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Counter-Temporal Unit - Part 9

Time Lady 2
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Erin roams the hillside road in search of Terry.

Terry is in the car with the motorist who picked him up. Tanya, the woman driving, sees Terry’s wedding band and asks about his wife. Suffering amnesia, Terry has no recollection of being married.

The Doctor brings Maren back to Romana’s hotel for her arranged meeting with Geokai. Celestial Intervention Agency Agent Nicepiece helps the Doctor secure the building.



Terry asks Tanya to pull over when he recognizes a restaurant. Terry wants to wait for the manager of the restaurant in case he can help him, so he tells Tanya to leave. Yet Terry takes her number so he can send her something later. Tanya kindly gives Terry ten dollars for cab fare to the hospital.



Although Maren assures Romana that she has no hesitation in nabbing Geokai, she is hesitant to put her in any danger. The Doctor is confident that her doing so is the only way to stop the assassination attempt. Romana tells the Doctor that she will be held personally responsible if anything happens to her.



Erin finds a payphone and dials CTU, looking for the Doctor. Maxil answers, and Erin tells him that the agents at the safe house are dead. Mistrustful of anyone except for the Doctor or the Rani, Erin hangs up on Maxil without revealing her location.



Maxil tells Deputy Director Spandrall, and he sends a team to check out the safe house. Although Maxil wants to notify the Doctor, Spandrall stops him with the reasoning that the Doctor needs to focus on Maren. When the situation is under control, Spandrall will tell the Doctor the truth about his family.



The Rani doubts whether Maren is able to trap Geokai, but the Doctor is steadfast in her decision. The Doctor admits to being worried about Terry and Erin, and the Rani promises that they are safely unharmed. The Doctor questions why the Rani didn’t finish the debrief, but she gets called away before she can answer.



With nowhere else to turn, Erin calls Roger. She threatens to tell the police about him unless he helps her. He gives her his address in Patrexes Park, and she calls a taxi.



Kamin apologizes to his mother because he now knows that Romana was only protecting him from being accused of Geogamo’s murder. Kamin plays the tape of his conversation with Faarl and offers to bring the tape to the police. Romana asks for Kamin’s trust, and takes the tape from him.



Geokai informs his brother Leokai that, according to Maren, Cardinal Romana is remaining in Los Angeles. Leokai becomes suspicious, and orders Geokai to kill Maren when he is through getting information from her.

The Doctor guarantees Maren that she will be secure and watched at all times while she is with Geokai. She instructs her to place the tracking device in Geokai’s wallet. When it is in, the Doctor will ring her cell phone so that she can make an excuse to leave. If she feels uncomfortable in any way, she is to mutter out loud the phrase, “I hope I’m not getting a cold.”



Sophie, the restaurant owner, greets Terry by name and asks if Lady Parsley will be joining her. When Terry explains his situation, Henry offers to call Lady Parsley for help.



The Doctor senses that something is wrong with the Rani, and she confesses that Terry knows about their affair. The Doctor is upset and blames herself. But before she can get too emotional, she is alerted to Geokai arrival at the hotel. The plan is in action.



The Doctor watches Geokai in the hotel room. Maren comes to him, and Geokai comments that she is somewhat tense. Maren shrugs it off as campaign jitters. Yet when he kisses her, she responds. Geokai goes to pour her a drink, and in the bedroom, Maren inserts the transmitter inside his wallet. However, she has no time to replace it in his jacket, and she must put it in her own pocket. Geokai questions her about the campaign, and Maren remarks about his sudden interest in her work. She then manages to place the wallet back in Geokai’ jacket. Geokai then admits that he has fallen in love with her. The Doctor makes his call to her cell, but Maren ignores it. She coerces Geokai to repeat that he loves her. The Doctor and The Rani watch as Maren goes against their orders and plunges a letter opener into Geokai’s stomach. They storm the room with the SWAT team, and try to prevent Geokai from dying.



Erin arrives at Roger’s house, and is angrily greeted by his girlfriend, Melanie. Erin tells her that she only wants to search Sid’s room to find the people he was with the night before.



Lady Parsley comes to the restaurant, and Terry remembers her name. She assures him that everything will be fine.



Spandrall yells at the Doctor for mishandling Maren. Their only suspect, Geokai, has half a chance of surviving. The Doctor must also explain to Romana that Maren is now a criminal suspect, and Romana is angry with the Doctor for the way the plan unfolded. Suddenly, Geokai’s cell phone rings. The Doctor answers it. A man on the other end of the call instructs him to bring the money to a place called Bonnie’s in Mid-Arcalia. The man says that he will be wearing a green baseball cap.



After Romana accuses her of endangering Maren, the Doctor begs the candidate to keep her security at high alert because two other suspects are still at large. Knowing that Geokai was going to make a payoff to the intercepted caller, the Doctor has her CTU agents search the room for money. They find a stack of cash, and the Doctor goes to place to meet with the unidentified man.

Erin and Roger search Sid’s room for information that could help her find Terry. Erin realizes that Roger has not let on to his girlfriend, Melanie, that Sid is dead.



