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Counter-Temporal Unit - Part 10

Time Lady 2
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K’anpo Rimpoche watches as Terry and Lady Parsley enter the Doctor’s TARDIS. When the cloister bell sounds, Terry does not know how to turn it off. The alarm company calls, but Terry is unaware of the password. The guards from the company arrive, and Terry pretends to look for his wallet to show them ID. He notices photographs of Erin and the Doctor in the living room. The guards recognize Terry from the photos, and they turn off the alarm for him.



At Bonnie’s, the Rani informs the Doctor that the man who was receiving the payoff is named Casmus. Although he is now dead, he was supposed to turn off the electricity in one section of the city’s power grid. The Rani heads back to CTU. The Doctor gets a call from Romana, who has uncovered the missing file from the Pentagon. In it is an address nearby in a place called Sausage. The Doctor alerts Maxil, who finds that the address falls within the grid coordinates that were going to be blacked out. Spandrall accompanies the Doctor to Sausage.



Planket is furious that Sid has not yet arrived with his money. When Planket walks out of the room, Erin tries to make her escape. Melanie stops her, and Erin blurts out that Sid isn’t coming back. Planket overhears this, and Roger is forced to admit that Sid was killed. Planket is concerned that he doesn’t have the money for the drug deal. It is too late to call the deal off.



At the dinner table, Henry gets angry with Kamin for causing his family so much pain. Romana says that they all should accept blame for something. Yet Henry takes a tougher stance and questions whether Romana has enough strength to become President. Suddenly, Namilla hyperventilates and struggles for air. She apologizes to her mother, saying that everything is her fault.



At CTU, the Rani discovers that the address in Sausage is actually a wildlife preserve. She notifies the Doctor and Spandrall as they drive toward the location. When the Doctor mentions that she is happy that her family is safe, Spandrall become uncomfortable.

Terry searches Erin’s room for memories, but nothing comes back to him. Lady Parsley tells Terry that she never met Erin. She says that he had asked the Doctor to move out because she had become too removed. Lady Parsley had hoped for something between her and Terry, but he was afraid of losing his family. Terry says that he feels comfortable with her now, which may be the reason why he is not scared.



As Planket makes plans for his drug deal, Erin confides to Roger that she wants to make a run for it. Roger warns her not to do so. Planket’s friends arrive with a duffel bag full of guns. With no money to lay out, he intends to rob the drug dealers.



After a doctor checks out Namilla, Romana asks her family for their support in making her announcement. Henry acts detached from his wife, and he doesn’t want to argue about what she plans to do.



Terry rifles through his date book, hoping to jar his memory. Nothing is on the calendar for today. The door bell rings, and Lady Parsley greets his friend, Chris Cwej, whom she invited over. Terry is frightened when she sees that Chris has a gun, but Lady Parsley thought that Terry might have needed protection. He realizes that he doesn’t really know Lady Parsley or Chris, and he is not sure who he can trust. Lady Parsley assures him that she is only looking out for his best interests, and Terry reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Rimpoche tells Leokai that Terry is in the house, but he is waiting for the right moment to kill him.



In a press conference, Romana divulges to the media that she misjudged the intentions of some of her Prydonian campaign backers who acted without Romana’s consent or knowledge in murdering Geogamo. Romana turned over the confession tape to the authorities. She then tells the reporters that Kamin will turn himself in and that she will stand by her son. Romana is convinced that Kamin will be deigned innocent. She asks the press to leave her daughter Namilla alone, because this situation does not concern the rape she endured.

Meanwhile, Faarl watches the press conference with two of the financiers, Tattler and Gorky. Although Faarl vows to take care of the situation, Gorky says that it is too late.



At CTU, the Rani learns that Terry and Erin are missing. She becomes angry with Maxil for not informing her. She calls Spandrall and asks why he hasn’t yet told the Doctor about his family. Spandrall ignores her and covers up his answers so that the Doctor will not overhear. Knowing that the Rani will call the Doctor directly, Spandrall asks to borrow the Doctor’s cell phone. Spandrall turns off the phone’s power.



