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Melanie Bush is brought into Erin’s holding cell. She tries to pick a fight with her, but Erin avoids a confrontation.



Romana wins the Primary election, sweeping Prydonia and all eleven other states that were contested. Drax is pleased that eighty-three percent of the voters approved of the way Romana handled the Geogamo situation.



When the Doctor phones the Rani, Spandrall takes the call. The Doctor explains that the wildlife preserve they were in actually hides an underground detention facility where the Master is being held. The Doctor begs for him to send backup because the Master’s son Leokai is in the midst of a rescue mission. Spandrall sidesteps approval from Division and orders a field unit there. When the Rani asks Spandrall about the Doctor, he doesn’t give her an answer. Maxil brings Terry into CTU. Terry demands to speak to the Doctor, but the Rani fends him off. She won’t reveal anything about the Doctor’s current situation.



The Doctor and the Castellan lead the Master down one of the underground hallways. Suddenly, an explosion blasts an entrance. The Doctor and the Castellan retreat back into the facility with their prisoner.



Spandrall is engaged in a bureaucratic phone battle on the Doctor’s behalf when Terry comes into his office. Although he has no news about Erin, he believes that she is safe. The assassin at the safe house asked for her whereabouts. This means that they are looking for her as well. This somewhat eases Terry’s concerns.



Campaign manager Patiodoors puts the finishing touches on Romana’s victory speech. She tells the Cardinal that she admires her for standing by her principles. Patiodoors is sure that the planet will be a better place with her leading it. She is touched by her compliment.



Leokai’s team enters the detention hallway to find the Doctor with her gun trained on the Master. The Doctor orders them to drop their weapons. They in turn hold the Castellan at gunpoint, and the Doctor relents in the standoff. As he releases the Master, Leokai shoots the Castellan anyway. Leokai greets his father and tells him that there has been no word from his brother, Geokai. The Master holds the Doctor accountable for Geokai, and he takes him hostage. He plans to use the Doctor as a bargaining tool against the CTU units to ensure his escape.



Melanie tries to rattle Erin as the other girls in the holding cell watch. She says that Erin gets everything handed to her. Erin turns on Melanie with such sudden ferocity that Melanie is taken aback. Erin threatens that she can handle herself.



The Master confronts the Doctor about his seeking revenge, but the Doctor questions where it will end after the Master has killed all his enemies. Leokai brings a cell phone with Spandrall on the line. Spandrall tells the Master that he refuses to negotiate with him because he is a terrorist. To prove that the Doctor is alive, the Master puts him on the phone. The Doctor quickly tells Spandrall that there are six men with assault weapons there, and the Master jerks the phone away. Spandrall says that he will have to talk to his superiors. Spandrall orders Maxil to alert the field unit about what The Doctor revealed. He then has the Rani pull up the layout of the detention facility.



Spandrall asks the Rani if she is too emotionally involved to handle the case. She assures him that she can do her job.



After witnessing the near-fight, another girl in the holding cell named Ace flicks a joint into Melanie’s lap. When the officer asks who is smoking pot, Ace points the finger at Melanie. Erin, however, defends Melanie to the officer. Ace pushes Erin, and the officer breaks up the tussle. As the officer is removing Ace from the cell, Melanie tells the woman that she wants to speak to the policeman who arrested her because she is ready to talk about what happened. Melanie is lead out of the cell.



The Doctor realizes that the Master sent a decoy into the blown up building on Skaro. Since the Master knew he was a target, he put his own family at risk. The Master is full of anguish, and admits that he did not know his family would be there. With the Master’s guard down, the Doctor knocks him to the floor. Yet Leokai quickly cold-cocks the Doctor. The Master tells the Doctor that on this day he will have to accept his share of the responsibility for his family’s deaths. He orders his son to keep the Doctor alive. Leokai beats the Doctor senseless, unaware that she’s pregnant.



Patiodoors watches as Romana memorizes her speech. She feels her looking at her and she becomes embarrassed. She says that she worries about everybody else but no one takes care of her. Patiodoors begins to gently massage her shoulders, but Romana stops her.



