Time Lady 2

Counter-Temporal Unit - Part 8
Time Lady 2
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The Whitechapel Murders
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On Omega’s orders, Maxil tries keeps Romana from the Doctor. The Monk informs Maxil that the third shooter’s name is Geokai, and that he stopped in Washington, DC on his way to Los Angeles.



In the car on the way to the safe house, the Rani explains to Terry and Erin that they are being taken to a secure environment. Erin asks Terry about the doctor’s prognosis regarding her persistent groinal pains. Erin is still worried that the rape is the cause. Terry assures Erin that it was only an STD and he is fine.

Susan Foreman continues to question the Doctor. When she tells him that Terry and Erin were transferred from the clinic to a safe house, she becomes angry at not being alerted to this. The Doctor refuses to say another word until she can speak to Terry and Erin. 

Romana’s campaign aide, Maren, is in bed with her lover, Geokai. She reveals to him that she has to go with Romana to Nevada. While Maren is in the shower, Geokai secretly reads her travel itinerary.



Still waiting in the lobby of CTU to see the Doctor, Romana makes a call to a Defense Department official to ask for help in cutting through the red tape. When Omega finally comes down to greet Romana, he receives a phone call from the Defense official. Omega grants Romana’s request to meet with the Doctor in a secure room.



The Doctor is brought to Romana. Romana immediately accuses the Doctor of wanting her dead because of a failed mission on Skaro called Operation Nightfall. The Doctor makes it clear that the assassins had kidnapped her bloke and companion, and all of his actions were an effort to not only save Romana herself but Terry and Erin as well.



The Rani brings Terry and Erin to a suburban house guarded by CTU agents.



Romana lays out for the Doctor his history with the Master. The Master had been committing atrocities for the Daleks on Skaro. Romana, while working on a Senate Appropriations committee, authorized the covert mission Operation Nightfall. The missions objective: kill the Master. The Doctor ran the operation on Skaro. Today marks the two-year anniversary of Operation Nightfall, and it becomes apparent that the people behind this assassination attempt want retaliation for the Master’s death. Romana and the Doctor figure out that if the assassins know that they were both involved, then they must also know about another operative involved in the mission, Salyavin. Romana and the Doctor call Salyavin and explain the situation. Salyavin immediately gets to work on what the next move will be.



Terry takes the medication.


14:22h - Maren gets summoned back Romana’s hotel suite because the campaign is staying in Los Angeles. She calls Geokai with news that she is not going to Nevada.

Geokai briefs his brother, Leokai, about the change in Romana’s travel plans. He verifies that the two other shooters already have their targets in sight. Geokai assures his brother that Romana will be dead by midnight.



Erin sees the medication test in Terry’s bathroom, and Terry tells her that the Doctor is pregnant. It’s his child of course. Erin is hurt that Terry and the Doctor planned to have a child without telling her. Terry says that it was a surprise. He is just as shocked as Erin.



With the Monk’s help, Salyavin uncovers some data and sends it back to CTU. However, one other file is still mysteriously missing.



Terry decides to call and ask the Doctor about the pregnancy, but he is unable to reach her. Maxil promises to give the Doctor his message.

As the Rani begins a debriefing session with Terry, Erin slyly grabs the Rani’s cell phone. She calls Roger. Erin urges him to turn himself in, but Roger is afraid he will be arrested. Erin agrees to cover for him.



Romana is shocked by the realization that this assassination attempt has nothing to do with her being a woman running for President. It’s merely revenge for her and the Doctor’s taking out the Master. During this fleeting moment of downtime, both the Doctor and Romana discuss and reflect their strained family situations.



The Monk gives the Doctor the report from Salyavin. The missing file has yet to turn up. As Romana and the Doctor read the document, they learn that the Master’s wife and daughter were also killed in Operation Nightfall. They surmise that killing the Doctor’s wife and daughter is a direct payback for the murder. Romana orders Omega to step up protection on Terry and Erin.



