Time Lady 2

Who Cares About You? (Part 2)

Time Lady 2
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1,500 words approx...

Miss Tree watched the Doctor’s TARDIS in flight.  “So my last little scheme failed did it?  Don’t worry, lover, I have many more games to play with you yet.”




The Doctor didn’t have much to go on, only a few clues about the mysterious woman’s origins.  That style of dress she nearly wasn’t wearing for instance.  She’d seen that somewhere before.  Also the accent, rich and layered.  A deep mix of cultures old and new.  Then there was the DNA sample she’d taken from the door handle.  Only fragments remained, paradoxical remnants of the altered timelines.  They shouldn’t exist but they did because the Doctor existed in part outside the regular three dimensions that most species were confined by.  She could move backwards and forwards within her own time stream, not much, certainly not as far as a fully Gallifreyan Time Lady could for instance.  However she refused to be hampered by her semi-humanity, it was her anchor to the universal suffering after all.  All other Time Ladies were aloof to it, they didn’t concern themselves with anything more than shoes and politics.  At least Romana had made an attempt to understand, but in the end she was as much a slave of her heritage as the next woman.  There were a few others, the recently born ones, they could see the rot and decay in the fabric of society and they rebelled against it.  Good for them.  However that didn’t mean that they were always right.  In the end only conscience and compassion were her guides as she constantly offset her emotions against her reason.  The Doctor liked to think that she was a guardian angel where as in fact she suspected that she was viewed more like an angel of death.  Decisions needed to be made, difficult decisions and no matter how hard she tried to put them off sooner or later she had to make them or the consequences would be far worse.  Some saw it as strength, she saw it as a failure.


The Doctor put her hands on the psychic circuits of the TARDIS and let it scan the alien DNA.  They vibrated gently under her palms, the TARDIS was surging with energy ever since she’d recovered it.  It was like the good old days, when she was searching the Universe with Susan to find a suitable place to hide a rather powerful doomsday weapon.  One she planned to use against a rather nasty alien threat.  Back then she didn’t know what they were even called, she’d only seen scant fragments of documents detailing the unseen menace.  They were a potential threat in the far future, the others refused to do anything about it.  So she’d taken it upon herself to create an elaborate trap and hope that they fell for it.  Eventually over the course of her lives she’d learned that they were called Daleks, she battled with them many times and she became their nemesis and that was when she’d let them learn about the Hand of Omega, through a third party of course.  She despised the Ogrons almost as much as their murderous masters, and she shed no tears when they were all exterminated as vengeance by the Daleks when Skaro burned.  The Daleks had tried to make her believe that she’d destroyed the wrong planet, but she knew that it was the real one and the Daleks were trying mind games of their own.  In the end though she defeated them utterly by meddling in their past and transforming them into peace loving hippies.  It was the best sort of victory, good over evil.  Now she had another threat to deal with, one who was just as good as herself when it came to 4th dimensional chess.  She wasn’t the grand mistress of deceit for nothing though.  She smiled as she discovered the true origins of her nemesis.  “Doria.”  She remembered forging that society from the ashes of a dying race.  Building them up over the years into a noble planet, only to watch as a madman created a hostile slave army out of it.  She’d stopped it of course, but the echo of her memory in the psyche of the people had come back to haunt her now.  If her enemy was a Dorian then she should be more grateful.  “Imitation is not the most sincere form of flattery.”  She rubbed her exposed midriff.  “Dare I risk my unborn child for stubborn revenge?”  She set the ship’s controls.




Miss Tree was making love to her mindless minion when she heard the arrival of the Doctor’s TARDIS in the next room.  Casually she shot the oaf through the heart, for a laugh and watched him die, for fun.  Then she got dressed.  “Back at last then, lover?”


The Doctor emerged from the TARDIS.  “I come in peace.”


“Aw, too bad.  I had such plans for you too, lover.”


