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Time Lady 2
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And you'll come back to me, not swallowed in the sea
 - from 'Swallowed In The Sea' by Coldplay

Claudia Black as Doctor Who

The world was blue and empty.  No more tasty treats anymore.  They had all gone away, but he would find them and eat them.  He felt the hunger pangs building hour by hour.  The crazy maddening blood lust gripped his mind like a fever.



The Doctor and Yin had spent the night together, just holding each other.  It was still too early for any love making; she was just not ready to go the whole way again, not yet anyway.  They’d settled for a little fooling around.  Yin, sweet Yin, had known exactly when to stop, she couldn’t love him enough for being so in sync with her moods and feelings.

Today though she was determined to push on with her life as normal, or at least as normal as she felt comfortable with.  She tried on a new outfit to make her feel better about herself: plain black trousers and an oversized green silk blouse that kind of looked a bit like a jacket from a distance.  She thought it made her look a little bulky around the waist but if people had a problem with it then that was their problem.  Maybe she just needed to feel less sexual for now?  Still that was hard to pull off as her breasts were really flattered by the cut of the neckline.

Anyway that was by the by now.  The TARDIS was nearly at their destination and Yin had made an effort to dress up too.  He was wearing a simple blue shirt and khaki chino style jeans.  He was also wearing the cool shoes she’d picked out for him; the ones that really supported his hammer toe and still looked trendy.  “I really think you’re going to like this planet.”  She said excitedly to Yin, well as excitedly as she could fake it.  “I’ve heard so much about it.  It’s a huge underwater holiday resort.  They take the whole marine theme a little too far at times apparently, but who doesn’t like little scented soaps that have been cut into the shapes of colourful little fishes?”

Yin laughed.  “I think they’re cute too.”  He hoped the Doctor wasn’t putting on a brave face for him.  She was obviously putting a brave face on things, but it had been so good to just hold her in bed last night.  He didn’t want to push her into something she wasn’t ready for yet.  He loved her too much not to care so much about her feelings.  He did briefly wonder about the blouse she was wearing, she normally preferred outfits that showed off her elfin figure, the baggy look while still hot seemed more of a defensive outfit as if she wanted to keep the rest of the universe at an arms length.  He couldn’t blame her for that of course.  He could only continue to love her.  Love her with all of his being; he knew she was the woman he’d one day be married to.



Food, hunger, the need to feed.  The Megeladon King swam around the ocean starving in a world of tiny snacks.  He needed real food, real meat and blood and bone and tasty offal.



The Neptune’s Garden resort must have seen better days, the Doctor thought as they took a walk around the complex.  The brochure she’d seen had portrayed a struggling little independent colony making its own mark with exciting new stuff for all the family to enjoy.  This brash, harshly lit, place was awash with big-name corporations selling things that no one wanted to buy but expected to be here none the less.  Who, on an ocean world, wanted to buy a camel?  Still they had passed four coffee bars already so that was a good sign at least.  The coffee bar was the next stage of social awareness, a return to the communal simplicity of a past but with an eye on the demands of the future.  They came to a Nebulaboks and the Doctor suddenly wanted a mocha.  “Why don’t we rest here for a while?  We’ve had a good long walk so far.  It’s important to take regular breaks and rest your feet.”

“I could use a coffee too.”  Yin smiled.  He knew it was only a matter of time before the Doctor would give in to her coffee craving.  “I think I’ll have a latte myself.”  He sat next to her and held her hand.

“Oooh, good choice, I think I’ll push the boat out and have a medium-sized mocha.”  She let him pay, after handing him the right coinage of course.  Why they insisted on these little robots as coins she’d never know.  Alice, her last companion, had tried to liberate them but they’d just crawled back inside her purse, demanding to be spent.

Yin took a sip of his latte as they walked over to a couple of empty seats.  “This place isn’t so bad.” He looked at the Doctor.  “Maybe we should spend a couple of days here.”

“If you like.”  The Doctor replied.  “Maybe longer, this is a big place after all.”  She didn’t want to tell him that they’d probably already seen all the shops they were going to see, the rest would just be the same as before but with a different logo or a giraffe instead of the camel.  “What we need is a map.”