As the Rani questions him about the events, Terry figures out that the Rani was the one that the Doctor slept with when they separated. The Rani tries to explain that the Doctor realized she wasn’t just bi-curious and ended it when she realised she just liked guys. Terry doesn’t want to hear any more, and walks out of the room



Romana, who needs to get back to the campaign, orders Omega to reinstate the Doctor to her position. The Doctor asks for a provisional status until the end of the day so that she can help out on the case. After that, Omega can arrest her. Romana confides to the Doctor that the Celestial Intervention Agency wants her to leave the state, but that she wants to stay so that they can flush out the Master’s people. Before she leaves, Romana apologizes for misjudging the Doctor.



Erin tells the Rani that Roger wasn’t really a conspirator in the kidnapping. He was just as surprised by what was happening. The Doctor informs the Rani that they are sending over two more teams of agents because Terry and Erin are at risk. However, he doesn’t want the Rani to tell the others this. She asks to speak to Terry. Although he left an urgent message with Maxil, Terry tells the Doctor that it is nothing important. After Terry hangs up, Erin asks how the Doctor really felt about the baby. Terry replies that he didn’t ask him.



In the bathroom of the bar, Salyavin phones the Doctor with news that the missing file was deliberately removed. This leads him to believe that it contains information need. Suddenly, a man comes into the restroom and chokes Salyavin as he’s talking. The Doctor calls out to Salyavin, but Salyavin is dead.



After the other end of the phone goes silent, the Doctor calls out for Salyavin. In New Prydonia, an unseen killer rummages through Salyavin’ belongings looking for clues. The person then hangs up Salyavin’ cell phone, disconnecting the Doctor. Salyavin lies dead on the floor of the restroom.

At CTU, the Monk briefs the Doctor about the three possible shooters he uncovered. One of them is Geokai, the Master’s son who had been trained by Skaro’s special forces.  Meanwhile, Maren phones her lover, Geokai, with news that Cardinal Romana changed her travel plans. The campaign staff is remaining in Prydonia. They agree to meet at 16:30h.



The Doctor phones the safe house to speak to Terry. She had sensed in their last conversation that something was wrong, but when she asks him about it, Terry avoids asking anything.



The Monk forwards the photos of the suspected assassins to the Celestial Intervention Agency, and Agent Nicepiece shows them to the assembled Romana campaign team. Maren reacts when she realizes that Geokai is possibly a killer. Romana goes to her, concerned.

The Rani questions Erin about Roger’s involvement in the kidnapping, but Erin defends him as a helper to their escape. Although the Rani suspects that she has developed Stockholm Syndrome for her kidnapper, Erin claims she does not know where Roger is. Terry finishes his prematurely ended interrogation with the Rani, saying that he absolves her of blame for having a relationship with the Doctor. When the Rani suggests that Erin may have developed feelings for Roger, Terry abruptly denies the assessment.



Romana notifies the Doctor that Maren had been conducting an intimate relationship with Geokai, and the Doctor sends a helicopter to pick her up for questioning. The Doctor lets Romana know that she lost contact with Salyavin. She assumes that Salyavin is dead.



Erin calls Roger, and explains that although the Rani is pushing her to confess, she is covering for him. Roger cuts short their conversation when a girl named Melanie Bush enters his room.  The Rani once again attempts to glean information from Terry, but Terry is abrasive about the situation. The Rani gives up her questioning, and suggests that another agent finish the interrogation with Terry.

Deputy Director Spandrall arrives at CTU to tell the Doctor that he is his new supervisor. Susan Foreman was sent to District with Omega. Spandrall brings up the Master connection, and the Doctor explains that Romana is a target because she chaired the subcommittee that authorized the mission to kill the Master. The Doctor also informs him that Salyavin may be dead, and that a member of Romana’s advance team is involved with Geokai. Spandrall suggests that they just arrest Geokai, but the Doctor is insistent that they question Maren first and allow her to help lure in Geokai.



