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Counter-Temporal Unit - Part 3

Time Lady 2
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Terry and Alameda barge into the operating room of St. Mark’s Hospital to find Mintisara on the operating table.

The Doctor, following the squad car carrying Manticore, gets the news about Mintisara from Terry. He too is on the hunt for Erin, and will report back to Terry when he knows more.

Meanwhile, Sid and Roger shove the tied-up Erin into Borusa’ car. Borusa orders Roger and Sid to pick up their money at his compound. Roger wants to split, but Sid argues that they’ve got $20,000 coming and that’s enough to convince Roger to finish what he started.



Romana intends to tell Namilla about the network’s allegations against Kamin. Henry wants Romana to say nothing - the trauma of Namilla’s rape was hard enough on her the first time. When Romana gets a moment alone with Namilla she doesn’t have the heart say anything, knowing that she will have to re-live the most painful time in her life.



The Doctor asks the Rani to contact the CTU’s police liason for help in getting to Manticore. With her online access denied, she must ask Maxil for the number. Maxil, still suspicious of the Doctor, questions why the Rani she’s still on The Doctor’s side.



At the Van Nuys police station, the Doctor persuades the Desk Sergant to let him talk to Manticore. Just then Spandrall shows up with every intention of stopping The Doctor.



Sid and Roger argue about handing off Erin to Borusa. Roger is worried for Erin’s welfare, but Sid believes she may already be dead.

The Doctor tells Spandrall that Goth lead him to Manticore. He thinks the suspect may be vital to the Romana assassination attempt. If something does happen to Romana, Spandrall could be implicated for impeding the investigation. Spandrall decides to interrogate Manticore himself.

As Borusa drives, Erin tries to signal a driver stopped next to them. Borusa threatens her with a gun then locks her in the trunk.



Romana phones network anchor Flavia to arrange a meeting in a private hotel conference room.



Terry and Alameda are being questioned by a police officer in the hospital waiting room when the Doctor phones. She tells Terry that a man being held might have seen Erin, and she urges Terry to talk to Mintisara as soon as she’s out of surgery.

Then Spandrall tells the Doctor that Manticore will talk, but only to the Doctor. As Spandrall and the other agents watch from the observation room, the Doctor mumbles something to Manticore that can’t be heard by Spandrall. Manticore flies off the handle, and tells the Doctor to go to hell. The Doctor grabs Manticore by the hair and shoves her hand into his mouth. The agents pull the Doctor off, and Manticore demands his right to a phone call.



The Doctor leaves the interrogation room and darts into an empty corridor. Manticore is led to a phone bay, where he removes a tiny slip of paper from his mouth. He dials the number written on it—it’s the Doctor’s cell phone. The Doctor answers. Manticore says that some “guys” who have Erin will be calling at a phone on Capitol Road. If he is not there to answer, it will be too late to save her. He tells the Doctor she’d better get him out.



The Doctor phones the Rani to search for phone lines at the Capitol Road address. She finds a nearby pay phone that is in service, and the Doctor asks her to set up a trace.



In the station hallway, the Doctor approaches Phillips, Ruath’s partner. Phillips agrees to let the Doctor talk to Manticore, opening up the cell with his access card. Manticore and the Doctor exchange more angry words. The argument escalates and eventually Phillips jumps into the fray. A fight ensues. As other officers subdue the Doctor, Manticore is left holding Phillips’ cell access card. The Doctor stole the card off Phillips during the fight. When the coast is clear, Manticore lets himself out.



Flavia meets with Romana in the hotel. Since they have a friendly history, she asks why she is going to make allegations about Kamin killing the man who raped Namilla. Not only does she have testimony from Kamin’s therapist, Geogamo, but she produces a document from an emergency room with a signature of Edward Johnson. A teenage boy checked into a hospital near the site of Lysin’s (the boy who raped Namilla) murder with wounds indicative of a fight. The signature matches Kamin’s handwriting. Romana is appalled, telling Flavia to do whatever she has to do. “Just be prepared to accept the consequences,” she threatens.



Romana wakes her son, Kamin, and asks him about the night after Namilla’s rape. Kamin refuses to answer, but says that someone had to deal with it since Romana was out of town. Romana is enraged, but senses she’s pushed Kamin as far as she can. She leaves her son’s room.



At the police station, Officer Phillips realizes his access card is missing and so are Manticore and the Doctor.

Spandrall uses satellite surveillance of the building to see the Doctor and Manticore leaving the building. He has his team track the Doctor on the satellite.

Terry bares his soul to Alameda, telling him about a fight he had with Erin about her last boyfriend. He promises to stay with him until they find Erin.



The Doctor brings Manticore to the phone booth. The Rani has successfully put a trace on the pay phone but, a cell phone planted inside the booth rings instead. Manticore takes the call, and is instructed to dispose of a body in a trunk of a car. There are car keys inside the phone booth. The Doctor is worried that it may be Erin in the trunk.



The Doctor and Manticore find the car, but the body inside is an unidentified man. Suddenly, Spandrall and a group of agents surround them. The Doctor points out that the body is somehow connected to the hit on Romana. The Doctor admits that there may be someone inside CTU involved in that assassination attempt, and she appeals to Spandrall for help. Spandrall lets the Doctor go, taking Manticore back to prison. The Doctor drives the car to CTU to identify the body in the trunk.



