Time Lady 2

The Apocalypse - Interlude 2

Time Lady 2
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The Whitechapel Murders
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in script form!

Doctor: We know you did it.

Erin: We found your fingerprints all over reality.

The Doctor: The fabric of reality is being unravelled like a favourite cardigan chewed by the neighbours dog.

Waiter: Are you ready to order now?

Doctor: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Erin: Draw us back into your little fiction.

Waiter: If you like the wine list.

Doctor: I never drink.

Erin: Except coffee.

Doctor: That hardly matters now. We want information.

Erin: Information.

Waiter: Information?

Doctor: By phone book to the crook of the neck I'll get it.

Erin: Eeuw, don't sleep with him.

Doctor: Who's side are you on?

Erin: Mine.

Waiter: I'm just a simple waiter.

Doctor: What's your cousin's pet dog's name?

Waiter: How should I know?

Erin: Classic case of denial.

Doctor: He'll break before he talks.

Erin: Snap him.

Waiter: I'm just a waiter, it's what I do. I have no other purpose than to wait on these tables.

Doctor: I'll have a Caesar salad.

Erin: Well, what are you waiting for?

Waiter: You two are crazy!

Doctor: It took him this long to work that out?

Erin: Poor little thing, aw are the nasty girls scaring you yet?

Doctor: Tell us what we want to know.

Erin: Confess your guilt.

Waiter: I don't know anything, I only do what my master bids me do...

Doctor: Erin, Is destroying a whole planet to kill a single person overkill or just good sense?


started life as three seperate comedy skits featuring cameos by the 14th Doctor, here I cut and assembled the best lines to feature the darker side of the 14th Doctor to portent the coming third chapter.

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