Time Lady 2

October 1888

Time Lady 2
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The Whitechapel Murders
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Warning - Not Suitable For Anyone Under 18



Holmes and I have been officially co-opted by Scotland Yard to deal with the Ripper murders.  They claim that there’s only four ‘official’ murders but I for one know the real truth, there’s far more, some that will never come to light and others that will be blamed on others or go unsolved.





A most puzzling mystery revealed itself today.  Holmes is convinced that it is connected to the previous murders, although I remain sceptical for now.  During construction of the Great Scotland Yard headquarters on Whitehall in Westminster, a body was discovered.  The torso of a woman was discovered in a three-month old vault that made up part of the cellar. It was placed there at some point after the 29th of September this year, when a workman had last been inside the unlocked vault. The body had been wrapped in cloth and tied with string.  Holmes accompanied me to Scotland Yard where I performed the autopsy.


I determined that the woman had been "of large stature and well-nourished", and suggested that she had been approximately 24 years old. The uterus had been removed from the body. The right arm had been severed by somebody with knowledge of human anatomy, had been tourniqueted to stem blood flow, and was removed post-mortem. It was also revealed that the victim had been wearing a broché satin dress at the time of death.


Holmes was adamant that the torso was ruled to belong to the same victim as a right arm that had previously been discovered in the muddy shore of the River Thames on the 11th of September





Mrs Chung is upset that she couldn’t save E and C.  I had to spend hours placating her.  Erin managed to talk some sense into her in the end.





Holmes is helping Scotland Yard today, so I had the place to myself.  Erin popped round for a visit.  She stayed the night.





Holmes claims that these murders are a four pipe problem.  He expects a fairly quick and easy answer once he has applied his powers of deductive reasoning to the problem.  I know none will be forthcoming since Mrs Chung failed to identify the killer during the last two attacks.





Despite it being a Saturday, Holmes agreed to accompany me to the funeral of Elizabeth Stride.  I can feel a turn in him, as if he has made a fundamental change of mind.  I think he is now resolved to apply all his keen intellect and mental prowess to catching this fiend before another woman is killed.





Took Erin to church.  Afterwards Holmes and I spent the afternoon eating toasted teacakes and discussing the case.  He has a most peculiar theory involving an illegitimate heir to the throne.





Today was the day of Catherine Eddowes.  She was buried at the same place as Annie Chapman and I remembered with sadness that in the three weeks since I was last here we had still not caught the killer, or at least come up with some tangible evidence.





Took Erin to the theatre.





Holmes and I played chess all day.





Mrs Chung has advised Erin to make friends with a girl called Annie.





Visited the TARDIS, I needed new shoes.





Erin returned to the theatre to collect monies owed to her from the accident.





Mrs Chung was arrested for soliciting!





I bailed Mrs Chung from gaol, but she proclaims her innocence.  I tend to accept her assertions at face value, I believe that she was the victim of a man who tried it on and was rejected.





Played chess with Holmes.





Holmes broke a string on his violin.  It pleased me, if not him.





Holmes has discounted his last theory and now feels that his old nemesis, Professor Moriarty, the Napoleon of crime, is behind the ‘Ripper’ murders, for reasons as yet unknown.





Holmes and I spent the morning looking for clues in the Whitechapel area.





Holmes and I spent the afternoon looking for clues in the Whitechapel area.





Holmes and I spent the Evening looking for clues in the Whitechapel area.





Holmes and I discussed the matter of the ‘Ripper’ murders with Nayland Smith over port and cigars.  Smith believes that it could be a ploy by the fiendish master criminal Fu Manchu, however Holmes does not believe so and I know that Fu Manchu is in fact the Master is disguise.  Nayland reminds me of Mrs Chung is certain ways.  Both possess an odd knowledge of the esoteric and the arcane.  Nayland is a tall bohemian chap with long brown curly hair and an even longer woollen scarf.  He has teeth like a row of white tombstones and a terrible habit of dropping the names of historical figures into conversations and implying that they have met them.  I found Smith’s companion Romana much more amenable, in many ways she reminded me of Erin.





A quiet day today. I spent the morning with Erin; we breakfasted on bacon and eggs.  The afternoon was spent with Holmes at Scotland Yard and in the evening we partook of brandy.





Terrible hangover today.  My head felt like someone was playing drum and bass at twice the maximum volume.





Holmes spent the morning assisting the Baker Street Irregulars solve a minor mystery involving a stolen pound note and a serving girl’s bonnet.





Mrs. Chung believes that Fu Manchu could be behind the killings after all.  She’s only upset with him because he tried to kill her the last time we crossed paths.





Fu Manchu is not involved. Nayland Smith and Romana are off to India to foil his latest scheme.





Erin is frustrated because she has nothing to do.





Erin plans to re-read all the TARDIS archives, in case we missed anything





Holmes has conceded frustration with the ‘Ripper’ murders.  I have done my best to cheer him up, but he wanted to play his violin, so I had to leave him to his own devices.





A brief run-in with a lost Draconian, I was soon able to send him on his way.


I loved the Fu Manchu films when I was young and so I had great fun mentioning them in this section of the story, and even more fun alluding to the 4th Doctor being disguised as Nayland Smith (as a homage to The Talons of Weng Chiang when he disguised himself as Sherlock Holmes) and even more fun that that alluding to The Master being disguised as Fu Manchu.

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