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Counter-Temporal Unit - Part 12
Time Lady 2
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As the Doctor drives away from the oil field, Leokai calls her on the cell phone and instructs her to head for Romana’s hotel. Leokai wants the Cardinal to unfreeze $200 million of the Master’s assets, and he will call again to speak to Romana. Once the transfer of the money is complete, the Doctor will have to kill the Cardinal.



Romana is sitting alone in her hotel suite when Patiodoors enters. After she admits to being attracted to her, Romana gives her a key card to another hotel room. She asks her to meet her there in 20 minutes. Henry comes in to tell his wife that he, Kamin and Namilla will be campaigning separately from her. Romana agrees, saying that she can use a few days alone.



At CTU, Spandrall has the Rani attempt to locate Geokai with satellite simulators since the tracking device was destroyed. The Doctor calls, and Spandrall and the Rani listen as she says that she can’t come in. The Doctor doesn’t accept any of their help and won’t tell them what she is doing. They deduce that The Master ultimately wants Romana dead, and Spandrall quickly contacts the Celestial Intervention Agents at Romana’s hotel.



The red van pulls up to a warehouse at the Port of Prydonia where Erin is being held. Leokai and the Master rush to Geokai’ side as a doctor treats him. Geokai sees his father one last time and dies. Leokai is furious, and wants the Doctor to hear Erin’s screams as he kills her. The Master intercedes and stops his son.



Patiodoors tells Henry that Romana wants to meet later that evening and that she still feels uncomfortable about the whole ordeal. Since he no longer has his wife’s confidence, Henry wants Patiodoors to obtain it and then report back to him. Although Henry is not happy with what has to be done, he accepts the situation because it is necessary to win the President’s Office.



Maxil discovers that the schematics of the detention facility where the Master was held had been tampered with. The Rani instructs him to secretly find out who had seen these reports because she suspects another dirty agent. When Spandrall asks what Maxil wanted, the Rani brushes him off.



The Rani informs Terry that, although the Doctor is safe, they don’t know where she is. She is forced to confess that Erin is in danger again and that the Doctor is only trying to protect Erin’s life.



Erin asks whether she will be released when the Doctor performs the task assigned to him. “We’ll see,” the Master replies.

No one notices the regenerated Geokai in the background, she’s a blonde female and she beats up a female guard and steals her clothing.



The Doctor phones Romana and asks to see her. She has a message from the Master. Romana knows that the Master is holding Erin and wants her dead. The Celestial Intervention Agency has warned her about the Doctor as a potential threat. The Doctor promises that she will not harm her, and begs the Cardinal to let her through.



Patiodoors joins Romana in the second hotel room. Romana fires her for conspiring with her husband against her. Patiodoors asks for forgiveness, but Romana orders her to pack up and leave the hotel immediately.



Maxil learns that Spandrall had looked at the detention facility’s schematics. The Rani wonders if he is the mole, and she orders Maxil to shut down Spandrall’s security access.



Romana confronts Henry about his scheming with Patiodoors. She is disgusted that he would send a woman to her bed. Henry insists that he must look out for her. He believes that if she cuts him out of her inner circle, Romana will fail to obtain the Presidency. Their conversation is interrupted, and Romana goes out to meet the Doctor.



The Doctor asks the Senator to cooperate with the Master’s demands in order to save Erin. Romana tells the Doctor that the Master is well aware that the money cannot be obtained. Romana questions the Master’s intent for the call. The cell phone the Doctor has been carrying rings, and Romana answers it. The Master is on the other line, but when Romana asks his intentions, the Master doesn’t answer. The Doctor suddenly realizes this is a trap, and she tosses the cell phone out the window.

It explodes, and Erin hears the detonation from the other end of the phone at the warehouse. She cries, fearing the worst.  The Master and Leokai are satisfied.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Romana get up from under the debris. They are unhurt.



After hearing the explosion, Henry runs in to the suite and finds his wife is alive. The Doctor asks Henry and his family to pretend that the Cardinal was killed. Although Henry does not want to go along with the charade, Romana agrees to help the Doctor save Erin. She has Henry get their children from downstairs. The Doctor instructs a Celestial Intervention Agent to bring in Drax, and quarantine both Romana and any agents who have witnessed her alive.



Spandrall realizes that his network access does not work. The Rani watches as Spandrall goes to Maxil’s computer to check Romana’s itinerary. Spandrall querulously demands that they get his computer back up and running. Maxil finds it suspicious that Spandrall is suddenly interested in where Romana is headed after Prydonia. Suddenly, everyone at CTU sees a news report that Romana has been killed in an explosion at the hotel.



