he would realise that I’m trying to catch the killer, alas maintaining history is a cruel and thankless task.





Holmes was unnaturally sombre at St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery today as we bore witness to the funeral of Mary Jane Kelly.  What was doubly tragic was that no single family member could be found to attend the simple ceremony on a cold November’s afternoon.


I left Holmes in ill cheer.  He claimed to want to spend some time alone at his favourite gentleman’s club and so I returned home to receive a visit from friends of mine.


Holmes came home early to find Mrs Chung and Erin talking to myself about the case.  The following is a true recounting of the exchange between Holmes and Mrs. Chung.


“Don’t you recognise me?”  Mrs Chung asked.  “Call me Li Na, although you know me by a much more interesting title.”


“Madame, I’ve never met you before, although I believe your sort are two a penny at every ale house in the Whitechapel area.”


“We’ve met before, Sherlock.  I’m a close friend of yours.  A close and trusted friend.”


“I never forget a face.”


“Of course, I’m forgetting.  I’ve changed my face since we last me.  Several times as a matter of fact.  You can trust me though.”


“Why should I trust you?”  Holmes asked Mrs. Chung.


“I am the only hope you have of solving this case.”


“How can a mere street walker know anything of detective work?”


“This is one of my better disguises I admit.  Who would suspect that a common prostitute was in fact the most intelligent person on this planet?”


“Your mind is addled with rum, woman.”


“I am the Doctor.”


“The Doctor is a man of small stature with a Scottish accent.  You, woman, have neither claim.”


“My people can change their appearance at the point of death as a way to live on.  Though the mind and body are radically different each time, what you call the soul lives on.  I am the Doctor and I know what is going to happen next.  We have to save Erin’s friend Annie.”


Holmes was wary, but the Doctor intoned exact and minute details of exacting fact of their previous encounters.  Ry’leh, India and of course Java are mentioned, as well as detailed descriptions of conversations and recollections of who was wearing what outfit and when.  I was most impressed by this feat of recall but Holmes remained sceptical until the Doctor mentioned giant rat of Sumatra.


Holmes at once raised an eyebrow of recognition.  “Only one person could know of that.  Despite the science of this transformation being outside the realm of my current knowledge there can be only one possible person who could know all of this, Doctor.”


“Don’t worry, Sherlock, you’ll get used to me being a woman.  I’m still the same Doctor you met before, only completely different.”


Holmes nodded and the proceeded to light his pipe before we retired to 221B Baker Street so that he and the Doctor could pool their resources and find a way to save Erin’s friend.





The Doctor and Holmes deduced the best place to set a trap for the killer.  It was a small nook in an otherwise featureless alley.  The Doctor still sported her bustling dress but suddenly seemed to be making no noise at all as she moved.  We waited patiently while Erin and her friend Annie walked along the route.  Then Erin parted company with Annie and she walked alone down the alley towards us.  The killer emerged from the shadows with unnatural speed and he was upon her before I or Holmes could barely register his presence.  The Doctor however set about the killer with fists and feet, she seemed a woman possessed of unnatural strength and resolve, but the killer was even faster and stronger and he knocked her to the floor.  Holmes however struck the killer about the head with his walking cane and with an unnatural whimper the killer ran off, denied his latest grisly killing.  What I alone saw was the face of this mystery assailant.


He was not a man as any might describe him.  He merely looked like one.  His face did not belong to one born in God’s grace; it was a snarling visage of hell, a rabid monster of snarling fury and slavering maw.  It was more akin to a dog with a human jaw than a canine muzzle.  Its eyes glowed in the half light like a dog’s and its whimper was that of a wounded animal’s.


Thanks to Holmes we prevented the murder of Annie Farmer; she survived with only a light, though bleeding, cut on her throat. The wound was superficial and apparently caused by a blunt knife. Thanks to my intervention, Scotland Yard suspect that the wound is self-inflicted and will cease to investigate her case.  Should she try and tell them the truth then I fear the poor woman would spend the rest of her days institutionalised.





I have been released from the TARDIS.  Thou I was agreeable to the deception of my best friend I must confess that my imitator has fooled Holmes so completely.





Holmes revealed to me that he knew my impersonator was an impostor from the first moment he met him.





The Doctor, Erin and Dave left London today.  The Doctor claimed that today was her birthday and that she intended to celebrate it somewhere with happier memories.  Holmes and I bid them Godspeed, before Holmes began to play that infernal violin once again.





The case of the Whitechapel Murders will never be solved, but at least this journal holds the key to the identity of the real killer. It must never be made known however, unless as some work of fiction perhaps.  Holmes let it be known that the fiendish Professor Moriarty was behind the gruesome murders, but I at least know the real truth, and the necessity to make sure it is never revealed.





Holmes and I were presented awards by Queen Victoria, I felt nauseous accepting it but Holmes told me to nod politely and smile.  She is not the same after her recent return from Scotland and her stay at Torchwood House.





Holmes and I secretly replaced the paperwork for the Ripper murders with vaguer versions, the truth must never be known.





I fancied I spotted a blue box along the river side today, but I did not see The Doctor, Dave or Erin, rather an elderly man with long white hair, out for a stroll with his granddaughter.  He seemed to be talking excitedly about the French Revolution for some reason.  Maybe he was planning a journey to France?





Holmes went early to his club.  I must need to rest a while, I saw another blue box today, this time it seemed occupied by a fat man in a silly coat and a woman wearing trousers and possessing hair like fire.





Holmes agrees with me that I need a holiday.  He suggested Dartmoor, however I convinced him that Brighton was more to my liking.





Brighton is as peculiar as London.  I’m sure I spotted Nayland Smith and his young friend Romana on the beach.  He seemed to be asleep and she was playing with what looked like a large metal dog without any legs!  I hope this sea air will start working soon.


Not so subtle references to the 1st and 6th Doctors, with the return of the 4th Doctor and Romana that ties into the opening scenes of The Leisure Hive.  There's a nice allusion to the 10th Doctor story 'Tooth and Nail too which I enjoyed writing.  The 14th Doctor is also finally revealed after using her married name for much of the story as a means of disguise.  It's also revelaed that Watson is (for the most part) actually the Doctor's companion Dave in disguise.  If you read the story closely you'd have spotted the exact moment when he takes over from the real Watson.

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