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Counter-Temporal Unit - Part 7

Time Lady 2
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Borusa and his men search the woods.

Terry and Erin head for the water tower alone, with the Doctor and Roger not far behind.



At CTU, the Rani is worried because she can’t get through to the Doctor. Maxil comforts her. Susan Foreman informs them that Rodan’s mother had received $300,000 over the last four months. She wants the Rani and Maxil to question the woman when she comes to pick up Rodan’s son.



Romana and Drax argue about how to proceed after Geogamo’s death. Romana wants to spill everything to network anchor Flavia before confessing to the District Attorney. Drax, however, wants to gather all the facts first before they act. He convinces Romana to consult with Henry.



Borusa explains the situation to Leokai, who orders Borusa to deliver the Doctor’s dead body. Morbius tells Borusa that the Doctor had sent his coordinates to someone, and that they should expect the government to arrive very soon. He suggests that they just leave. Borusa informs him that Leokai will eventually find them. The only way for them to stay alive is to kill the Doctor.



The Doctor and Roger arrive at the water tower, but Terry and Erin are not there. Forced to take another route to avoid Borusa’ men, Terry and Erin get lost in the woods.



Romana speaks to Henry about Geogamo, and he agrees with Drax’s assessment to not reveal anything. Romana and her campaign will suffer if she tries to take on Faarl and the men he works for. Henry believes that once Romana becomes President, she will have the kind of power it takes to make a difference. Not only will she be able to fight Faarl and his people but she’ll also be able to help millions of people.



With still no sign of Terry and Erin, the Doctor calls Susan Foreman to inform her of the complication in plans and her intention to go back and look for them. Susan sends in reinforcements to pick them up at the water tower.



Terry and Erin find an abandoned miner’s cabin and hide out inside. One of Borusa’ men comes upon the cabin, but is called away by Borusa before he spots the women. Just when they think the coast is clear, the man sees the women in the cabin, but the Doctor appears and shoots the man dead. The Doctor grabs the dead man’s walkie-talkie and takes Terry and Erin to the water tower.



The Rani and Maxil question Rodan’s mother, about the large sums of money in her bank account. Rodan deposited them for her son in case something ever happened to her. Rodan’s mother says that Rodan never told her where the money came from.



As Borusa tries to communicate with his men via the walkie-talkie, the Doctor listens in and figures out how to avoid them.

Romana tries to come clean to Flavia, but she already knew about Geogamo’s death. She left her network job because the people who are trying to control Romana had threatened her. The evidence against Kamin was destroyed in the fire, and Flavia is convinced that nothing will stop these people from getting what they want.



Borusa finds the dead body of his man in the miner’s cabin. The radio is missing, and Borusa knows that the Doctor has been listening to them.

Maxil and the Rani discover that the money was transferred to Rodan from a holding company based on Skaro. The Rani remembers that the Doctor thought there might have been a connection to Skaro related to a previous assignment. Although the Rani had originally come up with nothing, she and Maxil dig deeper.



The Doctor, Terry and Erin come upon a lake across from the water tower. There is no sign of CTU. Erin grows impatient and starts to head toward Roger in the water tower. Suddenly, a shot rings out in their direction coming from Borusa. Knowing that he is the primary target, the Doctor heads towards Borusa alone. Borusa orders Morbius to circle around and come at the Doctor from another angle. Knowing that the Doctor can hear him, Borusa taunts the Doctor. Borusa eventually pins the Doctor down with a constant barrage of rifle fire. The Doctor finds a piece of metal garbage in the woods, and uses the glare from the reflection of the sun to blind Borusa as he looks through his rifle scope. In that brief moment, the Doctor breaks cover and fires, grazing Borusa.

The CTU chopper arrives overhead. Morbius hears this and leaves.



Just before Romana is about to confess to the D.A. Faarl shows up at the hotel suite. Faarl lets on that there may perhaps be something planted at the Geogamo fire that would incriminate Kamin. If Romana comes out with the story to anyone, Kamin could find himself implicated in two murders. With her back against a wall, Romana tells Drax that she has nothing to say to the D.A. “I’m running for President,” she declares. “And I’m going to win.” Romana silently returns to her room. Drax and Henry trade looks.



The CTU chopper lands to pick up Terry and Erin. Just as they are about to board the chopper, Erin runs toward the water tower to get Roger. Terry follows her, but Roger is nowhere to be found. He has run off onto a nearby highway.

In the woods, the Doctor follows a trail of Borusa’ blood. Borusa tells her over the walkie-talkie that he has no other option but to kill her. The Doctor asks about the Skaro connection and why Terry and Erin were brought into it. Borusa says that the people involved wanted to make it personal. The Doctor comes up behind Borusa and demands that he drop his gun. The Doctor offers up immunity for his help. Borusa turns around, still holding his weapon, and the Doctor shoots him dead.



The Doctor returns to the water tower to pick up her husband and companion. They all board the chopper en route to safety. Roger, meanwhile, gets on a bus, hiding his bloodied wounds from the other passengers.



Susan relays the good news about the Doctor to the Rani and Maxil. They inform her that they found another wire transfer to an assassin from Skaro. This second hitman left there earlier in the morning and is already on Gallifrey.



The Doctor and co arrive at CTU by helicopter. The Doctor is alarmed when Terry winces in pain, but he tells him it’s just the stress of everything that’s happened. Terry and Erin are sent to a clinic for a checkup, and the Doctor begs the Rani to watch over them. Susan reluctantly agrees to let the Rani go.



