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Time Lady 2
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4,400 words approx...
warning, this chapter contains a lot of adult content and is not for anyone under 16...

Trooper 606-3487 awoke from a horrifying nightmare.  However immediately upon waking all memory of the dream were instantly erased from her mind and she set about physical cleanliness duties and then wearing appropriate clothing for today’s duty as a soldier.  Her orders simply popped into her head and were the only thing inside of it as the implant allowed no conscious thought or feeling to cross her mind once.  On earth such people are called traffic wardens, they are to be pitied and put into special care units.




The Doctor awoke from a horrifying nightmare.  She dreamt of Erin being implanted by a Dorian mind-control chip, turning on her suddenly and imprisoning her in the TARDIS.  She couldn’t stop her friend from taking the TARDIS to Doria Prime, where Erin was appointed a handmaiden of the mad empress and they tried to enslave her too, but she was too strong for their primitive technology.  She escaped in the TARDIS, wounded and alone she ended up in occupied France in 1942 as a waitress and occasional prostitute at Café Renault .  She didn’t like the prostitution part, but she had lost her collection of identity documents and the only way to get in with the German officers was to get into bed with them.  She hated herself.  She hated her life.  She hated the loneliness.  She awoke from the nightmare screaming.  She was safe in the TARDIS, as safe as anyone could be in a place haunted by so many bad memories.  Her dead husband, her companion torn from her side and turned into a human Barbie doll, not even a good one, with cool accessories.  She considered starting over, finding a new best friend to share her joy for adventure and exploration.  Maybe a nice young man she could relate to as if he were her younger brother?  However she knew inside that it would just be running away from what was really troubling her.  She had to rescue Erin, save all those poor deluded people and save the universe.  But first she had to choose her outfit carefully.  Something sexy with trousers and maybe a sassy tunic rather than a boring blouse or tiresome t-shirt?




Trooper 606-3487 walked through the crowded streets.  She saw naked men and women having sex in various places, it was irrelevant of course, everyone followed orders, she didn’t even give it a first thought, not even as she waded through a pile of bodily waste matter, there were cleaning staff assigned to that.  She paused to add her own contribution to their work before continuing on.  The streets were caked in filth and many buildings were close to collapse but such things were of no concern to anyone on this planet.




The Doctor found herself in the control room without quite meaning to go there, but she wasn’t exactly surprised to find herself adjusting the controls to locate Erin’s bio-print.  The ship determined that Erin was still of Doria Prime, and on the northern continent too.  Not far from where she’d been captured and implanted in fact.  The Doctor set the controls for the heart of the city and then went to try and find that Hershey bar again.




The fat old sun rose slowly in the sky like Cymbeline and pigs on the wing.  Several tortured metaphors gave up and went on strike and the TARDIS materialised like an elephant with bronchitis.  The doors opened and the single occupant sashayed out on heels so girly you knew she’d be hurting and crying in pain the first time she was alone.  The Doctor wandered about the city, it was a dank, desolate hell hole.  She’d seen better sewers, cleaner ones too.  These drones lived in filth and squalor and probably had horrific diseases, or a great immune system.  Probably both.  Her fear for her companion’s safety grew with each passing obscenity.  She saw men and women having sex on street corners, it was like London but with out the discretion or the birth control.  Many of these girls would probably die in childbirth or worse, catch some ghastly disease that made it feel like you had a red hot poker inside of you.  She’d had something like that once, but she’d seen a top-notch specialist and gotten some pills and a suppository.  However these poor wretches didn’t even have a kindly, if somewhat batty, aunt figure who could explain to them to sort of things they needed to know and how to cure what ailed you.  The streets gradually became cleaner and wider and she found herself entering a large plaza that surrounded a single large gold ziggurat structure.  “What an impressive building.  Built with slave labour no doubt.”  The Doctor spat the words with all the venom that she could muster.  She ascended the stairs towards the top.  There she found a scene of infinite debauchery and a horribly familiar face.  “Well, well.  If it isn’t the slave queen.”


Queen Sophie Beech laughed.  “It’s been so long since I had anyone to talk to.  There was just dear old Daddy and Sis, and they just had to go after they disagreed with me one time to many.”


The Doctor shook her head.  “You’re just as much a slave as these poor unfortunates.”


“Hardly.  I can do anything I want to.”  Sophie kissed one of her handmaidens, and then offered her a knife.  “Tell me how much you love me and then slit your throat.”