They had betrayed him.  They were his royal subjects and they defied him by growing smaller and smaller.  How could he eat if they were too small to enjoy?  His royal appetite should be eagerly filled by his subjects but instead the dared to defy his majesty and mock his position as their king.  His grew so hungry; his appetite was never met, and no matter how hard he tried he just never found enough meat to fill himself up with.



The Doctor let Yin have the map, well he was a guy and it was easier to let him have his way than be accused to getting them lost due to inaccuracies in the map.  Why were men so obsessed with maps anyway?  The best way to get from A to B was to ask someone who’d been there before and knew what they were talking about.  Maps were compiled by people who had never seen A never mind B.  Once upon a time she and Nyssa been part a mapping expedition around the Cape of Good Hope and they’d both been shocked to see them just making it up as they’d gone along.  Their own, accurate, maps had been laughed as being works of fancy and the imagination, until too many ships were lost and only then they’d been grudgingly used as the true maps, because the insurance companies that they’d given the maps to insisted that they be used to they wouldn’t cover any more ships.  Still that was all in the past now and she wasn’t bitter, well not if you defined bitter as just being slightly annoyed.  “Lead on McChung.”  She giggled as her boyfriend looked puzzled at the map and then her.”

“I thought it was ‘lay on’ not ‘lead on’ Doctor.”  Yin replied.

“I prefer my original draft.”  The Doctor replied.  “There was no need for that pointless change at all.  I tried telling him repeatedly, of course, but he simply wouldn’t listen to common sense.”

“But everyone says lead on anyway.”

“I know, do you think I should put a claim in for royalties?”

Yin laughed.  “Maybe you should, but I doubt they’ll believe you.”  He looked at the map again.  “Hey, I think they’ve made a printing error.”  He looked at the Doctor.  “According to this we should be in the middle of an amusement park.”

“It looks more like lingerie to me.”  The Doctor started looking at all the bras.  “I like this.”  She picked up a simple red one and then a white one.  “They don’t have it in my size or colour though.”

“What about that one?”  Yin pointed to an identical looking blue one.

“Are you serious?”  The Doctor was appalled.  “That’s perfectly hideous.  You obviously know nothing about taste and will never be allowed out on your own to buy me sexy gifts.  I’ll give you pictures and detailed measurements later.”  She went down the next aisle and looked at a black silk and lace sexy one piece.  “Now this is more me.  Practical, under wired and there are catches on the crotch to make it easier to use the loo or have some naughty fun.”  She headed to the checkout credit card at the ready.

“Wow.”  Yin’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.  “Wow.”

“I thought you’d like it.”  The Doctor smiled.  “I’m sure both of us will enjoy this outfit a lot.”

“Don’t they have it in a thong?”  Yin asked.

The Doctor rolled her eyes.  “Men!”  She sighed.  “I’ll have to teach you everything about women.  Luckily for you I’m a great teacher who’ll let you feel me up later.  That is if you remember to get me an apple.”



Lights, illumination.  The Megeladon King saw movement, large movement.  Meat, it was hiding inside a large wall.  He slammed his bulk into the wall.  Again and again he accelerated his mass into the strange rock, denting it with the force of the impacts.



What is that?”  The Doctor asked as she picked up the shopping bag.  “It sounded like something large and heavy banging against the outside hull of the main dome.”

“Maybe a ship has hit us by accident?”  Yin guessed.

“I really hope not.”  The Doctor replied.  “They’ll have the whole place flooded.”  She turned to the cashier.  “Turn the emergency system on, now.  We have to alert everyone to the danger.”

The cashier pressed the flood alert button and the sirens began to wail into action.  Many people rushed into the store before the emergency bulkheads began to close one by one.  They were reinforced by an emergency force wall but even that couldn’t hold back the weight of the whole ocean forever.

“We should get to the TARDIS.”  Yin said to the Doctor.  “Evacuate everyone we can inside of it.”

“It’s far too late for that now.  Far too late.”  The Doctor said and pointed to the small porthole in the closed doors.  Water was already at neck height.  “I just hope everyone got to safety in time.”



Jake Clammer struggled to hold his breath as the emergency bulkhead gave way and the room filled with water.  However his fate was sealed when huge tooth filled jaws forced their way into the emergency shelter and took a huge bite out of his chest.  Blood poured out of his body and the last thing he saw were the teeth approaching his face.