As they walk through the woods toward the address, The Doctor fills in Spandrall that he Master had worked for The Daleks and had masterminded all the ethnic cleansing campaigns against the Thals. The Doctor’s unit killed the Master and now they are seeking revenge. The Doctor and Spandrall stumble upon a brand new power transformer in the middle of the field. The Doctor then becomes suspicious when he suddenly realizes that this supposed “wildlife preserve” is devoid of water and animals.



The drug dealers arrive at the house, and question Planket to why Erin and Roger are present. Planket brushes them off, and demands the twenty thousand dollars worth of Ecstasy. The dealers see Planket’s gun and pull out their own. Suddenly, there is a standoff as Planket’s guys appear with their weapons. The dealers drop their guns, and as Planket goes to disarm them, he smashes Roger in his injured shoulder, saying, “All this because you couldn’t keep my brother alive.”



The Rani checks out the local hospitals, looking for anyone that resembles Terry or Erin. Maxil assures her that he has an agent at the Doctor’s TARDIS and that he is checking the area near where Erin called from a phone booth.

Planket clocks one of the drug dealers in the nose with his gun. The dealer tells Planket that he has the right to remain silent. He is a cop. Suddenly, a Chancellery Guard team bursts through the doors and arrests Planket and his cronies. Erin begs for mercy because she was not part of the drug deal.



Romana continues her press conference, explaining that she bears full responsibility for not knowing about what was going on. She closes her remarks by asking the public to consider still electing her because she is not the first person in public office to make a mistake. Romana leaves the podium and sees her son. Kamin hugs his mother and tells her that he loves her.

At the Doctor’s TARDIS, Terry notices a box and remembers that Erin made it for him. He is staring at it when Rimpoche enters the house and shoots both Chris and Lady Parsley. He demands to know from Terry where Erin is, but Terry has no idea. As he is about to kill her, a shot rings out and Rimpoche falls to the ground. The shooter is Maxil, and he saves Terry. He cries, and remembers that he lost Erin in a car crash.

As Romana hugs her daughter, Henry passes her without saying a word.



The Doctor and Spandrall follow their handheld locator to the address, and they are lead into a field. A helicopter approaches them. The Doctor is convinced that someone knows they are there.



After the helicopter departs from the empty wildlife sanctuary, the Doctor and Spandrall wander the premises and turn up nothing. Spandrall is alerted that Geokai has survived his gunshot surgery, and he goes to the hospital to wait for the suspect to awaken. The Doctor remains at the abandoned field because she knows there must be a reason why the power is going to be turned off. Spandrall agrees to send back a car for her.

At the Doctor’s TARDIS, Maxil quickly loads Terry and the ailing Dr. Parsley into his truck. Terry is distraught after his breakthrough in remembering what happened to Erin, but Maxil assures Terry that he spoke to Erin and that she is alive. However, Erin wouldn’t let on to her location and they don’t know where she is. As Maxil drives toward CTU, the now calmed Terry tends to Lady Parsley’s shoulder wound. Maxil calls the Rani and fills her in on the situation. She orders him to bring Lady Parsley to a clinic where she will be questioned. The Rani sends backup to the Doctor’s TARDIS.



Erin is brought to the police station for booking, along with Roger, Melanie and Planket. Although Erin begs to speak to someone, Melanie tells the cops not to believe Erin’s claims. Roger encourages Erin to admit the truth about what has happened to her today. Although he may get in trouble for his part in her kidnapping, Roger is prepared to face the consequences in order to help Erin.



Romana checks in on her daughter, who is relieved at no longer keeping a secret. Henry comes in, and he is troubled that his wife is giving up on the campaign. Romana disagrees with his defeatist assumption, believing that the voters could side with her. She then questions his feelings about the doom of their marriage. Henry leaves without answering her.



As the Doctor continues to search the vacant sanctuary grounds, security guards watch him from a distance. The Doctor stumbles upon a stairwell that leads to a locked door, and one of the guards radios this news to Leokai, who is camped in a nearby camouflaged tent.

Suddenly, an alarm sounds in the stairwell. A group of guards emerge from the door and shoot the Doctor with a taser dart. They grab the immobilized Doctor and drag her inside.



