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Don't hold your breath but the pretty things are going to hell.
 - from 'The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell' by David Bowie

Garrett Wang as Chung Yin

The Doctor lazily opened her eyes.  She felt a warm glow deep inside of herself, a fulfilment.  She tilted her head to one side and gazed lovingly at the man she was sharing her bed with.  Chung Yin, so beautiful and serene, he was the man she loved.  The simple thought of his name made her feel alive and she remembered all the things they’d done last night.  The hours and hours of lovemaking, the wanting, the desire, the lust and the afterglow as he held her in his arms and they just spent a perfect moment of bliss together.  She had never felt so alive in all her previous lives.  She’d never felt so complete either.  She felt like a woman, a woman in love.

Having a man in her life agreed with her and she wondered how she’d never been in a relationship before.  Then she stopped.  She didn’t want to over analyse her life, she simply wanted to enjoy it for what it was.  She ran her fingertips gently over his manly face, tracing the contours of his ear and chin and forehead.  She wanted to spend the rest of her life here, in this fraction of eternity.

However she had to get up, had to get these sheets in the wash.  First though, she had to take a shower.  As nice as his scent was, it was starting to get a little stale in the morning air.  Reluctantly she’d pulled herself out of bed, and walked over to the simple shower cubicle on the far side.

She turned the water on and stepped under its hot spray, it felt so good, so refreshing.  She picked up her body scrub and began to rub it into her skin, exfoliating the top layer gently but firmly getting rid of any unneeded skin cells, hopefully leaving a nice shiny new Doctor under all this sweaty grime.

She was startled for a second when hands touched her waist and lips caressed her neck.  It was Yin.  “What are you doing?”  She asked, wondering what was on his mind.

“I’m just sharing a shower with the woman I love.”  He replied.

“Oh, are you now?”  She asked, teasingly.  “Because that thing brushing against me, certainly doesn’t feel like just showering to me.”

Yin laughed.  “I’m simply just showing you my appreciation of your stately beauty.”  He kissed her neck again.  “Now why don’t you stand still and let me do your back?”

“Ok.”  The Doctor smiled.  “Just my back, mind.”

“Just say the word when you want me to stop.”  Yin whispered.

The Doctor didn’t dare say another word until they were done, for fear of breaking the magic of this moment.



The décor of console room was troubling her.  The Doctor really wanted to put her own mark on it, give the whole room a sense of who she was.  The problem was she had become we, they were a couple and really the ship should reflect them.  However the Doctor wanted just a teeny-tiny part of things that was only for herself.  She was the pilot after all.  She made up her mind.  The room became fluid as she operated the controls.  The simple elegance of the ‘pseudo-50’s sci-fi kitsch meets Ikea’ look gave way to a simple, more elegant design.  The hexagonal room became a circular room and it’s pinky walls became cream walls.  There were six regularly spaced gold painted Doric columns at ten feet intervals.  Each gap between two columns had a different design feature.  The first section contained the outer doors; the next was filled with clocks of all shapes and sizes.  The third bit contained the view screen and underneath there was a table bristling with some of her favourite curios from deeper inside of the ship.  The fourth part was the way into the heart of the ship, the inner door that led to everything else and standing in the doorway was Yin, her man.  The fifth section of wall was given over to a large coat rack, with all her favourite jackets on it and a couple his too.  The sixth and final segment was where the sofa was leaning against and above it a mood painting that changed as their moods changed.  Right now it was warm pinks and yellows, showing the love in the room.

“Wow.”  Yin said at last.  “This is…wow!”

“I felt like the old place needed a bit of a spring clean.”  The Doctor said at last.  “I wanted something that reflected my personality.  That last design wasn’t me at all.”

“Well I liked both.”  Yin said, being diplomatic.

The Doctor sat on the sofa and motioned for Yin to join her.  “There’s something I need to tell you.”  She didn’t know how to tell him, so she’d just get it over with.

“You’re seeing someone else?”  Yin asked.

“No!”  The Doctor said quickly.  “No, nothing like that.  It’s about me, my past.  There are some things you need to know if we’re going to work, as a couple I mean.  There are things in my past, things that I’ve done.  They’re not important right now.  I…I used to be a man.”

“The surgery’s fantastic. It fooled me.”

The Doctor stifled a giggle, time to be serious she told herself.  “I’m a woman, genetically.  I just wasn’t always.  It’s scientific; I could bore you to death with a ton of technocratic nonsense.”