Lady Parsley fills Terry in on the details of his life that he can’t remember. She had met him when he separated from the Doctor. Lady Parsley had wanted more of a relationship, but Terry decided to reconcile with his wife. Although Lady Parsley insists on taking Terry to a hospital, he flatly refuses. She agrees to examine him at the restaurant.

Romana plays the Faarl confession tape for Henry and Drax. Romana threatens to leak the tape to the media, but Henry wants her to destroy it. He believes that it will only hurt Romana’s candidacy. Drax suggests that they keep it under wraps for now. He is certain that Romana can use it to his advantage once she becomes President. The evidence incriminates some of the most powerful men in the country, and having it over their heads will only prevent them from controlling Romana.



The Doctor calls Maxil and inquires about her wife & Erin. Maxil quickly hands off the phone to Spandrall, insisting that he tell the Doctor the truth. When the Doctor asks for the number to the safe house, Spandrall says that they are sleeping soundly.



In the car on the way to the meeting place, the Rani briefs the Doctor about her conversation with her husband. Because Terry still loves her, the Rani encourages the Doctor to phone him. The Doctor calls CTU and gets the safe house number.  Spandrall denies Maxil’s request for extra manpower to find Terry and Erin. Since the Rani is off with the Doctor and not at CTU, Spandrall implies that perhaps they are still having an affair. He wonders whether the Rani is actually a distraction because she has been with both the Doctor and Maxil.



Romana explains to Kamin the severity of her releasing the confession tape to the authorities. Kamin is confident that it is the right thing to do because he was so afraid of coming forward about Lysin’s murder a few years ago. Had he told the truth then, he would not be in this predicament. Romana assures her son that she is there for him.

Leokai calls K’anpo Rimpoche looking for his brother, Geokai. Rimpoche does not know where Geokai is. Since he still can’t find Terry and Erin, Rimpoche will wait outside the Doctor’s TARDIS.



Erin calls everyone she can think of, but no one has heard from Terry. Melanie insists that Erin leave before Sid’s brother, Planket, comes to the house. Roger gives Erin money so that she can take a cab to a safe place. Erin thanks him for his help in saving her, and they kiss. Suddenly, Planket enters and asks where Sid is. Planket, who is looking for his money from his brother, orders Erin to stay until Sid arrives.



As she and the Rani set up security for the meeting, the Doctor learns that an agent named the War Chief is assigned to be his backup. The War Chief, who blames the Doctor for arresting his ex-partner for bribes, remarks that he may be worried about target confusion. “I’d hate to take down one of the ‘good’ girls by mistake,” the War Chief says caustically. The Doctor warns him not to obscure the mission.

Maxil is notified of a police report that a now-missing woman matching Terry’s description was involved in a traffic accident. He posts an agent to the Doctor’s TARDIS.



Lady Parsley examines Terry and finds that, although someone has roughed him up, there is no evidence of trauma to his head that would cause amnesia. He tells her that he is having pains in his groin abdomen. For some reason, he knows that he is afraid of going to a hospital and Terry begs Lady Parsley to take him home.



Henry watches as Romana gives a manila envelope to campaign manager Patiodoors. Patiodoors locks the envelope into a safe. Henry discreetly opens up the safe and sees that the envelope addressed to the District Attorney contains Kamin’s secret microcassette. When Romana looks in the safe, Henry admits to destroying the tape. “It breaks my heart that I was right,” Romana says to her husband. She had planted a phoney tape in the safe to see just how far he would go. Henry says that he would do anything to protect his family. Romana is furious, and orders Drax to set up a press conference within the hour.



The Doctor and the Rani set up their agents around Bonnie’s to guard her. As he targets his rifle in position, the War Chief taunts the Doctor about the suicide of his partner’s wife. The Rani calls Spandrall and explains the problem the War Chief is causing. Spandrall gets conferenced into the radio and warns the War Chief to bury whatever problem he has with the Doctor.



As shooter K’anpo Rimpoche waits outside the Doctor’s TARDIS, a CTU agent arrives to check out the grounds. Meanwhile, Lady Parsley drives Terry towards his home.



Erin and Roger grow fearful of Planket’s impending drug deal with the supposed money Sid and Roger would have made from Borusa. Erin tries to plead with Roger to turn his life around. Roger, however, only wants to get through this ordeal without getting caught.



At the Plaza, the Doctor spots the man in the green baseball cap and acknowledges the briefcase of money he is holding. The man calls the Doctor “Geokai” and notes that she sounds much more bloke-ish on the phone.  The Doctor has him spell out that the plan is to shut off the power grid for five minutes at 19:30h.  Suddenly, the man becomes suspicious of the Doctor and bolts. The Doctor chases him, and the War Chief notifies the team that he has a clear shot to clip the fleeing man. The Doctor warns the War Chief not to shoot, but the War Chief fires anyway. The man’s body crashes through a glass railing and falls to the ground. The Doctor yells at the War Chief for disobeying his orders.



K’anpo Rimpoche, who has murdered the CTU agent guarding the Doctor’s TARDIS, sees Lady Parsley and Terry arrive.


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