The Doctor awakes in a holding cell inside the underground facility. It is a top secret, government detention center. The Castellan questions how the Doctor found it and why she is there. The Doctor details the Romana assassination attempt and clarifies for the Castellan that someone from the power company was bribed to cut off the facility’s electricity at 19:20h

The Castellan acknowledges that a prisoner is being dropped there at that time, but the prisoner’s name is classified. The Doctor begs the Castellan to call for backup in the five minutes before the delivery. Until then, The Doctor asks that the civilians on the premises be issued gear so that it appears to be fully secure.

Meanwhile, in the camouflage tent, Leokai readies his armed mercenaries. Although he hasn’t heard from his brother Geokai, Leokai is sure that the plan will proceed as scheduled.



As the helicopter approaches, the Doctor, the Castellan and the men from the facility come out from underground with their weapons raised. The lights from the facility guide the helicopter. Leokai’s men see the armed security and wait for the power to be cut off for their ambush. The lights, however, remain lit. A hooded prisoner is led out from the chopper.

Leokai tells his men that their plan is still in action.  The mercenary in charge tells Leokai that it is too dangerous, and Leokai reluctantly agrees to abandon the mission. The Doctor helps lead the prisoner down the stairs and into the facility without opposition.



The cop who made the drug arrest at Roger’s place interrogates Erin. She doesn’t know anything about Planket’s drug deal, but provides the name of her father and the fact that she’s been kidnapped. The policeman doesn’t believe her and takes her to a holding cell. Erin gives him the Doctor’s number at CTU as a last ditch effort.



After nothing goes wrong with the prisoner handoff at the detention facility, the Castellan questions whether the Doctor’s claims are really on the level. The Doctor asks to speak to the prisoner, and the Castellan tells her that approval goes over his head. The Doctor makes a phone call to Romana.

Meanwhile, Romana breathes a sigh of relief when exit polls indicate that the public is behind her honesty. She gets a call from the Doctor asking him to pull strings at Defense to help her gain access to the prisoner.



The Doctor notices a mounted camera in the facility with its wires threading into a narrow conduit that runs along the ceiling. An idea forms in her mind as she follows the conduit to an observation room with monitors watching every area under the ground. The Doctor spots the holding cell with the unmasked prisoner. The Castellan catches the Doctor in the act and admonishes him for breaching security. The Doctor realizes that the prisoner is he Master - the man she thought she killed two years ago on Skaro.



The Doctor elucidates for the Castellan that he was sent to take out the Master two years ago, but the Master’s wife and daughter were accidentally killed. Now the Master’s sons are enacting revenge by going after the Doctor’s family. If the Master escapes, then not only Romana but also the Doctor’s wife and daughter will remain in jeopardy.

Leokai makes a backup plan, and prepares to blow up the electrical substation for the sector that includes the detention facility. Although it may draw attention to their operation, it will help Leokai release his father from prison.

Spandrall returns to CTU after checking in on Geokai’s health. The Rani questions why he didn’t inform the Doctor about his family.



Romana tells Henry that she doubts his commitment to her and their marriage. Since she can’t trust him anymore, she doesn’t know if she can still love him. He is confident that she will never leave him, and vows that he will be her First Lord when she is sworn into office regardless of her feelings toward him.



Erin is placed into a group holding cell with a number of female prisoners.

The Castellan wonders why the Master is being secretly held if the government had wanted him dead. The Doctor realizes that perhaps they had wanted the rest of the world to believe he was dead, and the Doctor was meant to fail on his Skaro mission. The Castellan gets a call from his superiors giving the Doctor permission to interrogate the prisoner. The Doctor goes into the holding room and explains to the Master that his wife and daughter were not supposed to be in the Dalek building that blew up. The Doctor implores that his own family be reprieved, and threatens that the Master’s sons could be killed if they attempt to rescue him. The Doctor demands that the Master call off the mission. He can do so in the same manner that he has been communicating with his sons all along. The Castellan, who was watching the Doctor’s interrogation on the monitors, agrees to move the Master. The Doctor secretly asks the Castellan to prepare the men and use a way out that is not on the camera schematic.

As Lady Parsley is taken away by a paramedic, Terry and Maxil leave the clinic.  Romana and Henry steal a glance amid the campaign celebration.



As the Doctor, the Castellan and the guards hustle the Master down the corridor, the lights in the facility flicker and then fade. “They’re here,” the Master warns the Doctor.


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