Time Lady 2

Counter-Temporal Unit - Part 4

Time Lady 2
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The Whitechapel Murders
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Jaan, the assassin surgically altered to resemble photographer Merklebach, gathers his photo equipment at the desert compound and heads for the Romana breakfast.

Borusa leads The Doctor, via the transmitter in his ear, to find a key card that resembles the one Goth gave him.

At CTU, the Monk gets closer to decoding information on the assassin on the real key card given by Goth.



Romana asks her son to stand beside her at the breakfast when she announces to the press his side of the story about the Lysin murder. Kamin accuses Romana of always putting her career before her family and shuns his mother’s request.

At the desert compound, Erin pleads with Roger to help her escape. Although Borusa said that he would release Roger, Erin knows Borusa won’t make good on that promise.



The Doctor arrives at CTU, and is immediately questioned by the Rani. She assures her, unconvincingly, that her companion is safe. When she tells her that the body in the car has been identified as Alameda, The Doctor is stunned. She excuses herself from the Rani to threaten Borusa through the earpiece. Borusa, who has heard the whole conversation with the Rani, assures the Doctor that Terry and Erin will be killed if she does not follow his orders. Borusa then instructs the Doctor to replace the key card that the Monk is decoding with the decoy card. As the Doctor figures out how to do that, Borusa leaves a cell phone message for Morbius (who is posing as Alameda).



In the car, Terry feigns sickness and asks “Alameda” to pull over. He runs into some nearby bushes. Morbius sees his cell phone blinking, and he listens to the scratchy message from Borusa that his cover has been blown. He turns off the car and follows Terry. Suddenly, he appears from behind a bush and slams his head with a rock. Terry tries to grab his car keys, but he tosses them over the mountain. He hits him in the head again and knocks him out cold.



Terry ties Morbius to a tree with a belt and with jumper cables. He attempts to call for help, but his cell phone is unable to get a signal.

Roger asks Borusa to pay him for his completed job. Borusa doesn’t let him leave the compound.



The Doctor realizes that Borusa has cameras set up inside CTU and is able to see her every move. As the Monk gets closer to naming the shooter, Borusa orders the Doctor to switch the key cards.



Romana, meanwhile, talks to her daughter about appearing at the breakfast. Although she is worried for her brother, Namilla is even more fearful about reopening past wounds.



The Doctor “accidentally” spills a cup at the Monk’s workstation to set up a distraction so that she can switch the key card in the computer.



Since the key card he is working on is a fake, the Monk runs into problems trying to decode it. Rodan comes to the rescue with a solution.

Meanwhile Morbius, tied up and beat up, tells Terry that if he doesn’t deliver him, then Erin will be killed. Terry is confused at what to do. He again tries in vain to get his cell phone to pick up service.



Borusa has the Doctor contact Romana’s Celestial Intervention Agents to request clearance for the breakfast.

Roger delivers the news to Erin that Borusa won’t let him go. He makes a plan with her to escape, but their secret conversation is interrupted by Elly, another one of Borusa’ thugs. Erin reacts quickly, pulling Roger on top of her in an embrace. She pretends that he is raping her, and Elly leaves them alone. Roger tells Erin to meet him outside later for their escape.



The Monk figures out that he has been working with a different key card, and he suspects that the Doctor may have switched it when he came to his desk. The Rani confronts the Doctor about the key card exchange, and offers to call Division if she does not turn the original one over. The Doctor pulls a gun on the Rani, threatening her life. Borusa, through the earpiece, tells the Doctor to get her out of the building. The Doctor puts a jacket on The Rani to hide the gun she has at her back. She walks her outside to her car. Maxil stops them on the way out, and the Doctor tells him they are on their way to an official jurisdiction meeting.



Terry finally gets phone service, and he dials the Doctor’s cell phone. A hospital worker picks up the ringing cell phone on the ground in the garage, and Terry quickly realizes that something is wrong. He then calls the Rani at CTU, but Rodan picks up. Terry pleads for help, explaining that both he and Erin have been kidnapped. Rodan takes down Terry’s location and promises to send someone to retrieve him.