Spandrall finally gets a hold of CTU Director Omega. Omega is angry that Spandrall didn’t rein in the Doctor. Spandrall insists that the Doctor was actually effective, because the Master’s escape would have embarrassed the government. Omega, however, asserts that since the Master wasn’t officially acknowledged as either being alive or a prisoner, his release would have gone unnoticed. Omega demands that Spandrall immediately end the situation at the facility. Spandrall reluctantly passes on his marching orders to the Rani.



Maxil lets Terry know that Erin was found at a local police station. She is being brought to CTU. Terry delivers the good news to the Rani, but the Rani responds with unhappy information. The Doctor is being held prisoner by the same group that captured him and Erin. The Rani consoles the distraught Terry.



The Rani listens in as Spandrall gives orders to the CTU troops descending upon the detention facility. She is alarmed when Spandrall tells them to apprehend the Master even if it is at the risk of losing the Doctor.



The policeman releases Erin and offers to drive her to CTU to meet Terry.



Drax urges Romana to enjoy the spoils of her victory, but Romana can not let go of her problems with Kamin and Henry. Drax explains that once she is in the Presidential Office, anything she wants will be fulfilled so that she can do her job.



The CTU commandos find the bodies of the Castellan and the facility workers. There is no sign of the Doctor or The Master. They may have escaped into an old sewer system, but the tunnel is trapped with laser mines. They will need a half-hour to disarm them. Meanwhile, far from the detention facility, The Master’s troops emerge from underground with the Doctor in tow. The Master is about to kill the Doctor, when the Doctor offers up Geokai in return for his release. Once believing Geokai to be dead, Leokai confirms that the Doctor may be telling the truth. The Master hesitates, but can not take a chance at his son’s expense. They allow the Doctor to live, and load her into the waiting car at the escape point.



The policeman drives Erin to CTU. She calls Terry, and they are happy to speak to each other. Erin tells him that she is on her way and they hang up. Suddenly, the squad car is smashed by a van. Three masked men speaking Dalek and brandishing assault weapons ambush the car. They grab Erin.



The masked men finish restraining Erin and take her into their truck. She cries through the duct tape placed over her mouth.

Romana enters the hotel’s banquet room to a rousing ovation from her supporters. She gives the partygoers words of inspiration for their latest campaign victory.

From the Master’s red van, the Doctor calls the Rani at CTU. She orders her to get Geokai on the line so the Master can confirm that he is alive. From his hospital bed, Geokai admits failure to his father. The Master tells his son that since they are both alive, he has not failed. The Master tells the CTU people listening to the call that he will trade the life of the Doctor for that of Geokai. Spandrall speaks up, informing the Master that he is not authorized to make such a trade. The Master says that when he calls back, Spandrall had better have an answer. 

During Romana’s speech, Henry whispers to Patiodoors that he can not travel with his wife husband to Dallas the next day because of a prior commitment. Although Patiodoors offers to change the schedule, Henry says that he could use a few days apart from Romana. He tells Patiodoors to keep her company.



Spandrall informs the Rani that CTU Director Omega will not allow them to make a trade for the Doctor. Any dealing with the Master would acknowledge that he is still alive and be an embarrassment for the government. The Rani does not want to believe that the Doctor is expendable, and she wonders why they don’t try to grab the Master while he is still out in the open. The Rani breaks the news to Terry that the government won’t make a trade for the Doctor.



Leokai and the Master bring the Doctor to the basement of a Kaled restaurant to hide. The Master warmly greets a man named Raven and his daughter, Milly. Raven has a meal and clothes waiting for the Master.



Spandrall is battling with his superiors to save the Doctor when Terry interrupts him. He demands to know what he is doing about the situation. After getting no answer from him, Terry then begs the Rani for help. The Rani claims to be reaching out to someone who can possibly come to the Doctor’s aid. Since what she is doing is not formal procedure, she can not talk about it. The Rani asks Terry to trust her.



Romana is talking to her supporters at the party when an urgent call comes for her. It is the Rani, and she informs her that the Master is alive and holding the Doctor as hostage. Romana promises to make a few phone calls to rectify the situation.



Maxil is alerted that Erin has been taken from the police squad car. He is about to tell the Rani the news when Terry approaches. Maxil remains silent until he leaves. He informs he Rani, and questions whether she will tell Terry.