“No!”  The Doctor yelled as the mindless maid did as she was ordered.  “That was uncalled for.”


“Still think that I’m a slave?”


“Oh yes.  You see, you’re just as much a slave as your ‘people’ it’s just that you’re not programmed to realise that your free will is in fact an illusion.  Try to kill yourself.  You’re programmed not to.  You can’t end your own life because you have to obey your programming, because you’re a slave too.  You have a chip in your head too.”


“I am the queen, I am the queen!”  Sophie picked up the knife and tried to slash her wrist, but the knife dropped out of her hand.  “No!  I am not a slave!”


“I can free you all.”  The Doctor held out her hand.  “I can set you all free.”


“No, I am the queen; I will not give up control.”


“What control?”  The Doctor scoffed.  “You have no control over these people; you only do as you are bidden to do.  Whose idea was it to get you knocked up?”


“I have to keep the royal line going.”  Sophie replied.  “From father to daughter to mother to son down the ages our line is unbroken.”


“A line is just a series of dots.  Royalty especially so.  I should know; I too am my father’s daughter.  Royal blood flows through my veins.  For a long time I denied it, pretended it wasn’t true.  I wanted to be a hero of the people, the lone crusader, the enigmatic stranger who never stays still, but I am still born to a fate I cannot escape, only postpone.  You’re just a street brat who had her mind messed with and turned into a queen of the damned.  How many ties did he rape your body before he raped your mind?  How many lies have you been told?  Do you even know your real name, Melanie?  Do you remember arriving on this planet?  Did you come as a tourist and they butchered your mind and your soul?  You’ve come so far from Pease Pottage, escaping a broken home only to inherit one yourself.  I’m so very sorry Mel, I had no idea you’d ever end up in a hellhole like this.”  The Doctor aimed her sonic screwdriver at Mel’s head and destroyed the chip inside her brain.  Mel screamed as her memories were unlocked and she started to cry.  “There, there.”  The Doctor comforted her former companion.  “Let it all out Mel.  I’m here now.”




Trooper 606-3487 felt a moment of dizziness as her command parameters off lined.  Her mind was quickly grasped by the backup computer and new orders calmed her down.  She had to find the intruder and kill them, for the safety of Doria.




“You look so different.”  Mel could hardly believe that the Doctor was a woman, and a beautiful one at that.


“You look different yourself, that shorter haircut really suits you.  Every regeneration has its own quirks.  For instance this one has the most amazingly painful cramps, my last one never had them anywhere nearly so bad, lucky cow.  I don’t mind the periods themselves, I’m used to them now, it’s just that no matter what I try they only offer limited pain relief.”


“Men just don’t understand.”  Mel replied.  “Your breasts swell up too and the slightest friction is like sandpaper and salt on a scrape.”


“Yes, that’s it.  I thought it was just me at first, getting the wrong end of the plank again.  I’m glad it’s not just me.  Some days I just can’t wear a bra and I just want to put them in a bowl of ice cubes for a week.”


“Try putting your bra in the fridge.”


“So that’s why you used to do that?”


“Of course.  Every little helps, of course since I got these implants it’s only made things worse.”


“I did wonder.  They look great.  I don’t think that’s for me though.  It’s hard enough to get the Draconians to take me seriously, without having a set of double D’s preceding me everywhere I got.  Then again it would upset them to see such a curvy female telling them what to do.  They certainly disapproved of Peri every chance they got when I took her to the Royal Court.  Sexist pigs.  I have half a mind to depose their emperor and put a woman on the throne, just to give them a taste of their own medicine.”


“Just as long as she’s not controlled by someone else.”  Mel replied sadly and clutched the Doctor’s jacket tighter around her shoulders.  “I don’t think the memories will ever go away, and I’m pregnant.”


“At least now though she or he will have a mum who loves them and will bring them up right.  I almost envy you.  My husband and I talked about starting a family, before he died.  I still want kids, but I don’t think I’ll even be unfaithful to his memory.”


“You always adopted us strays before.”  Mel laughed.  “You’re already a parent, many times over.  I still can’t believe I had sex with a guy though.  At university my girlfriend and I both agreed we’d use a sperm donor if we ever wanted kids.”


“I had no idea you’re gay.”  The Doctor was a little stunned.  “Then again you were dead set on trying to kill me with exercise.  Maybe that’s why I’ve always been so slim since then?”


“I nearly left you several times, Airduct and Ray, I had such huge crushes on them both, but Airduct chose Binliner and Ray was bisexual and still had feelings for Billy.”


