Time Lady 2

Counter-Temporal Unit - Part 6

Time Lady 2
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Susan Foreman notifies the CTU staff that Merklebach is now a suspect in the Romana assassination attempt. She asks the Rani whether she has heard from the Doctor, but the Rani denies speaking to her.

The Doctor, meanwhile, drives Azmael in a limousine. Azmael realizes that his regular driver is not behind the wheel, and reaches for his cell phone. The Doctor locks the doors, pulls over and draws her gun on the man. Azmael feigns innocence, claiming not to know about either Borusa or the Doctor’s family. The Doctor waits while he has the Rani put together an interrogation file on Azmael.

Roger asks Terry and Erin not to say anything to him because Elly has sent him in to get information. Roger quickly leaves the shed, and Elly questions him outside. Not liking Roger’s empty answers, Elly beats him up.



The Rani is secretly researching Azmael’s background when Susan Foreman approaches with a question about the passenger list of the plane that went down. An empty seat in First Class was actually filled by Merklebach, and the Rani has determined that a lookalike assassin was actually at the breakfast. Suddenly, the Doctor calls the Rani again. The Rani pretends that the caller is someone from the Celestial Intervention Agency, and Alberta asks to speak to the agent. The Rani is about to be caught in a lie, when Maxil distracts Alberta to come to his desk. The Rani goes back to the Doctor’s call and gives her the best account of the background on Azmael she could find. She describes Azmael as ambitious control freak, and because he is so tightly wound, the Rani advises that he could probably be persuaded with the threat of pain.



The Doctor gets inside the limo’s backseat and questions Azmael again. Azmael admits to being on his way to a meeting with a machine tool businessman before he is to arrive at the airport. The Doctor has the Rani run the name of Morbius. When he threatens to torture Azmael, the man still pleads innocence.

Leokai arrives at the desert compound, unhappy with how Borusa has mishandled the operation. Leokai threatens to pull the plug, but gives Borusa thirty more minutes to find the Doctor. If Borusa does not succeed, Leokai will enact a contingency plan to complete the assassination against Romana and kill the Doctor. He will then order Borusa to get rid of Terry and Erin. Nearby, Roger overhears the whole conversation.

Romana is interrupted at her school visit when Drax gets Faarl on the phone. Although Romana demands to speak to him in person, Faarl brushes off any insinuations and says that he is not available. When Romana threatens to spread information about him, Faarl agrees to meet.



The Rani tells the Doctor that she found six people with the name Morbius, and one does work for a machine tool company. She suggests that perhaps Azmael is innocent. The Doctor, however, is insistent that Azmael is somehow involved. With no other lead to go on, the Doctor drives Azmael to meet with Morbius.



As the Doctor drives, he doesn’t notice Azmael pull out a hidden knife.

Still posing for reporters at the school, Romana pulls Henry aside and asks if he has recently spoken to Faarl. He says that Faarl claimed to “take care of the evidence” against Kamin, but that he doesn’t know what that phrase means. Romana is upset that he did not tell him about this, and alludes to a time when he deceived her seven years ago. Drax informs Romana that he has checked into the Doctor’s background and found many gaps in her history that are classified. Romana asks if one of those gaps was in the summer from two years ago. Drax is surprised that Romana knows that, but before he can ask about it, Romana says they have other things to deal with first.



The Doctor pulls the limo into an empty parking garage where Azmael is supposed to meet Morbius. The Doctor gets in the backseat to wait, and Azmael lunges at him with the knife. The Doctor fights him off and punches Azmael. Azmael curses at the Doctor in a foreign language, and the Doctor recognizes it as Kaled. Azmael tells the Doctor that she deserves what is happening to her and that she will pay. Suddenly, Azmael suffers a heart attack. The Doctor holds the man’s medicine to entice him into revealing more information. When Azmael goes violently silent, The Doctor forces the medicine into his throat. Azmael spits the pill out. As the Doctor pounds his chest unsuccessfully, Azmael dies.



The Rani consoles the Doctor, but she believes that this hit on Romana has some personal connection to herself. She has the Rani find a link between her old field assignments and Azmael’s background, specifically looking at Operation Nightfall where the Doctor was on the planet Skaro. The Doctor props up the deceased Azmael in the back seat.  Since Susan Foreman probably suspects that they are already helping the Doctor, Maxil asks the Rani whether they should just admit to what’s been going on. The Rani holds firm to standing by the Doctor’s wishes. She does not want all of CTU involved for fear of unearthing another mole like Rodan. Maxil doesn’t like it, but he accepts her decision.

Terry is trying to keep the sleepy Erin awake when Roger enters. He gives them Sid’s gun that was left in the van. Terry understands that this time, Borusa intends to kill them.



While the Doctor waits in the driver’s seat, another car enters the parking garage. The man known as Alameda gets into the backseat, not noticing that Azmael is dead. The Doctor locks the doors and turns to Morbius, who had been posing as Alameda. The Doctor doesn’t flinch when Morbius draws a gun and shoots repeatedly at the partition. The partition doesn’t shatter because it’s bulletproof. The Doctor speeds off, jerking Morbius back and forth in the backseat, and then quickly slams on the brakes. Although The Doctor is held in by his seatbelt, Morbius slams, head first, into the partition.



The Doctor traps the unconscious Morbius with tape and asks about Terry and Erin. Morbius tells him that they are safe, but if they don’t get there soon it may be too late. Since the Doctor is no longer under their control, there is no point in keeping Terry and Erin alive. If Morbius brings her to them, the Doctor will allow him to walk away alive. If not, he will be tortured. Morbius agrees to direct him.

With the half-hour passed, Leokai has Borusa get rid of Terry and Erin. His contingency plan does not involve them. Borusa orders Elly to kill the women.