Henry asks Romana about the possibility of blackmailing network anchor Flavia into dropping the Kamin murder story. Romana is reluctant to lie, but Henry is motivated to save both his son and his wife’s candidacy.

Meanwhile, Roger leaves the barn where Erin is being held, leaving the door unlocked. While Roger distracts Elly, Erin escapes. Roger and Erin meet up to make a run for the compound’s fence.

Two men show up to help Terry, identifying themselves as CTU agents. Yet when one starts to untie Morbius, the other takes Terry hostage. These men are not from CTU.



Maxil asks Rodan about a supposed jurisdiction meeting that the Doctor and the Rani were headed to. She does not know of the meeting, and with no phone call from the Rani, Maxil grows worried. He asks Rodan to pull the security footage from the Doctor’s office.



The Doctor has the Rani drive the car, giving her directions fed from Borusa through the earpiece. The Rani starts to suspect that everything the Doctor’s been telling her about her companion’s kidnapping and the mole inside CTU may be false.



The Doctor has the Rani stop the car at an empty industrial area. Another car has followed them there. Under Borusa’ instructions, The Doctor takes the Rani outside and shoots her in the chest. Her body falls down an embankment. The men in the second car confirm for Borusa on video that the Rani is dead.



As Erin and Roger dig their way underneath the chain link fence to freedom, Terry is dragged into the compound. Erin sees Terry and insists on staying to help him. Erin aborts her escape and returns to her “cell”. Roger begrudgingly follows.



Maxil scans the CTU security footage, and sees the Doctor take the Rani at gunpoint. He is further surprised when he sees the Doctor hand the Rani a bulletproof flak jacket.

Meanwhile, at the industrial site, the Rani wakes up. She pulls the bullet shells from the Kevlar jacket and, although she is somewhat shaken, she realizes what has happened. The Rani walks off.



Having been shot (and saved by the flak jacket that the Doctor gave her), the Rani wanders off from the industrial area, dazed and bruised.

Romana tells her husband Henry and son Kamin that she plans to admit the truth in her breakfast speech. Henry and Kamin are not pleased.

The assassin Jaan arrives for the breakfast at the Santafe power plant. With the face and identification of Merklebach, he is admitted in by the Celestial Intervention Agency.

Borusa directs the Doctor to pick up a briefcase. When the Doctor begins to waver, Borusa briefly puts Terry on the phone. He sends the Doctor to the Santafe power station.



Borusa sends Rodan an instant message. At CTU, Rodan grabs her handheld device and goes into a bathroom stall, as Borusa watches all this on his surveillance monitor. Through the handheld, she tells Borusa that the Monk is aware that he has the wrong keycard, but that she will handle it. She is shocked when Borusa informs her that the Rani is dead.



Terry is brought to the shack where Erin is being held. Erin explains that she met Roger and Sid through Mintisara, and she is upset to learn that Mintisara has died.



The Rani finds a phone and dials Rodan. Rodan is not at her desk to answer it. The Rani then calls Maxil, asking for Rodan. Maxil is about to hand the phone to Rodan, but overhears her telling the Monk that the Rani is at an all-day meeting. When Maxil questions her about her information, she says that she just spoke to the Rani. Maxil senses she is lying, and he tells the Rani about what Rodan said. The Rani realizes that Rodan cannot be trusted, and explains to Maxil about CTU being infiltrated. He sends a car to pick her up.



The Doctor arrives at the power plant. While clearing the Doctor for entry into the breakfast, Celestial Intervention Agent Nicepiece asks the Doctor to open the briefcase. Inside is a laptop computer. Although the Doctor is unsure of what the computer really is (a bomb?), it safely powers on. The Celestial Intervention Agency allow him entry into the event. Runcible, Romana’s press assistant, recognizes the Doctor from the academy and greets him warmly. The Doctor nervously moves away from him, as Borusa orders her to wait for her contact. The Doctor makes eye contact with Romana and resists the urge to warn the Cardinal. Romana moves on, and gets introduced to who she thinks is photographer Merklebach. No one knows that this is the candidate’s intended assassin.