“I left you with Glitz…”


“He promised to fix me up with his younger sister.  It didn’t work out; she was an even bigger crook than he was.  Then there was Michaela, then Salli, then Dyoni the Thal soldier, she really broke my heart.  And after that I ended up here.”


“Well at least you found me.  Why don’t I take you home Melanie Bush?”


“Our queen is going nowhere.”  Trooper 606-3487 aimed her gun at the invader.


The Doctor knew that voice a million miles away.  Erin?”


Mel couldn’t tear her eyes away from the blonde.  “The Doctor is my friend.”


Erin was implanted by a chip too.  I came back here to find her.  It seems I’m blessed with friends and revelations today.”  Effortlessly the Doctor took the gun away from Erin, then she threw it away and it exploded in a small ball of flame and noise.  “I’m so glad I found you.”  She freed Erin’s mind with a quick application of the sonic screwdriver.  “Now for a dramatic rescue.”  She held the TARDIS summoning device in her hand and pressed the button.  Seconds later they were inside the ship after it appeared around them.


“I like what you’ve done with the place.”  Mel looked around the control room/art gallery.  “I don’t suppose you have a few spare clothes I could change into?”


The Doctor nodded.  “I’ll take you there.  We can put Erin to bed on the way.”  She held Erin’s unconscious body next to hers.  “In fact you can give me a hand; she’s put on a bit of weight recently.”


“I’ll make her some carrot juice.”  Mel chuckled.




Erin awoke with a scream and continued crying; much to her surprise she could remember everything.  She started laughing when she realised that she was inside her room in the TARDIS.


“I trust you’re feeling better.”  The Doctor said softly.  “Your mind took quite a scrubbing, but it should recover.”


Erin looked over at the Doctor.  “I could remember who I was, but only in my dreams.  When I woke up it was like I wasn’t there anymore.”


“I know.”  The Doctor replied.  “I’ve examined other chips.  Most disturbing technology.  When you’re feeling up to it we can go out there and get rid of it once and for all.  Also I’d like you to come and meet a very good friend of mine.  I rescued her from that planet too.  You may want to wear something, last time we all saw way too much.”


“Who put me to bed?”


“I did.  Why?”


“I always wear the big pink t-shirt to sleep in, not this sheer silk gown you bought me.  If I want a snack in the middle of the night I’ll freeze to death half way to the kitchen if I’m wearing only this.  I only save this for when I’ve snuck a boy into my room, which is never, by the way.”


“I understand.  I didn’t think you really were a neat freak.”


“Can we not have the girly chat right now?  My head feels like a rhino’s living in it, and I don’t mean the one your weird robot friend has as a pet.”


The Doctor walked towards the door.  “We’ll be in the kitchen, when you’re ready to face the world.”


“Give me half an hour, to scrub my skin until it bleeds.”


“I put some soap on your dressing table, on top of your pile of clothes.  It’ll do the job and you won’t need to draw blood in the process.”  The Doctor gave her friend the room she needed emotionally.




Erin quite liked Mel, she was kind and had a great sense of humour and she had some great stories about when the Doctor used to be a man, which she told often to embarrass her current girly self.  The Doctor tried to laugh it off and told a few stories in return about some of Mel’s fashion faux pas.  In the end they enjoyed a good cup of coffee (apart from Mel who insisted on herbal tea) and they decided to take out the computer complex that was controlling everything on the planet.  Suddenly Erin had a memory of kissing Mel and realised that they’d had sex together several times.  She just hoped that Mel, aka Miss Gay 2006, wouldn’t bring it up, ever.  “So we kick ass then?”


Mel wondered when to bring up the time that she and Erin had made love.  In the end she decided just to let things be as Erin sadly didn’t seem at all interested in her.  She hadn’t looked at her breasts once and her nipples were the hardest they’d been for years.  Sadly she resigned herself to looking for love elsewhere, hell even the Doctor was checking her tits out more than Erin.  “I so want to kick someone’s ass.”


The Doctor saw some interplay between her companions and realised that Erin and Mel must have slept together and now Erin was horrified, she had a rabbit in headlights stare of horror, and Mel seemed sad that Erin didn’t notice her subtle attempts to seduce her.  She realised that she was staring at Mel’s over exposed cleavage and coughed and changed the subject as well as her eye line.  “We’ll kick ass, but in a dignified manner.  We’re not happy-slappy hoodies with ASBO’s.”