“I’m not your lover.”  The Doctor replied.  “You’re so not my type.”


“Insecure too?  Don’t worry, lover, it’s just an expression.  We both prefer men I know, but love between women is a universal given, we all respect the social instinct to share our need to nurture our young together.  The herd instinct or something like that.”


“Do you always talk complete rubbish, or is this a special performance for my benefit?”


“Lighten up, lover.”  Miss Tree replied.  “I was going to make you have a miscarriage, or maybe an abortion, but well I’m feeling generous today.”


“I don’t think so.”  The Doctor replied.  “You may be able to affect reality, but you can’t change time, not one bit of it.  My baby is strong and healthy and a will never harm it.  That’s why I came here to tell you that you win.  I concede defeat.  My baby is more important to me than winning.  The universe is yours to do with as you please.  Hurt my baby though and you will know maternal rage like none before.  Do you understand me, lover?”


Miss Tree glared at the Doctor.  “This universe isn’t big enough for the both of us.”


“I know.”  The Doctor replied.  “That’s why I’ve already killed you.  This is a redundant time line.  I’ve sacrificed this time line, sealed us inside of it.  Out there I’m alive and well and so is my baby.”


“But, you said…”


“I lied.  I had to buy time while I cut us away from the rest of reality.  No more dimension hopping for you, lover.  In a few moment’s we’ll stop ever having existed.  Out there though, I’ll live on.  You’re really such an amateur, lover.”


Miss Tree screamed.  “No!”  She lunged at the Doctor.  “No!  I won’t let this happen.”




The Doctor sighed as the excised fragment of reality disintegrated.  “It’s over.”  She patted the TARDIS controls softly.  “The Dorians, an entire civilisation, all gone.  They never existed.  Of courtse that means that Erin and Dave never left, never had the family they really wanted.  Yet again, the price of victory, paid in full by those I love the most.  I don’t know how I dare face them.  I suppose all I can do is go on, one day after another.  If they lived then that Miss Tree could have destroyed everything.  I couldn’t let that happen, old girl.  She had to be stopped.  At least one of us gets to become a mother though.  I quite like the sound of that.”




“You’re getting rid of us?”  Erin exclaimed.  “Why?”


The Doctor shook her head.  “Not really.  As far as you and Dave are concerned it’ll just be a couple of weeks holiday.  It’ll take me five years to have this baby, while I’m pregnant I can’t be of any use to anyone.  I’ll go to Karn, see the Sisterhood, let them help.  Then when the baby’s born I’ll come and collect you two.  I’m going to need all the help I can get bringing it up and there will be nappies to change and bottles to fill.  I can’t breast feed all the time after all and baby will love Aunty Erin and Uncle Dave.”


“I come from a large family.”  Dave replied.  “I’ll help, as long as you make it a three week holiday.”


“More like a month!”  Erin exclaimed.  “We’ll need to really relax and build our energy levels up.  Babies are really hard work and we won’t be any help if we’re knackered.”


The Doctor smiled.  “So it’s a plan then.  I’ll drop you both off on Skaro, the Kaled market place always has some great bargains.”




Alone in the TARDIS at last, the Doctor set the controls to take her to as close to home as she dared.  Karn was the first Gallifreyan colony and only a short TT capsule journey away.  Her father could come and visit her any time.  She looked forward to seeing him again.  She went into the wardrobe room to find her Australia world cup 2006 football shirt.  She felt like wearing something bright and cheerful and a small detour to a game on the way home wouldn’t go amiss.


and so the finale of the story, basically it's a trap within a trap, I think it sums up the Doctor perfectly.  She's not a physical person at all, she uses her mind and her cunning to let her enemies defeat herself, but she's also not above taking a more pro-active role too, deliberetly carring outs of mass destruction (war crimes by any other name) when necessary.
We'll pick up the story some months after the birth of the Doctor's child in Book 3: Doctor Who and the Kiss of the Vampire...

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