Time Lady 2

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Time Lady 2
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1,600 words approx...

Space was a dream for little Davey Tinder.  He’d stay up late at night just watching the stars moving slowly across the sky.  His view occasionally spoiled by a stray ship outside the designated traffic lanes that circled overhead.  Luckily though his house was situated between two such lanes so he had relatively clear skies to lose himself in.  He would often fall asleep outside and his father would pick him up and carry him inside and put him to bed.




David woke up suddenly from his dream.  The ship was being attacked.  It was pirates!  He was on a business trip; there shouldn’t even be pilots in this sector of space anymore.  Where was the security patrol at anyway?  He heard a clunk and a hiss as the pirate ship connected with the airlock.  “Board up that hatch!”  He shouted at once.  Years of junior management training asserted itself and he took control of the panicked crowds.  “If they can’t get in then we’re safe.”  It was a lie of course.  The pirates would shoot them up.  They were very spiteful people, what they couldn’t take no-one else could have.  He despised them for being so petty.


They constructed a weak barrier, little more than force-welded meal carts and the drinks trolley.  He opened a bottle of expensive wine and passed it around.  “A bit of Krevitch courage.”  He felt better with the drink inside of his stomach.  Then the airlock door exploded inwards, something hit his head and he went down, hard.




David opened one eye slowly.  His head hurt something rotten and his body felt like he’d been beaten up every day for the whole of eternity.  “Water, I need some water.”


“He’s alive.”  A voice cackled.  “You owe me three grotsits.”


“Here, take ‘em, yer luck son of a Kraag!”


David heard three coins hit the metal floor.  “Do you mind?  I’ve got a headache.”


“I like this one.”  The first voice remarked.  “He’ll sound ever so sweet when we put a million volts through him.”


David tried to sit up.  “What happened?  We were attacked.”


“Of course you were, my lovely.  We had our way with some and then sold the others for a pretty profit, but we fancied some fresh meat.  Didn’t know how fresh you’d be.”


David stood up.  “I’m alive.  Or I’m in hell.”


“Life is hell.”  The second pirate chuckled.


Dave spotted a knife; before the two elderly ruffians could act he picked it up and slashed both of their throats.  “Hell awaits you two.”  He moved towards the door, but it opened before he could reach it.  A tall Indian man entered.  “Good, you outwitted those two fools.  I have need of a man like you.  I have given you your revenge.  It feels good, does it not?  You liked killing them; I can see it in your eyes.  I am Captain Ajuna, serve my commands and you will get a share of the bounty we take from our victims.  As you killed two of my men, you are also entitled to their share.  However if you kill anyone else in my crew that I do not authorise then I shall have you killed in such a manner that will last for years and you will beg for mercy long before then.  Death will come slowly and painfully to you.  I say this only to inform you of a certainty.  My crew are loyal to me, not their own ambition.  I hope that in time you will become one of my trusted men, you are an intelligent man, I have need of such men to converse with and plan my attacks.”


“Whatever.”  David replied.  “I have nothing else left.  Better to live than die.  While we’re being honest with each other, betray me and I’ll slash your throat just like those two bastards.”


Captain Ajuna laughed.  “We understand each other perfectly.  We are more alike than I had hoped.  We both have our hopes and our fears.  Come now, I have a gift for you.”




Dave had lost himself in countless robberies and rapes.  He became a creature of anger and hate.  He was often the first one onto a ship, the first to kill the crew, the first to shoot a stupid passenger who resisted.  He was the first to receive his share of the bounty too and above all else he was the first to enforce the captain’s authority when a portion of the crew tried to mutiny.  He became Captain Ajuna’s most trusted second, his lieutenant.  He took command of the prisoners and with great ceremony and slowness of ritual he disembowelled them and then spaced them one by one.




Dave woke up with a feeling of dread.  There was something wrong at the back of his mind.  He had a sense that things were about to go very wrong.  He rolled to the left, just as an axe crashed down where his head had been.  He killed his attacker in less than a second by throwing a dagger into the back of his neck, severing the brain from the rest of the body.  He watched the corpse twitching about and soiling itself; then he picked the axe up and went to confront the Captain.