Yin nodded.  “It figures, with all of this weird science stuff.”

“My people have this way, when our bodies are near death.  The cells can be made to spontaneously regenerate, the renewal process can be triggered artificially to choose a new appearance, or it can occur naturally when the body is dying.  I was born a man, the next eleven times I was a man.  Then my last body was female and now so is this one.  Personally I think it’s a fantastic body, I love the hips.”

“Me to.  Why are you telling me all this?”

“That’s the second part.  My people are a little longer lived than humans.  I’m sort of on the wrong side of being two thousand years old.”

“That’s a lot of candles.”

“Well this me is only full day old.”

“Happy birthday.”  Yin said.  “So you’re a two thousand year old woman who used to be a man and you’ve only had this body a day?”

“I think we’ve gotten the important stuff out of the way.”  The Doctor replied.  “I just didn’t want you to find out from anyone else, like me for instance.  I feel such a strong connection to you.  A bond that transcends love, it’s like a deep yearning in my soul.  You’re the missing part of my life Yin, I love you.  And the sex last night was just fantastic.”

“This is huge.”  Yin sat back and paused for a second to take it all in.  “The sex was fantastic though.”

“I think I’d better give you some time to adjust.”  The Doctor said slowly.  “One time I liked to keep the tiniest little things about my past a big mysterious secret, now I can’t wait to tell you everything.”

“I think you’ve said enough for now.”  Yin stood up.  “I’ll be fine, I just need some air.”

“I’ll open the door for you.”  The Doctor showed Yin the new door control.  “Next time you can open the door for me.”

Yin went outside the blue cabinet to find himself on a whole different world.  The sky was green, the sea was beige and the rocks were being blown up by rockets launched from the fleet of spaceships overhead.  He dived back inside the TARDIS before any were fired in his direction.

“That was quick.”  The Doctor said as she examined one of the clocks on the wall.  “Skaro mean time never resets itself for some reason.”  She adjusted the pointers on the plain grey clock.  “So how was your walk?  That green sky is really something, huh?”

“Ships!”  Yin said, trying to find the words.  “In the sky!”

“Yes, they do that.  They’re called spaceships.”

“Firing at me!”  Yin continued.

“On Rog-4?  Are you sure?  Of course you are, I can see by looking at you.  Sit down, take it easy.  Breathe in and out, slowly.”  She paced around the room.  “Ships attacking my bloke?  Well I won’t have that.”  The Doctor said to Yin.  “No one opens fire at my man, if you still want to be my man; no one opens fire at you and gets away with it.”  She picked up her handbag from the table of curios and headed for the doors.  “Well aren’t you going to be a gentleman and open the door for your girl?”

Yin didn’t know what else to do so he opened the doors.

“Thank you.”  The Doctor flashed him a perfect smile. That said ‘I love you, no pressure, I think you’re gorgeous’.  She hoped he understood her.



The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS to find the planet was being devastated by the invading ships.  It didn’t take a seasoned traveller to figure out that they were merciless psychotics, firing indiscriminately at me, women and children.  What kind of sick mind made a person think that shooting little kids was acceptable?  She was appalled at the atrocities going on all around her.  “This has to stop!”  She shouted, but this only brought the attention of a squadron of soldier to her.  “This war is wrong.”

“Get her!”  The squad leader shouted and pointed at the troublemaker.

The Doctor tried to run for it but they shot her with something and seconds later a huge blast of electricity tore though her body.  Her legs spasmed in pain and she collapsed to the floor in a heap.   She could barely move as the moved towards her.  “I am not your enemy.”  She hissed.  “I’m a tourist.”

“Too bad for you, you opened your big mouth, so you’re a trouble maker.”  The squad leader punched the helpless woman in the stomach.  “This is our world now and you’re going to live by our rules.  Or else!”

“Or…else…what?”  The Doctor spit through ragged breaths.

The squad leader brutally clubbed the dumb bitch on the head with the butt of his gun.  “Take her away, let the chief sort her out.”



Yin watched from the TARDIS doorway as the carried the Doctor away.  He wanted to attack, but he had no gun and against that many troops he’d be dead and unable to rescue her.  He realised now that he loved her, despite her past.  She was special and she loved him.  He didn’t want to lose her.  He’d find a way to get her back.