Mary Sue and her daughter Maggie Mae had been enjoying a day out, getting Maggie Mae some new gear for the new school year.  Their shopping trip ended however when they were trapped between two bulkheads and one of them had a faulty seal.  Only three of their severed fingers were left to identify the bodies.



Davy Jones and Sue Helen had tried to reach the shelters but their old arthritic bones were just too slow to reach them in time.  They saw the wave approaching them and they held each other close as the bulky king of the sea rode the wave and opened his mouth to snap their brittle old bones in two.  He was still hungry, so very, very hungry.



The Doctor was idly examining knee-length skirts, she didn’t normally wear them; well her new self didn’t anyway.  She’d quite liked them before but now she felt they were maybe more for a picnic or a wedding or other social events when a skirt or dress was expected.  Then suddenly someone grabbed her from behind, a hand clamped over her mouth and she was pushed into the emergency airlock that led to the outside of the dome.

She hammered on the door, but there was no catch inside of it.  No release mechanism to allow her back out again.  “Let me out of here, at once, do you hear me?”  She saw part of a face, a man’s mouth, and a beard.  She pounded on the door again, hoping that someone would hear her.  But then the room started to fill with water.

Quickly she removed her shoes, blouse, trousers and stockings leaving her feeling slightly cold and silly in just her lingerie.  She tied knots in the trouser legs and tightened the belt all the way, to make a simple bag of air.  The cold water sloshed around her feet, slowly but steadily rising higher and higher.  For a human it’d be too cold to endure but she can survive in the freezing cold vacuum of space for a few minutes, which makes the water quite bearable for her.  Then the cold salty water was past her neck and head and the outside door swung open.  She clung on tightly to the improvised air bag as it dragged her quickly upwards, towards the surface a quarter of a mile above.

Her body chemistry was much more durable than that of anyone else so she needn’t worry about getting a bend, however that did leave her vulnerable to whatever it was that had been attacking the tourist centre.  She risked a look down and saw a hole in the side of the metal dome and a thin wisp of red was rising up and out of it.  Whatever it was it was inside, with Yin.

However she was too high now to risk letting go and swimming back down.  She’d have to ride the trip all the way to the surface and hope she was spotted.  She had to alert people to the danger; she had to save her boyfriend and also the TARDIS.

Her head broke the surface of the water and she let out a blast of used air before taking in a gasp of fresh salty sea air.  The Doctor looked around the horizon but there was nothing at all to see in any direction.  She was all alone in the huge ocean.



The bearded man spoke into a communicator and seconds later he disappeared.



Yin looked all around the inside of the store, trying to find where the Doctor had gone to.  She must have wandered off to do some more shopping he guessed.  Certainly she hadn’t seemed perturbed by the sudden crisis.  However no matter how many times he wandered about the ladies underwear section he couldn’t seem to find her and now some of the women were starting to give him funny looks.  In the end he had to ask one of the assistants about a fake birthday surprise for the Doctor.



Betsy McCall felt the last breath of air force its way out of her body and she sucked in cold salt water into her lungs.  They protested, but she’d given up all hope of rescue, she only hoped that it would be all over soon.  Her prayers were horribly realised seconds later as her legs were torn off and then half of her body before she died of shock as the rest of her was torn to pieces.



The sound waves rolled over the ocean’s surface differently than it did over dry land.  Yet she could hear something, distant, muffled, and very faint.  The Doctor listened to it, trying to identify the noise.  It was far away, at least forty miles, maybe sixty.  It was a tolling sound, the bell it tolled for her to hear.  She began to swim towards it, or at least as towards it as she could guesstimate.  Her last couple of selves didn’t have such good hearing.

Once upon a time she could tell you where it was coming from with her eyes closed; now she felt she was lucky to get even close to it.  At least she was better at memorising the important things, like the clothes she was wearing three years when she and Penny and Jean-Marc went on a shopping trip to New York, or that time she’d fallen from the radio telescope or even the first time she’d met the Daleks.  Now however she had to cross her fingers to make sure she found what could be the only thing she was sharing this ocean with.