“You are.”  Erin laughed.


The Doctor blushed.  “That was never proven in court and anyway she stole my mobile, what did she expect?”


“You were mugged?”  Mel was shocked.


“She wasn’t human, she was an alien.  I was quite justified in my judicious application of violence.”


“Doctor, you pulled her hair and called her names until she started crying.”


“Well I’m not a thug you know and I only slapped her to snap her out of it.”


“She was a pensioner!”


“She was in disguise.  Besides I never hurt her, not physically.”


“You could see your fingerprints on her face.  You slapped her well hard.”


“I’m the Doctor; I’m never cruel or unkind.  That slap was for her own good.”




They finally emerged from the TARDIS in a new location.  They were in the computer centre.  The Doctor now sported more comfortable shoes, although they could never be as comfortable as Mel’s, as her feet were rather achy now from their time in the stilettos.  Her charcoal grey trouser suit  was only worn when she was really upset and it also showed off her bum quite nicely without making it look massive, like two badly parked 2CV’s as they did when she’d tried red Lycra cycling shorts one time – but never, ever, ever again.  No way, not at all, she’d had the shock of her life that day when she’d saw the vastness of her rear end that day and no amount of chocolate and sobbing had consoled her that night, until Erin had thrown them in the bin and burned them.  It also showed off her chest, but she was far more secure about the B-cup twins and the looks of desire they got her, especially off the guys.  She really liked to be noticed for her looks much more than she’d ever admit to anyone else, she considered herself a feminist after all.  She’d even said vagina in a casual conversation once, to reaffirm her sexuality in the context of her femininity and not just because she wanted to gross out some guys who were eavesdropping on her conversation.  She’d made herself not smile when they ran out the room mere seconds after casually mentioning her cervix.  All in all though she was dressed to kill and not just the baddies.


The computer room was something of an anti-climax.  It looked like something you’d find in a university.  Rows of monitors and keyboards, all unused and to one side a large mainframe hummed away.  The chilly air made Mel’s skin all bumpy and she shivered and pulled her thin jacket tighter around her waist.  “I think this is my speciality.”


“We don’t have time for a computer virus.”  Erin replied.  “We have to take this thing down now.  Two packs of D8 explosive will do the trick.  I have no idea how I know that Doctor.”


“Residual memories.”  The Doctor explained.  “The mind is one vast hard drive; they simply stored a lot of combat knowledge in your head when they turned you into a soldier.”


“I know how to fire any gun.”  Erin sulked.  “I hate guns.”


“We’ll get through it, later.  Right now we have to take this thing out of action.”


“Thing?”  A voice shouted out.  “Thing?  I am no thing.  I am Doria Prime.  I control an empire.  Try to destroy me and I will kill each and every one of my slaves.”


The Doctor looked at Erin.  “Get the explosives.”


“What about all those people who will die?”  Mel asked.  “We have to save them.”


“If that thing kills them then it will be the only freedom many of them will have ever known and if we destroy it then they will be free to get on with their lives.  Either way we win.”


“No, you cannot do this.  I created this empire; I am the mastermind behind it.  I am Niles Beech.  The architect of perfection.  I put my mind into this computer a thousand years ago, after implanting my army of soldiers with chips to eradicate their minds and allow me to control them all.  I created the largest empire this galaxy has ever known and soon every species will join it or die.  All beings will be me and I will be the universe.  I will be a god.”


“You’re just a mad computer.”  The Doctor scoffed.  “Your files are corrupted.  Time to be shut down for good.”


Erin returned with the explosives and detonators.  Effortlessly she assembled them and keyed them into a radio detonator and a timer.  Either way the computer would be destroyed.


“No, you will not kill me.”  The computer shouted.  “I will not allow it.”


Erin ushered the Doctor and Mel back, before activating the detonator.  It turned the mainframe into glowing chunks of twisted metal.  “The D8 has an inward blast pattern; it’s perfect for destroying buildings and bridges without secondary collateral damage to property and civilians.”




Trooper 409-3095 felt nothing as her mind was overwritten by a new set of memories.  Niles Beech had survived by uploading his mind into the body of the nearest Dorian.  He, now she, didn’t care that she was now female or that she was naked.  Beech had long ago given up such limited concepts of gender or humanity.  Instead she had been the one in control of all her ‘descendants’.  She had had great fun using them like puppets to slaughter for fun and act wantonly with them.  She had enjoyed the decadence of flesh and planned to use this body to further learn of new sensual pleasures, but first she would get even.  That Doctor bitch would pay for her assumptions, and that ratty blonde would be the first to die.  The lesbian she’d allow to survive, at least until her child was born.  After all children were the future and it would take its place in time in her army as another mindless slave.  Beech laughed out loud as she shot a slave dead for the sheer fun of it.