The trial room was plainly dressed.  It was little more than a room with a table and four chairs.  Three uniformed soldiers sat on one side of the table and the Doctor sat in the other chair on the other side of the table.  She looked at the officers, they all seemed unconcerned about her, and they seemed only to care about getting this over with and getting lunch.  They all had spoonfuls of fruit salad honours on their uniforms, gaudy reminders of many other similar actions no doubt.  She wondered what their reward would be for this gross inequity.

The first one spoke.  “The prisoner, giving only an alias, the doctor, has failed to provide adequate reasons for her unjustified contempt of the Manvin alliance.”

“I’m a tourist and a pacifist.  I hate all wars.”

“This is justified police action.”  The Second said sharply.

“Yet we are merciful to those in our confinement.  The Justice of Manvin is well regarded in the Alliance.”  The third smiled.

“I’m not in your Alliance.”

“The penalty for trespass is life imprisonment.”  The first said sadly.

“Or the death penalty for political agitators.”  The second smiled coldly.

“This isn’t justice, it’s a farce.  I am innocent of all this.  I am a pacifist; you can’t arrest someone because of her principles.”

“Contempt of the Alliance carries a two year statutory charge.”  The second replied.

“Our work camps have a high success record of rehabilitation.”  The third said quickly.  “I’m sure you’d like to work off your debt to society quickly.  You could be released in just a year if you co-operate.”

“Have you heard of a man named Ghandi?”  The Doctor asked.  “No, of course you haven’t.  Pity, we used to spend whole months just debating ideology and the role of the individual and their responsibility to society.  He learned a lot from me.  He brought down a corrupt dictatorship that had forcefully invaded his nation.”

“Enough of this.”  The first snapped.  “Two years in the New Way work camps.  I just hope you learn to shut that mouth of yours.”

Two guards entered the room and dragged the Doctor away.  “Get off me!”  She shouted.  “I can walk you know.”  They bundled her into the back of a truck with a dozen other people of all ages.  “I’m the Doctor” she said to the others but they just ignored her and over the next hour.  One by one another three woman and a man were bundled into the truck.  Then it was sealed up and they were driven away.



Yin walked around, trying to clear his head.  He hoped that the fresh air would do him some good.  It had been to claustrophobic inside of the TARDIS.  Too many reminders of her, too many painful memories of his own cowardice.  He should have done something, he knew that now.  He could have been with her at least; she should have to be alone.  He wandered down a narrow street, unremarkable really, but without looking where he was going he bumped into someone.  “I’m sorry.”  He said.

“As am I.”  The figure replied, then grabbed hold of him and dragged him into one of the houses.”

“What’s going on?”  Yin asked, shocked and angry and afraid.”

“You are a fool to wander on your own.”

“I needed time to think.”

A new voice spoke.  “Kill him now and be done with it.”

“Wait, he is different, this one.”

“What’s going on?”  Yin asked.  “First people in ships start attacking me the second I arrive on this planet.  Then my girlfriend is abducted and I’m too afraid to do anything to stop it.  Now it looks like I’m going to be lynched.”

“He’s a spy.”

“No, he’s telling the truth.”

“She’s crazy.”

“I see the past and the future.  The mysteries of time are revealed to me.  This one is not of this world.”

“He’s one of them.”

“No, he’s not.  He is one who will oppose them, help us.  I see where his woman was taken.  Where many of our people were taken.  I see great misery and evil.  I see terrible things.”

“I’ll do anything to save her.”  Yin said quickly.  “We had a stupid dumb fight.  The worst kind, the one where you don’t say anything.  Then she…she went and in that second I realised how much I loved her.  I’m going to get her back; I’m going to rescue her.  By the sounds of it I can’t do it alone and there are a lot of your people there, I’m going to rescue them too, if you’ll help me.”

“They are following the New Way, I see terrible crimes, terrible acts.  Your woman is suffering greatly; they do not take kindly to people with ideals.”

“So you’ll help me then?”

“We are but few in number.  They keep us divided, isolated.”

“We need to build up a resistance.”  Yin said softly.  “Individual cells that can think and act independently for now.  If one is broken they can’t identify us all.  We’ll turn their tactics against them.  Use it to our advantage.  We need weapons, resources, money, we need intelligence and we need to get someone into that camp, to tell the others about what is going on.  It’ll be risky and by the sounds of it very dangerous.”

“You know so much, stranger.”