The Megeladon King had feasted well so far.  Some had eluded him but they would all be his soon enough.  He spotted more tasty treats and swam over to where they were hiding from him.



Yin was captured by the assistant’s monologue on the differences between high leg cuts and low leg cuts of three different styles of what she called panties.  He thought the high cut ones would look better on the Doctor, but she preferred the ones called French knickers that all came with a much fuller cut on the leg.  He was in hell and he couldn’t escape.  Then he was the teeth by the window and all pretence of being interested was lost.  “We have to strengthen the force wall.”

“Aren’t you interested in these now?  Your girlfriend would really appreciate these you know.”

“If we survive I’ll let her buy anything she wants, assuming I can find her of course.”  Yin pointed to the huge shark outside the protected bulkheads.  “That thing is trying to kill us all.”  He rolled his eyes as the sales assistant fainted.  He picked her up by the legs and dragged her over to the nearest airlock.  It was full of water for some reason, so he cycled the water out and once it was filled with air he opened it.

He pushed the assistant inside of it, before pulling a few racks of bulky clothes in front of it, there just wasn’t enough room for everyone and like it or not he’d saved the only person he could save.  He’d put two and two together.  The Doctor had used the airlock to get to safety.  She’d told him before that she could hold her breath for long periods of time and she was more resistant to the pressures of this depth.

He found a small card slot on the wall.  The sales assistant had a card on a chain on her waist.  He shoved the card into the slot and a panel opened up.  It was an override.  He closed the door and locked it.  No one outside could force it open now.  He closed the hatch over the window too; he didn’t want to see what was going to happen.  Similarly he locked the outside hatch and closed the viewing panel.  If he couldn’t see out then it couldn’t see in.



The sound had been coming from some sort of marker buoy, with a slightly rusty bell tolling in the wind and the waves.  She hauled herself up onto it, there was just enough room for her to sit and rest.  She opened her handbag, she’d forgotten all about it in the rush.  She opened it up and found one of the stitches had burst, filling it with water.  However she was able to salvage a few things, her sonic screwdriver, her compact mirror and the pictures of herself and yin that were in her purse.  A small robotic coin crawled out too and looked at her as if it blamed her for deliberately trying to give it rust.  She picked the simple machine up and kissed it, to make it feel better.  Then she modified its circuits with the sonic screwdriver to turn it into a distress beacon.  The Doctor noticed a name etched onto one of the machine’s legs, naming it as Bob.  She hoped Bob would bring her some good luck today as she persuaded him to cling on tightly with all of his legs to her bra strap.  She lay back against the buoy and closed her eyes for a few minutes.



Yin heard the sounds of water rising up against the door.  Things bumped into it.  He heard muffled screams of panic and distress.  He felt horrible about himself but he just couldn’t fit that many people inside of here.  There simply wasn’t enough air.  He’d had to help the shop assistant because he’d spent time talking to her.  She wasn’t anybody, she was a person and that made it his responsibility to save her.  Plus if he was trapped in here alone for too long he might start to go crazy.  At least with someone else to talk to he stood a better chance than he did alone.

Stephanie groaned as she started to wake up.  “Where am I?”  She left a foot.  “Why am I in here?”

“Relax.”  Yin said slowly to the frightened woman.  “I just saved your life.”

“What happened?”  Stephanie asked.  “Why am I in here?”

“The bulkheads gave in and the force wall collapsed.”  Yin explained.  I got us in here before then.  I had to lock everyone else out.  As far as I know we’re the only ones left alive in this whole place.”

Stephanie began to cry.  Her friends had been out there.  She was close to many of the other girls working for the company.  Were they all really dead?  “It was that huge shark thing, wasn’t it?  It looked horrible.”

“Yes.”  Yin replied.  “It just went berserk.  I hope my girlfriend got out ok.”

“Oh goddess, she could be dead too.”  Stephanie hugged Yin.  “We could be the only ones left alive.  We’re going to die in here, I know it.”

“It’s ok.”  Yin said slowly and calmly.  “My girlfriend, she knows a few things, she can protect herself.  Rescuing people is her specialty; at least she claimed it is, before she cried all the way through that soppy romance film.”



