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Counter-Temporal Unit - Part 5

Time Lady 2
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At the power plant breakfast, the Doctor is apprehended by the Celestial Intervention Agency. Other Celestial Intervention Agency teams quickly remove Romana and Henry from the power plant. Despite the hysteria, Romana is not concerned about any threat to her life.

Meanwhile, the Doctor tries to explain to Celestial Intervention Agent Stymes that she is working to protect Romana. She warns them about the assassin, Merklebach, but they still do not trust her.

Maxil and the Rani interrogate Rodan. She gives up Borusa’ name and admits to setting up the surveillance cameras inside CTU. Rodan agrees to call Borusa on a land phone line.

Borusa, meanwhile, is in a panic because he can not reach Jaan, the assassin, but he calms when Rodan tells him that she will find out what happened to the Doctor.

The Rani has the Monk research Borusa’ identity, putting him in charge of all Rodan’s projects.



The Doctor admits the truth to Stymes about her wife & companion’s kidnapping and the plot to assassinate Romana, but Stymes doesn’t have the authority or the inclination to release her. Stymes orders her sent to the District office for questioning. As the Doctor is being led out of the power plant, she daringly escapes from the Celestial Intervention Agents by turning on valves to blow steam into their paths. Although she is still handcuffed, The Doctor is able to steal one of the agents’ guns and make it out of the power plant. The Doctor stops an oncoming car, gets in, and at gunpoint, forces the terrified driver to pull away.



The Doctor directs the driver, a waitress named Landralau, to park at a construction site. They break into an office so that the Doctor can use the phone.



Rodan divulges that she accepted three hundred thousand dollars to provide Borusa information, claiming that her low pay at CTU was not enough to raise her son as a single parent. Yet she will not give them any more information until she receives immunity in writing. The Rani gets a call from the Doctor. She apologizes for shooting her, explaining that they wanted her to kill her for what she knew. The Rani tells her that Rodan has confessed to her participation in the plot. Rodan is put on the phone with the Doctor, and she promises that she will help her. Rodan still won’t budge until she gets her immunity. The Doctor instructs the Rani to bring in Rodan’s son, and she asks for a car and gun to be sent to her. Landralau asks the Doctor who she is, but she doesn’t believe her when she tells her about her situation. She admits that she needs the police to think that she may do something crazy. Landralau doesn’t want to be involved, and after giving her the car keys, goes to leave. The Doctor pulls a gun on her to make her stay.



Henry and Romana return to their hotel suite, but Kamin is not there. Henry tries to persuade his wife to fight against Flavia breaking the story about Kamin allegedly killing Namilla’s rapist. Romana is angry at Henry for keeping this a secret for the past seven years.



Maxil apologizes to the Doctor for how he behaved earlier, and the Doctor tells him that by turning her in to the Celestial Intervention Agency, he helped save Romana’s life. The Doctor then has Landralau break her handcuffs with a pair of bolt cutters.

Drax informs Romana that a CTU agent named the Doctor apparently assaulted a Celestial Intervention Agent and that this Doctor claims the move was mis-interpreted. He goes on to explain that after the Doctor was apprehended she escaped. Romana recognizes the Doctor’s name, but can’t place how she knows her.



Back at Borusa’ compound, Elly, one of Borusa’ henchwenches, starts to make advances at Erin. Terry tries to stop her but is knocked to the ground. Erin valiantly defends herself as Elly keeps coming. Terry interrupts by offering himself instead of Erin by saying, “I won’t fight you.” Elly, a bisexual, accepts. Erin is in shock when Terry leaves with Elly.



Henry persuades Flavia to hold off on the Kamin story by offering up another story for her - that a government agent was involved in a conspiracy to kill Romana.



Terry returns to the shed. Erin is hysterical. Terry, with strength and resolve calms Erin and then shows her a cell phone that he stole when he was Elly. She calls the Rani, but has to hang up when one of Borusa’ thugs comes into the shed.



Kamin returns to the hotel suite. Romana tells her son that she has asked her lawyers to clear his name, but Kamin finds little comfort in that. Drax informs Romana that Flavia is sitting on Kamin’s story. Although she won’t say why, Romana knows that Henry had something to do with it. Henry feigns innocence.



While waiting at the construction site, The Doctor begins to doze off. Landralau tries to leave when she wakes up and catches her.



The Rani and Maxil threaten Rodan by telling her that her son, Kilatron, will see her in shackles and accused of treason. They tell her that Borusa would have eventually gotten to Kilatron to prevent Rodan from testifying. Rodan begins take in the full magnitude of the damage she’s done and feels the weight of her situation beginning to crush her.

When the Celestial Intervention Agency arrives at the construction site, The Doctor asks Landralau to get the car that’s been sent by CTU. She goes outside and, instead of helping the Doctor, points the Celestial Intervention Agency in her direction. The Doctor flees out a back window, narrowly escaping the agents. She runs to the waiting CTU car and drives off.



The Monk reports to the Rani and Maxil about what he’s found on Borusa’ identity. He begins to suspect something when they tell him that Rodan’s son is being brought in. As they head to the secure room, they discuss the option of bringing the Monk into the fold. They find Rodan on the ground, bleeding from her left wrist. A broken coffee cup is on the floor. She has tried to take her own life. Suddenly, Rodan’s handheld device rings. It is Borusa calling. The Rani and Maxil look at the ringing device as they try to revive Rodan.