“My parents made me read Sun Tzu when I was a boy.  I’m so glad they did now.”  He smiled slowly. 

“I say attack them now, kill them all.”

Yin laughed.  “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.  Know your enemy before you take up arms against him.  Without knowing the size and disposition of their forces we will quickly be surrounded and probably slaughtered as an example.  If we’re going to win we need to think cleverly, strike when it is safe to strike and strike hard.  I don’t intend to lose a single person, because we are so few that we cannot afford to lose a single life.  We are not them; we will not fight like them on their terms.  We will make them fight on ours and so we will win because we have a cause and an achievable goal.”



The Doctor was bundled out of the truck.  She and the other women were forced into one line while the men were forced into another.  Then one by one they were taken into the processing room.  The Doctor tried to comfort a crying girl, Pestal, who was separated from her brothers, but she was beyond the possibility of hope.  All she could do was try to reassure her that they would get through this somehow.  Then it was her turn.  She was dragged into the room and forced to strip naked.  She did her best not to be intimidated.  She refused to rise to their crude suggestions about having their way with her.  She was processed, a number tattooed onto her left calf and she was given a simple grey dress to wear that came down to her knees.  “I’ll want my things back later.”  She said coldly.  “I’m a very material girl.”  They responded by slapping her hard across the face and she spat out blood.  “What we have here” she said slowly “is failure to communicate.”  They slapped her again.  “An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind.”  They tried to slap her again but she caught the arm for a second before releasing it.  “As I said to a friend a long time ago non-violence is the first article of my faith. It is also the last article of my creed.”  This time they all attacked her and she did nothing to resist the flurry of brutal punches and pitiless kicks.



Yin drew up a map of the local area.  Their cell, known as the Blue Wheel, covered a mile in every direction from the HQ.  He plotted every building, every family and the patrol routes of the invaders.  Quickly he determined a pattern, a simple clover leaf patrol the axis of which was centred in the upper right quadrant of the map.  Other patrols also peeked into the other edges of the map but that still gave him four clear lanes of access and travel.  They had supply routes; however two of the streets were easily open to the air, so they were out.  The other two would be perfect.  A way in and if necessary a way out, down south to the Yellow Dog cell.  Each cell only knew of one other and even then only Yin and a couple of others knew the location of that cell’s HQ.  He had shown them how to organise and recruit and quickly the word spread.  The Blue Wheel all wore blue socks to identify themselves to one another and to the native inhabitant’s city.  The Yellow Dog all wore yellow braids in their hair.  All round the city Yin saw different colours worn in different ways and he smiled, the Resistance was growing.  Soon they’d have an army to fight back with, they could rescue the Doctor and he could leave things going under their own momentum.  He’d started something good; it’d carry on now under its own steam, that was the beauty of the organisation, no matter how compromised it could still function.



The Doctor was knocked to the floor.  The guard stood above her.  “I did nothing wrong.”  She said quickly.  “I was not stealing anything.  Look, this dress has no pockets, this is grossly unfair.”

“I’d better strip search you.”  The guard leered and tried to pull the woman’s dress up to her waist.”

The Doctor fought the guard off.  “Get off me, help, help me.”

However that only brought two more guards to watch.

“Help.”  The Doctor shouted again.

“Scream all you want, bitch.”  The guard laughed.  “I’m gonna have my way with you anyway.”

“Get off me, help, rape!”  The Doctor tried to claw at his eyes with her fingernails but he just grabbed her wrists and pinned her down, his hot sweaty bulk lying on top of her.  He stunk.

The guard undid his trousers and forced himself upon the prisoner.

The Doctor screamed and shouted and yelled and tried to get free but she couldn’t.  She could feel him, touching her, she felt sickened and disgusted and unable to save herself.

The guards watching just laughed and said that they were next.

“Get off her!”  Pestal hit the would-be-rapist guard on the head with a large rock.  She laughed as he collapsed on the floor; his head split open, blood everywhere.  The other guards shot her dead.

The Doctor tried to extract herself from under the body of the dead man; she scrambled away and curled up in a corner, pulling at the hem of her dress, trying to pull it lower than her knees.