The Doctor nudged one of the Dorians; he didn’t react at all to the stimulus.  “Something’s wrong.  He hasn’t snapped out of it.  He should be doing the whole ‘who am I?  where am I?’ routine.  This is most unacceptable.”


“They must have a back up system.”  Mel replied.  “We’ll have to find it.”


“We can launch a screw-head missile to bore through the earth and locate the underground target.”  Erin had no idea what that meant but she knew it was all correct.  “What am I?  GI Jane?”


“I had a Sindy and a Barbie myself.”  Mel replied.  “They lived together…and could I have been more obviously gay even then?”


“I never had any dolls when I was a time tot.”  The Doctor muttered.  “Ok, I had the Omega Action Figure, but I was an action figure enthusiast back then, not to mention a bit of a geek.”


“I’m still a geek now.”  Mel replied with a smile.  “Geek chic is so in these days.”




Beech reached the underground control centre and with callous, murderous, glee she killed off ten million people just because she could.  She was a god after all.  She could kill who she liked.




The Doctor held the dying Dorian guy in her arms.  “I’m sorry.  I’m so very sorry.”  She stood up, firm and resolute.  Erin, find me that missile now.  I have a psycho to kill.”


“You can’t just kill someone.”  Mel was horrified.


“That psycho swore to kill everyone, that’s trillions and trillions of innocent people.  I have to stop it.  One life for many.”


“She means it too.”  Erin said to Mel.  “She had to destroy my home world because it was infested with horrific monstrous creatures that slaughtered everyone else.  It’s the right thing to do; it’s just an easy thing to live with.”


“The missile, quickly.”  The Doctor snapped.  “We don’t have time to gossip right now.  Every second we delay, more people die.”




Beech killed another ten million people and her mood improved a little.  “This is better than sex.”  A proximity alarm sounded, then the missile killed her.




Mel looked at the column of smoke and flame.  “So many people died.”


“I know.”  The Doctor said sadly.  “I didn’t do enough to save them.”


“You were in an impossible position.”  Erin tried to cheer the Doctor up.  “You did what you had to do.  Now these people are free to get on with their lives.  They have a future now, that’s to us.”


“I’m ready to go home now.”  Mel said to the others.


“I was hoping you’d stay around.  We were just getting to know each other again.”


“The TARDIS was home once, now it’s just a place.  I have to move on with my life.  I have a baby to prepare for, and I’d like to find a nice girl to settle down with and share my life with.  I can’t do this anymore Doctor.  Thanks for saving me, you’ll always be my best friend and I can think of no one better to be the baby’s guardian.”


“I’d be delighted, and I hope you meet the woman of your dreams.”


“She’s got a lot to measure up to though.  She’ll have to have your sense of morality and Erin’s smouldering looks to compete with.”


“I knew I was the pretty one.”  Erin joked.  “Take care Mel, you’re the only girl I’ve ever been with, I know it’s not my sort of thing, but any woman who gets you is in for some fantastic times in bed with you.”


The Doctor opened the TARDIS door and ushered her two friends inside.  Then she took a final look at Doria Prime as it was.  “Have a great life, all of you.”  She closed the door and the TARDIS vanished out of the planet’s history (for now).


This is a direct follow on from Time Lapse.  Unlike the first book, I wanted this one to have a little more breathing room between chapters, but still having a focused timeline that's central to the overall arc of the book.  This is the resolution of the dark age of the Dorian Empire, now they will blossom into something new, and maybe soon we'll learn who's been messing with the Doctor's timeline...
This story also sees the return of the Doctor's companion Melanie Bush (as played on TV by Bonnie Langford) and in the series Mel always came across as having no interest at all in men, while she quickly struck up relationships with women.  Here I've taken things to their logical conclusion where she finally comes out as being gay to the Doctor, who offers her friend nothing but love and respect and support.
Erin on the other hand is horrified to discover that she's had a lesbian relationship, but she's able to get over it (mostly) as she wasn't herself at the time and neither was Mel.  I tried to write this not as being played for laughs as that would send the wrong message, I just wanted to highlight the natural discomfort Erin would feel at having done something she'd never normally do herself.

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