The Doctor opened her salt-encrusted eyes when she heard another noise getting closer and closer.  She saw a black dot on the horizon, some kind of rescue vehicle she hoped.  She stood up and waved her arms about, trying to make herself visible.  It must have worked because the dot seemed to swoop down as it got closer and closer.

A hover car drew up beside the marker buoy and the side door opened to allow her to hop inside.  A warm blanket was thrown around her shoulders and they gave her a hot mug of coffee to drink.  “The resort was attacked.”  The Doctor managed to speak at last to the nearest person.  “I didn’t see by what.  I just saw the hole in the side of the main dome.  A thin river of blood was rising up out of the hole.  My boyfriend, oh Rassilon, he’s still down there.  He may still be alive.  I have to go back down there and rescue him.”  Someone jabbed a needle in her arm and all of a sudden she needed to go to sleep.



Yin and Stephanie sat in silence, there was nothing either had to say to each other.  They just hoped that they’d be rescued before the air ran out.



The Doctor was lying on a hospital bed when she came to.  She was dressed in a thin pink cotton gown, and a nurse was smiling down at her.

“Good morning.”  The nurse said brightly.  “You’re a very lucky woman.”

“Not if I don’t get back down there and find my boyfriend I’m not.”  The Doctor tried to sit up but she felt woozy and sick.  “What did you do to me?”

“Just a mild sedative.”  The nurse replied.

“Yes, well, I’m allergic to some sedatives.”  The Doctor said sharply.

“That’s understandable; you do have a very unusual biology, even for an off-worlder.  We recognised the basic design as being superficially similar to that of Homo sapiens sapiens but you have two hearts and a much lower body temperature.  For a while we thought you were hypothermic.”

“No, two hearts, cool hands and low blood pressure too.”  The Doctor looked around.  “Where are my clothes?”

“Your undergarments are being cleaned, along with the trousers we found on the buoy.  You can keep the gown if you like.”

“What about Bob?”  The Doctor asked.  “He was in my purse.”  The Doctor felt a tapping on her big toenail and she looked down to see Bob standing by her left foot.  She picked him up.  “Hey there Bob.  Back on dry land, eh?”

“That’s a coin you’re talking to.”  The nurse wondered if there was brain damage.

“I’m an expert in robotics; I tweaked his processor, to give him a few personality subroutines.”

“Oh, I supposed it explains a few things.  The records nurse had to chase it all around the hospital as she was trying to process your personal property.”

“I’d like that back too.”  The Doctor said to the nurse.  “I have to go back down there to rescue my boyfriend and my ship.”

“I don’t think Dr. Coleman is ready to release you just yet.”

“I’m a doctor too.”  The Doctor replied.  “I’m discharging myself.”

“Yes, well I think we’ll leave that to Dr. Coleman.”

“I’m going.”  The Doctor turned to leave, then paused and turned back.  “Where are my things?”



Yin had to take his shirt off as the air got warmer and warmer.  You’d think being so close to the sea it’d get cooler but it didn’t.  Stephanie too took her blouse off.  Yin offered to put his shirt up between them, for the sake of her modesty.



The nurse was babbling as she tried to explain things to Dr. Coleman.  “She just grabbed her things and left.  I couldn’t stop her.  She was like a mad woman.  She kept saying that she had to go back down there to save her boyfriend.  She ignored me when I said they found no survivors.”

“Did she hurt you?”

“No, she just glared at me, I’ve never seen such a look before, and it was as if she thought she was striking me dead with her eyes.”



Yin was too tired to move now.  The air was thin and cloying at the back of his throat.  He could hardly cat his breath at times.



The Doctor piloted the stolen deep sea rescue vehicle down into the depths of the ocean.  She made her was quickly to the site of the disaster, just in time to see a huge shark-like creature emerge from the ruptured metal.  This was what had caused so much death and destruction.  She rammed it in the side of its head, robotic arm pointing straight ahead, spearing through flesh and cartilage into brain.  “Gotcha, you frakker!”



The King thrashed about in pain, he hurt so much, and his head was burning as something had dared to attack him.  He tried to writhe and spasm to jerk it off but it held on to him.  He felt the pain cease, his body grew cold and he was tired, time to sleep now.



