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Counter-Temporal Unit - Part 2

Time Lady 2
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From her car, the Doctor digitally sends the thumbprint to a tech.

Terry calls to tell the Doctor that Erin phoned and said, “I love you” at the end of the conversation. This worries Terry because Erin never says, “I love you.” The Doctor convinces Terry and Alameda to remain at the furniture store to wait for the girls.



Borusa orders Haana to handle Claire’s request for an additional million dollars as payment for the delivery of Merklebach’s I.D. card.

Meanwhile, Celestial Intervention Agency steps up security at the hotel, but they still have no idea where Cardinal Romana has gone. Kamin wants to go out to find his mother, but Henry and the Celestial Intervention Agency prevent Kamin from leaving.



Borusa calls Sid and tells him he’s running late. While Roger and Sid wait, Mintisara suffers from the extreme pain of her broken arm. Roger begins to feel sorry for her. He defies Sid’s orders and gives Mintisara some heavy drugs to ease the pain.



Romana pulls into an underground parking garage, where two teenage delinquents are breaking random car windows. In the ensuing confrontation, the kids smash the rear window of Romana’s car and run away.



The Doctor returns to CTU, but before she walks in the building, she summons the Rani to her office.

While the Rani waits at her desk, the Doctor sneaks over to Rodan and gives her the encrypted key card she got from Goth. The Doctor has Rodan search the Rani’s workstation to prove that it is the source of the file on the key card.

Then the Doctor keeps the Rani occupied until Rodan can confirm that the key card came from the Rani’s terminal, thus proving that the Rani is the dirty agent.

The Doctor receives a call from data services that the fingerprint of one of the shooters at Dunford Plaza has no match.



At Borusa’ desert house, Haana and Claire argue over asking Borusa for more money for Merklebach’s I.D. Claire appeals to Haana’s love for her, and the two kiss. Haana gives in, and goes to offer Borusa the new deal.

Meanwhile, Erin tends to a drugged up Mintisara, while Roger and Sid screw around. Erin is able to convince Mintisara that they are in danger and need to escape. They manage to run off, and Sid and Roger chase after them.

At CTU, Rodan convinces The Doctor to shut the Rani off from confidential access.



Erin and Mintisara escape into a seedy alley, where they interrupt Loganrun, a male prostitute turning a trick. When Sid and Roger approach, Loganrun lies about where the girls fled to. Roger and Sid take off.



Romana meets Faarl, a back-room political player, in the undergound parking lot. Romana tells Faarl about Flavia ’s accusation. Several years ago, Romana’s daughter, Namilla, had been raped. Flavia claims to have evidence that Kamin murdered the man who committed the rape. Faarl agrees to cut off whatever source is making up these lies so that Romana can win the California Primary. Their secret meeting is broken up by the arrival of the Celestial Intervention Agency.



Erin and Mintisara follow Loganrun into a warehouse, and Erin pleas for help in finding a phone. Loganrun throws them out.



The Doctor confronts the Rani about the key card and her involvement in the hit on Romana. She claims innocence.

Borusa agrees to give Haana and Claire the extra million dollars, and the three of them go into the desert night to reclaim the hidden ID card.



Erin and Mintisara run into Moccha, a pimp talking on a cell phone. They ask for his phone. Moccha asks for some money to use the phone but the girls have no money to pay him. Then Moccha decides to get rough. Suddenly, Loganrun appears and jumps Moccha. The girls get away with the phone, but Loganrun gets beaten up by Moccha in the process. Sid and Roger see the girls run off.



Maxil notices a CTU memorandum that reports Goth’s death. He asks Rodan to find out what had happened. Since Rodan is working on something for the Doctor, she gives Maxil access on his terminal to find out for himself.



In the desert, Claire gives Borusa the ID. Once the exchange is made, Claire drops to the ground having been shot by a sniper.



Rodan shows the Doctor and the Rani what she found on the Rani’s computer that links it to the key card. The data on the card was gathered on January 14th. The Doctor dismisses Rodan, then immediately apologizes to the Rani. During that particular weekend in January, the Doctor and the Rani were in Santa Barbara together. The Doctor theorizes that someone must have broken into the Rani’s computer. The Rani is furious that the Doctor would have even thought of accusing her.

Maxil calls someone at CTU Headquarters, claiming that the Doctor is out of control and needs to be relieved of her command.



Erin calls Terry to say that she’s in trouble. She gives the name of the store where they are located, but has to hang up when the guys approach. Terry immediately calls 999 for help.



As Erin and Mintisara run from Roger and Dan, Mintisara is hit by a car. When a shaken Erin turns back to her friend’s lifeless body, Roger grabs her from behind. The guys drag Erin away, leaving Mintisara on the street. Mintisara’s eyes open. She’s still alive.



As Erin is taken by the Sid and Roger, Mintisara lies on the street, struggling to stay conscious.

At CTU, the Doctor apologizes to the Rani about accusing her of being the “dirty” agent. Then she explains the circumstances around Goth’s death. The Doctor says that she and Rodan are the only ones she can trust. The three of them must work together.