As Erin sleeps, Roger brings breakfast to the captives. Knowing that he is the one who kidnapped Erin, Terry hits him. As Roger tries to explain, Elly interrupts. She warns Roger not to make friends with the two captives because they won’t be around much longer.

At the power plant, Runcible approaches the Doctor again. She attempts to write a warning on her business card, but Borusa sees this and orders one of his men to break things up. The Doctor realizes that she is still being watched, and pockets her card. Borusa directs the Doctor deep into the facility to a closet.

Maxil kisses the Rani when she arrives at a CTU back door. He takes her into a secure room with no active cameras. She briefs him on Terry and Erin’s kidnapping, and he is sure that it has something to do with the Romana case. Since their official mandate is to protect Romana, they both decide that they must warn the Celestial Intervention Agency.



Jaan comes to the room where the Doctor is waiting and opens up the briefcase. Under the laptop computer are gun parts. While Jaan puts on latex fingerprint patches, he orders the Doctor to assemble the gun so that her fingerprints will be on it. Jaan begins to leave with the weapon stored in his camera bag, but the Doctor pulls his own gun on the hitman. Jaan warns her that her husband and companion are in jeopardy if he is stopped. The Doctor lets the man leave.



To set a trap, Maxil makes sure he is within earshot of Rodan when he tells the Monk that the Doctor did swap the key card. Maxil contacts Agent Nicepiece of the Celestial Intervention Agency to inform him that the Doctor is a threat to Romana. Nicepiece is to take any appropriate action. From the secure room, The Rani watches on surveillance monitors as Rodan approaches the bathroom with her handheld device. Maxil waits outside the bathroom. The Rani, through an ear mike, directs Maxil as he grabs Rodan and takes her out of the bathroom. Because the surveillance cameras are on a 20-second rotating loop, Borusa does not see Maxil and Rodan.



Agent Nicepiece pulls Romana aside and warns her that a CTU agent at the event may be a threat. Nicepiece wants to remove the candidate from the premises, but Romana decides to proceed. She is eager to make her speech. Nicepiece notifies his agents that they are to detain the Doctor.

Maxil brings Rodan to the secure room, and she is surprised to see the Rani alive. Although Rodan at first plays dumb, Maxil and the Rani threaten her with murder and treason charges. Rodan admits that she has been passing messages, but won’t reveal who her employer is until she talks to a CTU lawyer. Maxil and the Rani are worried that they do not have much time to help the Doctor.



At the desert compound, Terry tries to find an escape from the cabin prison. Aware that they both might be killed, he tells Erin that he loves her, as if she were his daughter.

While Jaan puts Romana in his crosshairs, one of the Celestial Intervention Agents approaches the Doctor. Knowing he doesn’t have much time, the Doctor reaches for the agent’s gun. The agent quickly disables the Doctor, and notifies the other agents through his headset to cover Romana. The Doctor feigns innocence out loud for Borusa’ benefit. The Celestial Intervention Agency quickly swarm Romana and remove her from the podium. The Doctor begs Borusa for mercy, claiming she was not involved, but when the Celestial Intervention Agency pins the Doctor to the ground, the transmitter falls from her ear.

Borusa orders Elly to kill Terry and Erin, and then notices an instant message from Rodan.

The Rani and Maxil, having seen the melee at the Romana breakfast on television, instruct Rodan to tell Borusa that the CTU ordered the Doctor’s arrest because they have been tailing him all night long for insubordination. Borusa realizes this is plausible, and hangs up on Rodan. He receives another phone call. Instead of his usual bravado, he talks to this unknown person with deference. Borusa informs the mystery caller that he has a backup plan that will be put into effect the same day.

As Elly is about to kill Terry and Erin, Borusa orders her to keep the captives alive.



At the power plant, the Doctor is taken into custody by the Celestial Intervention Agency.

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