Yin heard something clang against the airlock.  He opened the viewing port and saw the Doctor smiling at him.  It must be a dream he thought.  He must be dead already and she was welcoming him to the afterlife.  He unlocked the door and went through it, into the Doctor’s arms.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”  The Doctor laughed.  “They tried telling me you were dead.  I would have felt it if it was true.”  Then she saw the other woman, half undressed.  “Who’s this?”

“Stephanie.”  Yin replied.  “I rescued her.  I make a lousy understudy though; I only saved one out of so many.”

The Doctor helped Stephanie to her feet.  “One’s better than none.”  She replied.



The King’s body floated serenely in the dark waters.  His body floating into whatever afterlife awaited the ruler of the oceans.  However his royal subjects had other ideas and dozens of tiny mouths began to slice away little chunks of his body.  They fed and hoped to grow into the next future monarch of the depths.



The Doctor sat next to Yin’s bedside, waiting for him to open his eyes.  He was doing well, according to the charts.  They hadn’t believed it at first when she’d returned with the two survivors.  However they quickly discovered the truth by watching the onboard footage on the rescue craft.  The Doctor’s arrest for theft was quashed and she was given an award for heroism, which she said belonged to Stephanie, for saving her boyfriend.  She was quick to pass the credit over to her because Stephanie had suffered severe oxygen deprivation and her brain was slowly dying.  Her family huddled around the prone figure of their dying heroine.  The Doctor thanks them on Yin’s behalf and consoled them as best she could, telling them of Stephanie’s alleged quick thinking in reacting so fast and bravery in thinking of saving Yin too.



Yin finally awoke the next day, luckily his brain had survived as he was from a world with a slightly thinner atmosphere, his family had moved there hundreds of years ago so Yin was able to breathe the thinner air of those last few hours in the airlock.  He saw his beloved, wearing a simple white outfit with a soft pink blouse.

The Doctor kissed Yin’s forehead.  “Welcome back.”

“I’m alive?”  Yin asked.

“Of course you are.”  The Doctor replied.  “You should be fit and well in a few hours.  In the meantime I suggest you make the most of this time to recover, you’re going to need all your strength for later.  She opened her new shopping bag and showed him the sexy new lingerie she’d bought herself.

“Stephanie?  Is she here?”  He asked weakly.

“She never regained consciousness.”  The Doctor replied sadly.  “She didn’t have your centuries of adaptation to a thinner atmosphere.  She died peacefully in her sleep last night.  Her family think she was the bravest woman they ever knew.  So don’t contradict things for them, ok?”

“I can’t even save one.”  Yin lay back in bed, a tear in his eye.

“You gave her a few more hours’ life than she would have had otherwise.  That’s an incredible gift and you let her family be with her at the end, that’s so fantastic I can’t begin to think of the words and I can talk the legs off of an ostrich.”

“You’re not upset with me then?”  Yin asked.

“What for?”

“Thins like nearly getting myself killed?  Or nearly buying you the wrong bra.”

“Hardly, ok, maybe the bra.  One other thing.  While I was down there I managed to rescue the TARDIS.  She’s waiting all ready for us.  I bought you a couple of new things, to say thank you for not getting yourself killed.”  She kissed Yin’s forehead again.

“Mmmm, any more kisses for the hero of the day?”  Yin asked.

“Maybe later.”  The Doctor replied.  “We’ll see how good you’ve been and how naughty you can get.”  She left him to recover and talk to Stephanie’s family.  She had one thing on her mind that wasn’t about this.  Who was that man who’d tried to kill her?  Why had he tried to kill her and where could she find him so she could find him and give him a good talking to?


I wanted to set up a mini-arc in the first season and this story marks the beginning of that arc with a mysterious assassin trying to kill the Doctor in the department store.  It'll folow through into the next stroy 'The Solar Knights' which will see the Doctor come face to face with an enemy she hasn't seen for many, many years.
This story follows on from 'Emotional Baggage' as it's set the day after the night before and sees the Doctor and Yin slowly coming closer together again after their seperation and declaration of their feelings.
I played with the idea of bringing in Stephanie as a second companion but I felt it would complicate the main relationship between the Doctor and Yin before it was really ready to be complicated.

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