Terry updates the Doctor on Mintisara’s status. She says that she’s on her way to the hospital.



Borusa pulls up to his compound, and Roger is relieved to see Erin still alive. Sid admits to not actually killing Mintisara, and Borusa shoots him. With Sid dead, Borusa tells Roger that he’s been promoted.

At the hospital, Mintisara’s heart monitor flatlines in surgery. Alameda and Terry watch helplessly from outside.



The doctors attempt to revive Mintisara as her blood pressure crashes in surgery. The Doctor tells Terry not to let anyone near Mintisara because she may be in real danger. She pulls up to CTU, and hands over the body in the trunk of the car to the Rani. The Doctor gets into a waiting helicopter, asking the Rani not to let on that she requisitioned it for personal use. Maxil immediately warns the Rani about covering up for the Doctor, but she tells him to back off.



Borusa has Roger bury Sid at the compound. Erin confides in Roger that they should both try to escape since their lives are in danger.



Romana summons Faarl to the hotel suite, and inquires whether he not only knew about Kamin’s involvement in Lysin’s death, but he covered it up without Romana’s knowledge. Faarl comes clean about helping Kamin, who only struck back at Lysin in self-defense. He had hidden the truth to save the election. Romana claims she would have gone to the police. Faarl notes that Henry was the one who sent Kamin to him in the first place.



Erin helps Roger dig the grave. He bares his guilt to her, admitting that they were only supposed to hang out with her and Mintisara. No one was to get hurt.



The Doctor arrives at the hospital, warning the security there to protect Mintisara. She greets Terry, and begins to question Alameda. Knowing that Alameda has been a comfort, Terry is bothered by the Doctor’s interrogation.



Romana confronts her husband about him sending Kamin to Faarl. The entire family had been keeping the secret from her to protect the election. Romana admonishes Henry of being too ambitious. She wants to do anything to keep the story from coming out because Kamin may be sent to jail.



As they dig, Erin and Roger talk about his mother and Terry. Feeling she has made a bond with him, Erin urges Roger to help her escape. Borusa takes Erin to the house.  The Rani still has no name attached to the unidentified body. The Doctor has her put Rodan on the case so that it’s solved sooner.



Terry apologizes to Alameda for his wife’s behavior. The Doctor pulls him away, and reveals that there is a threat on Romana’s life. Mintisara was endangered because she was with Erin, who may have been kidnapped because of the Doctor’s work. Terry is upset, but the Doctor assures him that Erin most likely will not be hurt.



The Rani pulls Rodan off decoding the key card to help forensics on the unidentified body. Rodan is clearly disappointed that the Rani brought in the Monk, an outside contractor, to work on the key card.

With a threat against his campaign and family, Romana wakes up his chief of staff, Drax.

Meanwhile, Alameda rushes up to the ICU to speak to Mintisara, who is awake. The Doctor gets a call from the Rani with news that the body has a custom-fabricated surgical pin in its ankle that can be traced to an orthopedic surgeon. The Rani is hopeful that she’ll soon have a name for the John Doe.



After Romana explains the situation, Drax gives her a realistic analysis of its impact on the election. He advises Romana to release the story before the network, and suggests that it be at the breakfast planned for that morning. Unfortunately for Romana, she will need her whole family to support her in the announcement.



The hospital doctor explains to Alameda that she is optimistic about Mintisara’s full recovery. Alameda agrees to let the Doctor question Mintisara after he has talked to his daughter first.

The Doctor and Terry are in the hospital hallway when her phone rings. She assumes it is the Rani, but it is Borusa, watching from the hospital security cameras. Borusa tells the Doctor to not alarm Terry and walk away. Borusa threatens to kill Erin if she does not obey. The Doctor listens, and exits out the corridor.



Alameda is taken into ICU alone to see his daughter. Mintisara looks at him and asks who he is. “Where is my father?” she whispers through shallow breaths in her oxygen mask. Alameda answers by pressing his hand down on her mask and suffocating her. Mintisara dies.



Still talking to Borusa on the phone, the Doctor is led to a waiting car in the hospital parking garage. She asks whether her companion is still alive, and Borusa briefly puts Erin on the phone for proof. Then Borusa has the Doctor place a small object in her ear. With this device working as a transmitter, Borusa orders the Doctor to throw her cell phone out the window, and he has her drive toward the CTU office.

Alameda, meanwhile, tells Terry that the girls were partying with some boys who got too aggressive. Mintisara gave him an address in Patrex where Erin may have gone. Alameda lures Terry to his car so that they can track Erin down. Terry tries calling the Doctor, but his wife doesn’t pick up her cell phone.  As she watches Roger bury Sid, Erin assures him that the Doctor will save them both.



The Monk tells Rodan that he was able to quickly break into the key card, and she is somewhat put off. The Rani tells her that, based on the surgical pin, they have identified the body.

In the car, Terry notices a scratch on Alameda’s wrist. Although he had received it while killing Mintisara, he lies about its origin. The Rani calls Terry when she can not reach the Doctor. They are both confused, because they each thought the other was with her. The Rani tells Terry to pass a message to the Doctor: the murder victim’s name he was looking for is Alameda. Terry is speechless, knowing that the man next to him is not really Alameda.


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