Time Lady 2

The Apocalypse - Interlude 1

Time Lady 2
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features the 5th Doctor and Nyssa...

The planet Earth wasn’t big enough for the both of them.  One was a fair, well seasoned middle-order batsman with a good medium paced seam bowl.  The other was a dangerous newcomer; she was adept at all forms of leg spin and also the feared off-spin and handy too with the bat.

To one side stood the two observers, who could charitably be called the crowd.  Nyssa and Erin chatted about how silly their Doctors were being.

“My Doctor doesn’t know when to quit.”  Erin sighed.  “And why is she wearing that bright yellow outfit?”

Nyssa of Traken shrugged.  “My Doctor’s just as bad, that blue and red outfit is such an eye sore.”

The 14th Doctor bowled around the wicket, sending a Peladonian flipper down and inwards at the last second.

The 5th Doctor brought the back bat just in time to catch the deflection.

“Had enough yet?”  The 14th Doctor asked.

“Hardly.”  The 5th Doctor said with a smile.

“Can we go now?”  Erin asked her Doctor.

“Not just yet.”  The Doctor replied.  “I want to give him my in-swinger.”

Erin rolled her eyes as the ball was stopped again.

Nyssa ran out of fingers to count on.  “Does that mean it’s my Doctor’s turn to bowl?”

The 5th Doctor picked up the ball.  “Now let’s see how this ball likes some pace.”  He polished the less-rough side.

The 14th Doctor deflected the ball down and away.  “Is that all you have?”

The 5th Doctor picked up the ball again.  “I’ve still got five balls left.”

“Then bowl, don’t talk.”  The 14th Doctor tried to smash the ball for six; instead it slid sideways for four.  “Not bad.”

Nyssa yawned and inspected her fingernails while her Doctor threw the ball a few more times.

Erin went to the drinks machine and bought drinks for herself and Nyssa.  “Are they still at it?”

The 5th Doctor delivered his last ball of the over and it pitched past his other self’s bat and hit the stumps.  He grinned with delight, and then his look of joy changed to fear.

Erin looked up to see a big spaceship.  “What’s that?”  She asked, just before it suddenly shot up into the air and exploded with a huge flare of red and white light.

The 14th Doctor smiled.  “My slow googlie always gets them in the end.”

The 5th Doctor looked sharply.  “That’s hardly cricket.”

The 14th Doctor continued to grin.  “Dalek before Wicket I think.”

Nyssa jumped out of the way as bits of spaceship rained down around her.  “Let’s get out of here.”

The 5th Doctor looked at the 14th.  “See you at The Oval ten minutes ago?”

The 14th Doctor nodded.  “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Erin ran screaming for her life towards the TARDIS.


started life as a comedy skit, I resurrected it here because of its theme of apocalypse...

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