Henry makes an appeal to Romana about not revealing information about either Kamin or Geogamo’s death. Surprisingly, she doesn’t put up a fight. She explains that her campaign financiers are blackmailing her with a threat to implicate Kamin in Geogamo’s murder. She warns her husband not to tell Kamin.



Terry and Erin are greeted at the clinic by Dr. Kent. Terry asks the doctor to keep the information about his rape hidden from his wife.



Romana and Drax talk about the Geogamo situation, and Kamin overhears part of the conversation. Romana is forced to tell her son that the psychiatrist died in an office fire. Knowing that Geogamo was the one who revealed his connection to Lysin’s murder, Kamin doesn’t believe Geogamo’s death was an accident. Kamin becomes upset, because Geogamo was the only one in the past who was there for him. He wants to go public with the death, but Romana assures him that keeping it quiet is for the best.



Regional Director Omega comes to the CTU office to interrogate the Doctor.



The Rani arrives at the clinic, and while looking for the Doctor’s family she comes upon an Celestial Intervention Agency agent who is there to de-brief some of the men from Borusa’ team who got brought in. After the Rani checks in with Terry and Erin she finds another Celestial Intervention Agent and mentions the agent she first came across when she arrive at the clinic. This Celestial Intervention Agent has no idea what the Rani’s talking about claiming that she and her partner are the only Celestial Intervention Agents there. The Rani becomes suspicious and questions Terry and Erin’s safety.



The Doctor recounts his actions for Omega, explaining her deviation from protocol. Omega, however, cannot reinstate the Doctor. The Doctor argues that, because if her proximity to the case, she can be a valuable resource in protecting Romana. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from the Rani. She is hesitant to reveal her uncertainties about a threat at the clinic, but asks whether the Doctor had harbored any thoughts to someone else on the inside working against Romana. The Doctor admits that she had assumed that someone higher up or in another division must have recruited Rodan. The Rani reassures him that his family is safe under her watch.

Maxil updates Susan on the three shooters that may have been hired as a backup plan to assassinate Romana. He has two of their names, but still does not know who the third might be.



The shooter, Geokai, who just arrived from Yugoslavia, spies on Morbius. Morbius is leading Borusa’ men to load their equipment into an abandoned house at a transfer point. Morbius, who doesn’t see Geokai, calls Leokai to tell him that Borusa was killed. He offers up his services to finish the operation. Leokai informs Morbius that he won’t be needed since a backup plan is already in effect. As the men complete their move, Geokai sets off a detonator that blows the house to bits. Morbius is knocked back by the explosion, but still alive. Geokai approaches Morbius and shoots him.



Maxil assesses the Romana situation for Susan and advises that the candidate leave California. Impressed by his abilities and looking to get him on her side, Susan tries to talk Maxil into turning against the Doctor, using the possibility of a promotion to egg him on. Afterwards, the Rani calls Maxil and tells him about the questionable Celestial Intervention Agent at the clinic. She asks him to send someone over to dust for fingerprints.



Susan comes in to debrief the Doctor, and she asks to phone her husband and companion in return for her cooperation. Susan does not give her permission to make the call. She explains that they need to get the CIA to open up their Skaro database, because Azmael, the businessman who The Doctor had interrogated earlier in the day, had family connections there.

The Rani, meanwhile, calls Maxil and tells him about the questionable Celestial Intervention Agent at the clinic. She asks him to send someone over to dust for fingerprints.



Kamin informs his father that he is going to tell the police the truth about Geogamo’s murder. Henry stops him. He is only doing what’s best to keep his family safe. Romana comes in and tells Henry that they must leave California because of the imminent threat against her life. The family packs up their things for the trip to an Air Force base in Nevada.



Susan grants the Rani permission to transfer Terry and Erin to a safe house.

Maxil, meanwhile, is summoned to speak to Omega. Omega explains that, since Maxil is the most impartial observer to the events of the past night, his testimony may decide the charges brought against the Doctor. Maxil admits to not being a fan of the Doctor or his managerial style, but he wholeheartedly approves of everything the Doctor has done since midnight on the Romana case.

In the limo, Drax informs Romana what he has uncovered on the Doctor, who they still believe to be the primary assassination suspect. The Doctor led a Special Temporal Forces team in Skaro, and this piece of information prompts Romana to recognize the Doctor’s name. Romana believes that the Doctor is seeking revenge because he lost every man on his team during the Skaro mission and Romana was the one who authorized the mission.



Romana’s aide, Maren, leaves the hotel suite without the rest of the campaign team. She claims that she is taking a later flight so that she can visit an aunt in a nursing home. Instead, Maren goes to another suite in the hotel and knocks on the door. Geokai, the hired assassin, answers. The two rip off each other’s clothes and begin to make passionate love.

The Rani is surprised when the CTU technician finds no fingerprints in waiting room 3. They weren’t cleaned by housekeeping, but wiped off by a pro.  Dr. Kent informs Terry that his test results show he has a STD, so prescribes a course of medication. The Rani rushes in to take Terry to the safe house.

On his way out, Terry is handed the medication by the doctor. The Rani thinks she sees the suspicious man posing as a Celestial Intervention Agent, but finds nothing.

As the Rani leads Terry & Erin into a car, the suspicious Celestial Intervention Agent is on the phone, watching them from a window above. He tells the unknown person on the other end of the line, “They are leaving now.”



Much to the shock of everyone, Cardinal Romana comes unannounced to CTU. She asks to speak to the Doctor.

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