Medics work on Rodan’s wrist wounds and move her out of the building. The Rani notifies the rest of the office that Rodan tried to commit suicide, but she urges everyone to get back to work.

The Doctor calls the Rani from her car for help getting around the roadblocks that the police have set up to trap her. Terry, using the phone he stole from Elly, calls CTU again, and the Rani connects him to the Doctor. Just as Terry is about to speak, Elly and Roger enter the barn to look for Elly’s phone. The Doctor listens as Terry hides the phone from the distrustful Elly. Although Roger notices that the phone is sitting on a rafter, he tells Elly nothing. With the call still connected to CTU, the Monk continues his attempts to trace the call.



In a limousine on their way to an appearance at Rassilon Elementary School, Henry argues with Romana. He is still opposed to her releasing the story about the accusations against Kamin.



Although the Monk has narrowed Terry’s location down, it is still too large of an area to pinpoint the exact spot. Maxil finds an encrypted email on Rodan’s computer and has the Monk decode it. The Rani and Maxil receive news that Rodan has died in the hospital.



After Elly leaves, Terry gives the Rani and the Doctor clues to lead to her location.

As she speaks to him, The Doctor gets pulled over by the police. When the officers approach her car, the Doctor peels away and the squad car gives chase. The Doctor pulls into a crowded parking lot and gets out of the car. The policemen follow, but the Doctor expertly evades them. While hiding underneath a car, the Doctor draws more information from Terry about where he has been taken. She then asks him to include Erin on the call, and the Doctor pledges to come to their rescue.



Elly returns, and Terry hides the phone again. The Doctor and the Rani listen as Elly attacks Erin. Suddenly, the cell phone beeps when its signal starts to die. Elly finds the phone. When she puts it to her ear, the Doctor threatens her about hurting Terry and Erin. Elly hangs up. She goes to notify Borusa, but Roger stops him with a warning: Borusa will not be happy to learn that Terry and Erin called for help with the phone Elly lost.

The Rani dejectedly tells the Doctor that they were unable to get the trace before the call was abruptly ended.



Still hiding from the police in the parking lot, The Doctor hotwires a car. She pulls out onto the street and escapes. Maxil tells the Doctor that he found the name Azmael on Rodan’s computer. The Doctor finds out where Azmael works and the Doctor decides to go there—it’s the only lead she had. She warns Maxil that Borusa may still make contact with Rodan because he doesn’t know that she is dead.  Borusa attempts to send a message to Rodan, but receives no response.

Leokai calls from a Lear jet on his way to Prydonia. He and his brother are upset that the Romana assassination has not been completed. Borusa assures him that the job will be accomplished by the end of the day. Leokai threatens that he will instruct Azmael to empty the bank account from which Borusa was to be paid. It becomes clear that Borusa has only a monetary interest in seeing Romana killed. To Leokai it’s personal.



Henry calls Faarl, Romana’s former political “fix-it” guy, and asks him to prevent Flavia from running the story. Although he won’t divulge his actions, Faarl admits to “taking care” of the evidence against Kamin.



Rodan’s email shows a $1 million wire transfer to Borusa from a Swiss bank account. Since Azmael is involved in finance, he is probably the one who made the transfer. After the Rani briefs him on Azmael’s background, the Doctor calls the man’s office and pretends to be an old friend. He learns that Azmael will be leaving at 10:00h



Maxil informs the Rani that a temporary replacement for the Doctor is being sent to run the CTU field office. It is Susan Foreman, who used to work under the Rani, but it’s clear that there’s no love lost between the Rani and Susan.



Erin asks Terry why the Doctor had moved out. Terry explains that after the Doctor was away on a mission, she returned home distant and angry. Although separating for a while, they decided to get back together.



Maxil learns that Azmael is scheduled to take a private plane to Denver, but he does not know if there is any connection is to Borusa.

Susan Foreman arrives at CTU, and the Rani introduces the staff to the Acting Director. The Doctor has been indefinitely relieved of her duties, and Susan announces that the Doctor is now a fugitive wanted in the assassination attempt of Romana. Finding her is their first mission.



While reporters watch, Romana talks to the kids at the school. Drax, receives a call from Frankie, Romana’s biggest campaign donor.  He has learned of the accusations against Kamin triggered by the confessions of Kamin’s therapist, Dr. Geogamo. He is wary that two other contributors ordered Faarl to get rid of the therapist. Scared of becoming involved in something so scandalous, he tells Romana he is disavowing himself from the campaign. Romana is furious, and has Drax contact Faarl.



The Rani lies to Susan, saying that she has not spoken to the Doctor. Susan is aware of the Rani and the Doctor’s past relationship, and she suspects that the Rani is hiding something.

The Doctor arrives at Azmael’s office, but Azmael is already in the elevator. The Doctor pulls the fire alarm, and Azmael’s elevator stops, giving the Doctor time to dart down the stairwell. In the garage, the Doctor approaches Azmael’s driver. Azmael arrives in the garage and gets inside his limo. He does not notice that the Doctor is at the wheel.



Erin notices Terry grab his groin and wince slightly in pain. She asks Terry if Elly had hurt him, but Terry says no.


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