Romana calls Spandrall and demands him to reverse his orders on the trade for the Doctor. Spandrall is reluctant because this does not fall under the Senate’s purview. He will be reprimanded for going against the CTU. Romana assures him that when she does become President, she will instate Spandrall to a high position of power. Spandrall questions what will happen if Romana does not get elected. “That’s not going to happen,” Romana answers.

As Milly caters to the Master, The Doctor watches closely. She manages to knock down a guard and grab a knife. The Doctor then holds the knife to Milly’s throat and orders the other men to drop their weapons. Everyone but the Master obliges. The Master shoots Milly in the head, killing her. The guards apprehend the Doctor.



Leokai is furious about things spiralling out of control, and he calls Spandrall again. Spandrall agrees to the trade, and Leokai instructs him to bring Geokai to an address. Geokai is to be placed inside a red SUV there. Maxil locates the address as a repair garage. Spandrall goes to the hospital to claim Geokai for the trade.



The tension between Henry and Romana increases when Henry chastises her for stepping away from her party to make phone calls. Henry leaves to greet a campaign supporter, and Romana approaches Patiodoors. She tells her that she looks beautiful, and asks about upcoming events. Patiodoors informs her that she has prepared possible questions that may arise dealing with Kamin. Romana, who wants to go over them, arranges to meet her upstairs in five minutes.



Raven grieves over the body of his daughter, as the Master consoles him. Suddenly, Raven turns his anger on the Master. Without flinching, the Master shoots Raven. Erin is dragged in and the Doctor calls out to her. A guard throws a hood over the Doctor’s face and carries her up the stairs. Erin is left in the basement with the dead bodies.



Terry is relieved to learn that a trade will be made for the Doctor. When he asks to speak to Erin in the patrol car, the Rani tells her that she will look into it. Terry thanks the Rani for being honest with him about everything that’s been going on. After leaving Terry, the Rani approaches Maxil. She admits that she couldn’t tell the truth to Terry, and wonders aloud whether she is too soft for the job. Maxil reassures the Rani that she is good at what she does.



In the van, the Doctor begs for his daughter’s life. He makes an appeal to Leokai that if they kill any more innocent people, it will be harder for them to leave the country alive. Both the Master and Leokai tell the Doctor to be quiet.



In the hotel suite, Romana and Patiodoors go over the facts about Faarl and the financiers’ unorthodox actions. Patiodoors questions whether Romana has had any past indiscretions. Romana smiles, and asks if Patiodoors is flirting with her. She responds yes. Romana jumps back into business mode, and they go back to the party.



The Master’s van pulls up to a field with an oil rig. Leokai tethers the Doctor to a post, warning him that if Geokai is not delivered, he will die. There are sniper rifles being aimed at him at Leokai’s command. Leokai puts an untraceable cell phone into the Doctor’s pocket, and he leaves in the van. The Doctor is left alone, unsure what to do next.



Back at the campaign party, Henry pulls Patiodoors aside and asks if she went upstairs with Romana. Patiodoors tells him that she did what he told her to do, but that she feels uncomfortable deceiving Romana. Henry assures her that this is what Romana needs right now, and her actions are for the good of the campaign. Patiodoors is hesitant because it may lead to other things. Henry tells her that they will deal with that when the time comes.



Spandrall brings Geokai in an ambulance to the arranged meeting place. They roll Geokai’s gurney to the waiting red SUV. A guard alerts Leokai over a phone that Geokai is in worse shape than they thought. Spandrall demands that the Doctor be turned over as well. The Master’s lackey informs him that once they are satisfied that they are not being followed, they will provide the Doctor’s location. Spandrall asks about Erin, but they is only concerned with the Doctor. Spandrall allows the red SUV to leave. He radios the Rani, and she tells him that she has the SUV tracked.



After he pulls away, the Master’s agent waves a signal detector over Geokai’s body and finds a tracking device on the hospital wristband. Harris removes it and smashes it on the ground. The Rani realizes that her trace is destroyed.



Leokai gives the signal to his sharpshooters to release the Doctor. At the oil rig, a shot rings out from an undisclosed location. The restraint is blown off, freeing the Doctor. The cell phone in her pocket rings. Leokai tells the Doctor that if he wants to see Erin alive, she should go to a nearby-parked car and drive toward the Capitol. The Doctor is ordered to talk to no one, and she obeys the command.


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