Romana promises Kamin that, although she hasn’t been a good mother in the past, she will be there for him in the future. Yet when Kamin inquires about telling the police the suspicions surrounding Geogamo’s death, Romana admits that they have decided to hold off for the time being. Kamin jumps to the conclusion that his mother is merely putting her campaign ahead of anything else.



Outside the safe house, the man who pretended to be an Celestial Intervention Agent at the clinic phones Leokai. The man, whose name is K’anpo Rimpoche, has killed the CTU agents guarding the safe house. He assures Leokai that he will soon get to Terry and Erin.



When the Doctor tries unsuccessfully to log into her computer, the Monk tells her that her security access has been downgraded. The Monk hooks her up with a temporary entry onto the network. The Doctor asks if the Monk has noticed anyone acting strangely at CTU. She fears that there is another traitor inside the agency.



Kamin angrily talks to Faarl on the phone, but agrees to meet him at the Time/Space Observatory. He enlists his sister Namilla to help him slip out from the Celestial Intervention Agents. She creates a diversion, and Kamin exits the hotel suite unnoticed.

When Maren arrives at CTU, she tells Spandrall and the Doctor that she met Geokai in a bar. The Doctor brings up the possibility of her planting a tracking device on Geokai, but Maren is uneasy about ever seeing the man again. Yet faced with the prospect of something happening to Cardinal Romana, Maren agrees to play the spy for them.



At the safe house, a CTU agent runs through mug shots with Terry and Erin. He notices that they both exhibit some awkwardness when Elly’s face comes up on the screen, but Erin quickly replies that she knows nothing about her. Unbeknownst to them, K’anpo Rimpoche, the shooter, enters the safe house and kills one of the agents.



The agent continues to debrief them, but Terry’s exhaustion causes him to lose focus. The events of the day, both physical and emotional, are taking their toll on him. The agent gives them a minute alone, and goes into another room. When he sees that none of the other agents are at their posts, he grows suspicious and hides Terry and Erin in a closet. He trains his gun on Rimpoche, who comes out with his hands raised. As he approaches Rimpoche, a second shooter appears and grabs him from behind. Rimpoche picks up his gun, but before he can kill the agent, he hears a noise. Terry and Erin run to the garage and get in the car. The shooters hear this and go after them, firing as the car pulls away. The agent gets up and kills the second man. Rimpoche shoots the agent, and then chases Terry and Erin with another car.

At CTU, the Monk gives the Doctor the news that Salyavin’ body was found. The Doctor is surprised when the Rani arrives back at CTU since she specifically asked her to watch Terry & Erin. She tells her that there was no reason for her to stay because Terry and Erin are safe.



Rimpoche follows Terry and Erin into the hills. When he thinks he’s lost him, Terry pulls over at the side of a hill. He gets out to look for him, leaving Erin alone in the car. Suddenly, the dirt underneath gives way and the car goes crashing down the cliff. It explodes into flames. Terry watches, horrified at the thought of Erin dying in the crash. He becomes dizzy and faints.



At the Observatory, Kamin angrily attacks Faarl, demanding justice for Geogamo’s death. Faarl suggests that a lie to incriminate Kamin could surface if he goes public with the truth about Geogamo. Kamin counters with a threat about exposing Faarl to the money men behind Romana’s campaign. Then Faarl tells him that there is evidence in the Geogamo fire that will frame Kamin for the murder. Faarl warns Kamin to back off. When Faarl leaves, Kamin pulls out a tape recorder - he has taped their whole conversation.



When he can’t find the targets, Rimpoche gives up the search. Terry wakes up, dazed. A young woman named Tanya drives up in a car.  She asks Terry if he is all right. Terry, however, can’t even remember his own name. Tanya offers to give him a ride, and with no other option, Terry accepts.



Near the crash site, Erin wakes up on the side of the hill. She is bruised, but alive. She sees the smoke from the nearby car from which she escaped before it went up into flames. Erin looks around the empty road, and calls out for Terry.


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