Faarl arrives at the school, and Romana slips away from the reporters to speak with him. Romana chides him for harming anyone in the name of her candidacy, but Faarl claims that he never had any choice in the matter. The people that want Romana in office will do anything to get her there. Romana then leaves an urgent message on Geogamo’s answering machine.



Elly comes into the shed, and Terry draws the gun on her. Hhe fires, but the gun chamber is empty. Elly grabs Terry and pulls out her own gun. He knocks her gun aside and she flips open a pocketknife on Erin. Terry grabs the gun and shoots Elly. She falls dead. Since anyone listening will assume Elly meant to kill two people, Terry fires a second shot to simulate the second murder. They hide Elly’s body.



The Doctor has a tied up Morbius and leads him into the North Valley towards the compound where Terry and Erin are being held.

Susan Foreman tells her CTU staff that finding the Doctor has become the top priority. The Rani lets the Doctor know that pressure is being put upon her to come clean, but she asks her to deny everything. She needs her to download satellite photos of Borusa’ compound to her handheld device. The Rani tells Maxil that she will still keep her communication with the Doctor hidden from Susan, and Maxil assures her that he will cover for her.



Terry and Erin hide Elly’s corpse under a metal tub, but when her beeper goes off they realize that the other henchmen are looking for her. Terry takes Elly’s knife and Erin covers up the blood on the ground.


11:08h - As the Doctor waits outside the compound, the Rani pulls up satellite images from the surrounding area. She is worried when she sees a multitude of armed guards there. Before she sends the photos to her handheld device, she tries to persuade the Doctor to confess the truth to Susan Foreman so that they can send her backup. The Doctor adamantly refuses, explaining that CTU involvement could jeopardize her wife and companion’s safety. She then puts Morbius in the driver’s seat to have him to drive onto the compound.



Romana tells Drax, about Faarl’s plan to silence Kamin’s therapist, Geogamo. Romana admits her attempt to warn Geogamo, and Drax is furious that Romana would expose herself, jeopardizing the campaign.



While the Doctor hides in the backseat with her gun trained, Morbius drives up to the gate and is allowed entry to the compound. Morbius tries to play mind games with the Doctor about Terry’s fidelity, but the Doctor ignores him and jams her gun into the back of Morbius’ head. Morbius points to a building where Terry and Erin may be held, and the Doctor knocks him out cold.



Borusa, meanwhile, has his men empty out his control room. Roger as among them, and Borusa sends him to fetch Elly. Outside, the Doctor tracks the buildings on her handheld device and hides from the many armed guards.



Romana finally speaks to Geogamo, but the therapist believes that the Cardinal is trying to threaten him again. Geogamo immediately hangs up. Romana has her driver to pull over. Although she is expected to give a speech in an hour, she wants to go to Geogamo’s office.



Terry and Erin are about to leave the shed when they hear someone come in. They wait with weapons ready, but are relieved to find that it is the Doctor. All three are overcome with emotion.



Susan Foreman is convinced that the Rani and Maxil know where the Doctor is, and she offers them the chance to tell the truth. Neither admits anything, and she separates the two with suspension from the CTU.



The Doctor puts a chokehold on Roger when he comes in the shed, but Terry and Erin beg her to let him go.

Susan interrogates Maxil, and accuses him of covering up for the Rani. Susan believes that the Doctor is involved in the hit on Romana, and she wants answers about what she is doing. She threatens to prosecute Maxil for impeding an investigation.



The Doctor plans to go to the waiting car, but Terry doesn’t want them to separate. Roger proposes that he use one of Borusa’ vans to help them escape. Erin assures the Doctor that Roger can be trusted, and the Doctor reluctantly agrees to the plan. Borusa calls on the walkie-talkie, and Roger tells him that Elly is digging a grave for the captives.



Roger grabs a gun and starts up one of the moving vans. When Borusa questions him, Roger says that Elly asked him to help carry the bodies. Before Borusa can argue, he gets a call that one of his henchmen has found Morbius Morbius unconscious. Borusa orders Roger to drive him there.



Drax gives Romana advice before her meeting with Geogamo. Yet when they pull up, fire engines are surrounding the office complex. Drax learns that there was a gas explosion from which Geogamo did not survive. Romana heads toward the crime scene, and Drax forcibly stops her. Drax recommends that Romana’s presence at the building will send the wrong signal even if it was not a murder. They drive away.



Susan is about to give Maxil an ultimatum, but she is interrupted by a phone call from the Doctor. She says that although she couldn’t risk contacting anyone at CTU, she has uncovered the people behind the Romana assassination and located the coordinates of their hideout.



Susan notifies the Rani and Maxil about the Doctor’s call. Pending further evidence, she retracts their suspension. The Rani takes Maxil’s hand to express her gratitude for what he did for her.



Borusa revives Morbius, who tells him that the Doctor is on the premises. Suddenly, Roger peels out with the van. Borusa sees this and orders his men to seal the gates. Roger goes to the shed and picks up the Doctor & co. Borusa finds Elly dead in the empty shed, and heads to the compound’s entrance. As the Doctor speeds to the gate, guards shoot at the van, causing it to careen to a halt. The Doctor hides her wife & friends behind the van as Borusa and his men fire at them. The Doctor shoots back, but sends Terry and Erin into the woods with her handheld map. Roger stays at the van to backup the Doctor, but gets clipped in the arm. The Doctor stabs a hole in the gas tank, and she and Roger take off towards the woods. When Borusa and his men approach the van, the Doctor fires at the gas tank and the van explodes. Terry and Erin see the explosion from a distance. The Doctor helps a weakened Roger run away.

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