Leokai and the Master happily watch the news report. The Master refuses to kill Erin until they have confirmation that the Doctor is dead.

Leokai phones Romana’s suite and speaks to the Doctor. The Doctor asks that she be traded for her companion’s life. Leokai tells the Doctor to meet at the Port of Prydonia. Leokai also warns her against informing CTU.



The Doctor phones the Rani, and despite her pleas, she does not disclose her location. She puts him on with Terry. The Doctor assures her husband that they will all be reunited. Terry reveals to her that he knows that she is pregnant. The Doctor admits it and is overcome with emotion, knowing that she may never see her bloke again.



Leokai tells Erin that he once had a sister, but the Doctor had killed her. Erin doesn’t believe that her father would murder innocent people because he is a good man. Leokai tries to convince her otherwise.

In the background no one again notices the regenerated Geokai who is hotwiring a car to escape.



Spandrall summons the Rani and Maxil to the Doctor’s office. He informs them that Romana actually survived the bombing and is still alive. Both the Rani and Maxil are stunned. Spandrall believes that having the public think the opposite is the best defensive strategy against the assassins. When Spandrall asks whether either of them have spoken to the Doctor, both deny it.

Outside the office, the Rani admits to Maxil that she did speak to the Doctor, but that the Doctor won’t allow them to help.



At the warehouse, Erin formulates a plan. She reaches for a brewing coffeepot, and, with her bound hands, throws the scalding liquid onto the guard who is watching her. Erin makes a run for it, as the guard calls for Leokai. The men chase Erin as she ducks in between the docks of the port. She loosens the ropes around her wrists and jumps into the water. The men train their flashlights over the dark harbor, but they do not see Erin free herself from the rope under the water. She emerges unnoticed and hides underneath the dock.



Leokai wonders how they will succeed without Erin, but the Master knows that the Doctor has no choice but to trust them. Leokai’s cell phone rings. It is a woman named Yelena. Speaking in Kaled, she tells Leokai that Romana is still alive. They were fooled in order to save Erin. Yelena’s face is revealed - it is the Rani.



As Erin hides among the docks at the port, Leokai orders his men to keep searching for her. He wonders whether she has drowned. Erin then runs to the highway, and flags down a trucker for help.

As the media surround the hotel trying to verify reports of Romana’s death, Henry doggedly persists in wanting to disclose the truth. Romana remains adamant about protecting the Doctor’s daughter.

At CTU, Spandrall receives a call from the highway patrol about a girl who claims to be the Doctor’s daughter. Spandrall speaks to Erin, and she confirms her escape. Her father is in danger if he goes to the port. Spandrall orders a tactical team as the Doctor’s backup, and he has the police bring Erin to CTU. The Rani listens carefully to the unfolding events.

The Doctor pulls up to the port, and gingerly approaches the warehouse with his gun at the ready. The cell phone he is carrying rings. It is Leokai, who says he has Erin. The Doctor demands to speak to her, but Leokai first wants to meet. The Doctor refuses. Leokai tells the Doctor that they know that Romana is still alive. He threatens to kill Erin, and the Doctor hangs up abruptly.

Leokai is forced to tell the Master that the Doctor is not coming.

After learning that the Master knows about Romana, The Doctor calls the Rani to say she is certain that someone in CTU is feeding the Master information. Only she, Maxil, Spandrall and Omega know that Romana is alive. The Doctor asks her to find out which one is the mole. The Doctor tells her that the Master wants to trade her for Erin, and she plans to confront them directly. The Rani doesn’t let on that Erin is actually safe. When she hangs up the phone, she notices that Spandrall has been watching her.



Drax states that the turmoil of the last day has actually helped Romana uncover her real character. They watch as a television newscast reports that the candidate is still alive. Romana is sure that Henry leaked this information to the press, and she rushes to him. Romana is about to strike her husband wife before Drax steps in to urge her to talk to the press. Romana turns her rage instead to a vase, sending it shattering.



The Rani phones Leokai with news that Erin is being brought in to CTU. The Doctor has no idea of the circumstances, and CTU backup is on its way to the port. Leokai fears for his father’s safety and wants to make a quick exit.

Yet the Master orders the Rani to tell the Doctor that Erin is dead. This will cause the Doctor to come after them. That will allow them an opening to kill him. The Rani alerts the Doctor that Erin’s body was found in the water. The Doctor hangs up, saddened. Her thoughts turn to revenge as she slides a fresh clip into his gun and breaks into a nearby van.