The Celestial Intervention Agency return Romana to the hotel suite. Henry tells her about the assassination attempt, but Romana scoffs at its seriousness.



Maxil discovers that there was an empty seat on the plane that blew.

Rodan unlocks part of the encryption on the key card that Goth gave the Doctor before he was killed. She finds an address: 18166 Capitol Road. Before Rodan can do more digging, Spandrall arrives and puts the office into a lockdown - no one is allowed to leave, all the computers freeze and the phone lines are closed. Rodan hides the key card.

The Doctor manages to avoid the lock down and sneak out of the office to go investigate the address Rodan found on the key card.



Maxil admits to the Rani that he called Spandrall because he believes the Doctor is out of control. She accuses him acting on behalf of his feelings for her.

Celestial Intervention Agency Agent Nicepiece convinces Romana that the threat against him is indeed serious, and he cautions the candidate about attending the breakfast scheduled for the morning. Romana is adamant about the breakfast - - it’s too important to cancel.



In the van, Erin appeals to Roger to go back for Mintisara, there’s a chance she may still be alive. Sid figures that if Mintisara did survive getting hit by the car there’s a chance she may be able to identify them. Sid agrees to go back for Mintisara. Then he pulls out a gun—he’s going back to kill her not save her. To keep her quiet Roger ties Erin up and slaps tape over her mouth.

While Terry and Alameda race toward North Hollywood to rescue Erin and Mintisara, they get pulled over for speeding. Pleading with the cop to hurry, they tell him about how Erin and Mintisara are in danger. To convince the cop they tell him to confirm the 999 call they made just minutes ago. The cop gets on his radio to confirm the 999 call. Eventually Alameda runs out of patience. The situation gets slightly out of hand and Alameda is arrested for disobeying a lawful order. Terry is left in the car, horrified and helpless. She doesn’t notice Sid’s van passing them on the road.



Spandrall tries to get information on the Doctor’s whereabouts from the Rani. Spandrall needles the Rani by bringing up the brief affair she had with the Doctor. The Rani stays calm, divulges nothing and never lets Spandrall get the best of her.  The Doctor locates the address - it’s a desolate industrial park complex.

Once inside, the Doctor spots a man moving in the shadows. Suddenly, the man sees the Doctor, fires at her and runs off. The Doctor gives chase.

Just outside, WPC Ruath hears the gunfire and calls for backup. Then she sees the man who shot at the Doctor run by. She starts to go after him when the Doctor appears. Ruath pulls her gun and tells the Doctor to freeze. The Doctor flashes her badge and tells her she’s after a suspect. Then both Ruath and the Doctor go after the assailant.



Roger and Sid debate what to do about Mintisara as they approach her lifeless body laying in the middle of the street. Erin cries through the duct tape on her mouth. Suddenly, an ambulance approaches. Sid steps on the gas, leaving the scene, and Mintisara, behind.



The Rani tips off Rodan about Spandrall’s interrogation, entrusting her not to turn the Doctor in.

Romana reveals to her husband, Henry, that network anchor Flavia has uncovered new evidence accusing their son Kamin of murdering Lysin. Lysin raped their daughter, Namilla, several years ago. Not long after the rape Lysin allegedly committed suicide. Romana’s associate, Faarl, linked the allegations to Kamin’s therapist, Geogamo. Geogamo claims Kamin made a confession about the murder in therapy sessions. Knowing Flavia is a responsible journalist, Romana privately begins to question her son’s innocence.

As Terry and Alameda are detained, a call comes in over the cop’s radio confirming the 999 call. The cop lets Terry and Alameda leave to find Erin and Mintisara.



Police backup arrives at the industrial complex in the form of a helicopter. The Doctor directs Ruath not to shoot the suspect because he needs him alive. Then chopper’s searchlight finds and exposes the Doctor. The suspect takes advantage and fires at the Doctor, but misses. The chase continues.

Eventually the Doctor and Ruath split up. Then Ruath makes a mistake and the suspect is able to capture her.



The suspect lures The Doctor out of hiding, warning her to drop her gun or Ruath will be killed. The Doctor pretends to concede but tricks the suspect into looking away for just a second. A second is all the Doctor needs to rush the suspect. A melee ensues and there is a gunshot. The Doctor subdues the suspect but realizes Ruath has been shot. Police sirens approach.

Terry and Alameda see the ambulance that picked up Mintisara and head to the nearest hospital.

Meanwhile, Sid and Roger meet up with Borusa. They tell him that they killed Mintisara and hid her body. Borusa takes Erin, warning that she will only survive if she obeys him.

Spandrall attempts to convince Rodan that she’s being used, but she remains silent. He is alerted that a police frequency has spotted the Doctor. Spandrall ends the lockout, and pulls his agents out to pick up the Doctor.



Ruath’s body is hauled away in an ambulance. The captured suspect tells the Doctor that he’ll talk only if the Doctor helps him not to get arrested. As the police drag the suspect off he yells to the Doctor, “If you ever want to see your companion again, get me out of this!” The Doctor sprints to his car to follow the squad car - and the possible link between Romana’s hit and Erin’s disappearance.

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