Captain Ajuna was not happy to see his second in command still alive.  “I should have sent a better assassin, my old friend.”


“You see enemies where there are none.”  Dave replied and dropped the axe on the floor in front of the Captain.  “I have always been loyal to you.”


“Loyal yes, but many men are envious of your share.”


“I care not for money now.”  Dave replied.  “I care only for blood.”


“This is still my ship.”  Captain Ajuna replied.  “I am in command.”


“Of course.”  Dave replied, and shot the double-crossing bastard in the face with his concealed laser pistol.  “I need your name to mask my own ambitions.”  He planned one last raid, a ship, he would allow himself to be captured and beg for clemency in return for evidence against his crew.  They deserved nothing now but his contempt.




 “I need a shower.  That was uncalled for.”


“I’m sorry.”  Dave called out.  “I only joined this band of psychos to try and kill the scum who killed my sister and her family.  Now that we’re all going to die, I can take satisfaction in knowing that he’s never going to hurt anyone ever again.”  It was a small lie, but if it helped him get his freedom then he’d take it.


 “Who are you then?”


“Dave Tinder.”  Dave felt a sudden pain as the weird woman put her hands on his head.


“Relax, many of my people are telepathic, especially the women.  I’ve been developing my skills recently.  I can see your whole life.  Hmmm, keen interest in astronomy, although how can anyone like video games that much?  Also that shirt on you nineteenth birthday, big mistake.  He’s telling the truth, sort of.  You killed three people though Dave.  How can you repay that debt?  How can you make amends for taking their lives?”


“I dunno.”  Dave replied, glad that the weird psychic woman bought the cover story.  “Their faces haunt me every night when I’m awake and in my dreams.  I thought that death would stop them but maybe the stain on my soul will not go away even by sacrificing myself.  Can one sin hide another or will they magnify each other?  I guess all I can do is try to save the lives of others somehow.  Maybe by helping others, I dunno.  I deserve justice for my crimes.  I’m no better than the scum who killed my kin.”


 “Shouldn’t we be going?”


“Yes, probably.  You look a little flushed Erin.  Are you feeling alright?”


“I’m fine.  You hate staying around for adoration and accolades.”


“That’s true.  I don’t want any statues or religions started in my name.  I’m not that sort of hero.  Ok, maybe a plaque or a commemorative stamp, but nothing flashy.  I’m not vain.  My left side is my best.  Certainly don’t make too big a fuss over me.  Just because I saved your lives and brought a dozen desperate criminals to justice.”


“I’ll, I’ll be in the TARDIS.”


Dave looked at the brunette called Doctor.  “Is she always like that?”


“Yes, she’s a woman.”


“So are you.”  Dave replied.  “You’re more normal.”


“Ah, but I used to be a man until my previous self.  I’m the Doctor; I’m the one who’s going to take you away from all of this.”


“You are?”  Dave asked.  “How come I get the feeling that someone has shuffled the cards of fate into my favour?  I reckoned that maybe I’d get a few years in a maximum security jail cell before they make me commit suicide against my will.”


“Lets just say that I’m the woman whom fate is always scared of.  Now if you’ll just follow me, we’re in this blue cabinet here.  Don’t worry, it’s bigger on the inside than it seems.  I’ll show you to a room and let you get settled in.  I’ve got some personal business to see to.”


Dave gasped in awe at the size of the control room.  “You weren’t kidding.  This is some sort of quantum dimensional shift isn’t it?  A pocket universe inside a wardrobe?”


“Like Narnia, but I’m no Ice Queen.”


Dave found his room was plain and unexciting.  He left it to explore the rest of the ship.  It’s corridors went on forever.  Finally he found the blonde girl, Erica? and she dragged him into her room and then they had sex.  Result!  Then someone threw cold water all over him and Elena?  Emily?  Erin!  He wasn’t so happy now.


a short story to establish Dave's back story, which will be examined in greater depth in Book Three...

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