Although Leokai is doubtful that the plan will work, the Master is confident that the Doctor will come after them. Suddenly, the Doctor plows the van through the warehouse wall. Leokai and his men are taken by surprise, and they fire at the moving vehicle. The Doctor bursts out the back door of the van and kills the guards. Leokai and the Master run off to meet an approaching boat. The Doctor fires, and kills Leokai. The Master shoots back and wounds the Doctor in the leg. When he goes to take a second shot, the Master finds that his chamber is empty. The Doctor gets up and advances toward the Master. The Master raises his hands in surrender, and the Doctor pauses. Then the Doctor fires round after round, and the Master’s dead body falls into the water. The Doctor runs out of bullets, but she still keeps pulling the trigger in anger. Geokai steals the Master’s boat and speeds away to freedom, she’s a free woman. The Doctor drops to her knees, as CTU helicopters are heard approaching in the distance.



Romana makes a public statement apologizing for any misunderstanding about her death. She assures the press that she and her family were safe amid the chaotic situation. Drax goes to Henry to tell him that Romana wants to meet with him downstairs. Drax suggests that he take this as an opportunity to patch things up with his wife.



The Rani listens as Spandrall informs his staff that the Doctor took down the Master and his men. When he gives Terry the good news, he goes looking for the Rani.

The Rani, however, has slipped out to the CTU’s transformer room. She shoots a suspicious worker, and then removes a laptop from a hidden safe. The Rani makes a call on her cell phone, and speaking in German, informs someone that she has been compromised. Terry walks in and hears her speaking German. Terry’s suspicion passes quickly as he tries to glean information about he Doctor and Erin’s wellbeing. The Rani assures her that they are all safe. The Rani’s cell phone rings, and Terry waits as she takes the call. Yet Terry notices a pool of blood on the floor, and her intuition kicks in. She backs out of the room, but the Rani stops her at the door. She locks Terry in the room at gunpoint and tapes up his mouth.



At the port, The Doctor asks a Coast Guard officer if he can see the body they found in the water because it was his companion. The officer calls the harbour master and learns that no body had been found. The Doctor climbs in his SUV and speeds away from the crime scene. She calls Spandrall, who confirms that Erin is safe. The Doctor demands that Spandrall arrest the Rani because she was working with the Master. Spandrall wants evidence for such a strong charge, and the Doctor vows to get him proof. She asks that, in the meantime, Spandrall keep an eye on the Rani.



The Doctor requests a CTU analyst named Irving Braxiatel to pull up the security camera footage from when Rodan committed suicide. Braxiatel finds that the footage had been erased earlier that day. The Doctor gives Braxiatel a clearance code to access the video’s digital backup.



Henry goes down to meet with Romana privately. She says that she never wants to see him again, and she doesn’t care what it will do to her candidacy. She believes he is unfit to be First Lord. Despite Henry’s claims that she needs him to win, Romana walks away from her marriage.



Braxiatel uploads the security camera footage to the monitor in the Doctor’s car. The Doctor sees the Rani on the tape. She has killed Rodan and planted evidence to suggest it was a suicide. The Doctor has Braxiatel send the footage to Spandrall for proof to arrest the Rani.



In the transformer room, the Rani sees that a CTU emergency lockdown has shut her computer access. An alarm sounds throughout the building. She urgently phones her contact, and he orders her to go to Munich and remain untraceable. The Rani tells Terry that she is locking him in from the outside, but that everything will be fine. The Rani pulls out her gun and decides what to do.

A guard spots the Rani leaving the transformer room, and she shoots him.  The Rani darts into an elevator, and kills another CTU security guard when she arrives at the garage.

The Rani gets into her car and drives toward the exit. Suddenly, another car approaches her. It is the Doctor. She fires at her windshield, and she shoots back as they drive headfirst toward each other. At the last moment, the Rani swerves and slams into a parked car. The Doctor pulls her out of the car and places her gun at her temple. She claims to not be working for the Master. Yet if she kills her, she won’t find out whom she works for. Spandrall, Maxil and others approach, warning the Doctor that they need the Rani alive. They goad the Doctor to go back inside to be with her husband and companion. Although she wants more than anything to pull the trigger, she relents and lowers her gun.

Spandrall takes the Doctor into the office, as Maxil watches the Rani being led away in handcuffs.



The Doctor happily greets Erin, and assures her that their nightmare is over. When she asks for Terry, the Doctor leaves her to go find her husband. In the background, a television reports that the Doctor is credited with saving Cardinal Romana’s life.



The Doctor follows the wake of dead CTU guards that the Rani left in her path. She enters the transformer room and finds Terry with bullet wounds in his abdomen. She picks up his lifeless body and collapses to her knees. As the Doctor cradles her dead husband, she breaks down in grief and sorrow.


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