The guard commander walked over, having heard the gunfire.  She looked at the dead guard and the dead girl, and then she saw the Doctor, and it was obvious that she’d probably been raped by the guard.  “Bring her to the medical ward.  I won’t have any bastard offspring on my watch.  The next guard who sticks his thing in one of the natives will have it chopped off.  We have to remain pure; these people are inferior to us, save it for your wives back home.  These people are here to work, and now I’ve lost one and another’s traumatised because someone couldn’t stop themselves.  You two will work their quotas until I say stop.  Be thankful they’re women, you two runts couldn’t do a man’s workload to save your lives.”

The Doctor lashed out as they picked her up.  “Leave me alone!”  She screamed but they ignored her.  That afternoon they gave her an abortion, even though it wasn’t needed because he hadn’t penetrated.  Still the experience was terrible to endure, a violation beyond words.  She just curled up and cried her eyes out.



The Blue Wheel was slowly growing.  The beleaguered citizens were giving all that they had, Yin could barely hold in his amazement at the sacrifices the people were making to help liberate their world.  He wanted to do his very best for them; he had to, because he had too much to loose himself.  He had plans of the work camp.  It was a basic cuboid shape; the corners were rounded off to make them less vulnerable.  A direct assault never worked, they needed to be clever.  Sabotage to the trucks bringing people into the camp was a given, one by one he told them how to disable an internal combustion engine by pouring sugar into the fuel tank.  It worked, soon only a trickle of heavily guarded trucks entered and exited.  Time to change tactics.  The building was built on the surface of the city, it had only minimal foundations.  Four huge metal struts to support tonnes of weight.  He showed them how to melt the limestone rocks under the struts with acid, slowly and surely the metal beams began to bend with an uneven weight distribution.  The inhabitants of the camp though were either heavily armed guards or defenceless prisoners.  His contact inside the city left messages in the waste pipes that flowed out into the river.  The crude maps and general remarks told of a brutal regime or ceaseless punishing work to build a new command centre and terrible assaults by the guards.  Yin prayed that the Doctor would be ok.



The Doctor was on light duties following her chilling ordeal.  She was put to work in the grimy kitchens.  She regretted the senseless death of Pestal but was also glad that the young woman had saved her from enduring more of that terrible nightmare.  She still felt disgusted that he’d forced himself on her, in her, she felt angry, so very angry.  Her last self would have flattened that guy in seconds with a single punch, however she wasn’t a fighter, she wasn’t able to defend herself as easily as she once could.  She was glad to be put on food detail however as she was supervised by a female guard, she just hoped that she wasn’t going to offer her to the men in return for financial gain.  She couldn’t think like that though.  She had to stay focused on her work, stop being a victim and fight in her own way.  What was her own way though?  She wanted to dump a load of poison into the guard’s food but they’d shoot her before she’d finished.  No, she had to be clever, pick her moment and seize it when it came.  She also had to do something about the two other guards, Reet and Deng, who planned to rape her once their colleague had finished with her.  They would pay dearly for their actions, she’d make them regret it until the day they died and she hoped that would be soon, very, very soon.  A smile formed on her lips as she had an idea.  She had the other women put it about that she was Reet’s woman.  Word quickly grew that she was his and the other guards backed off.  Reet came to see her and she told him that she wanted him, but she was still very upset about what had happened.  Reet gave her a necklace and said that he wanted her when she was ready.  Then the Doctor made a point of openly flirting with Deng when Reet was not there.  She made sure that the other guards saw her acting shamelessly, letting him touch her, even though she felt like stabbing him in the face with a knife.  Soon Reet and Deng were arguing and the Doctor promised Reet that she loved only him and Deng was forcing himself on her and she was very upset by it and she wanted him to make it stop so she could be with him, only him.  She watched as Reet shot Deng dead, only to be shot dead himself a few seconds later.  Justice was served on them.



Yin and the rest of the Blue Wheel had tunnelled under the work camp.  It was more than just a simple access shaft that they had used when they’d attacked the support struts with acid; this was a large evacuation tunnel, also created with a weaker acid.  The tunnel would provide a quick and easy exodus for all the prisoners in the work camp and there was even a trap set to close the page mouth once everyone was safely on their way to freedom.  The tunnel was a work of art as it looped around in the opposite direction to where it seemed to go.  They’d created an easily findable fake entrance along the supposed path to draw attention away from the real exit.  To further draw attention away from the real trap he’d organised attacks in different sectors of the city while also staging occasional minor ones near the work camp so as not to drawn undue attention that a sudden stop in attacks would bring.  It was time however; time to put the evacuation plan into action.



The Doctor was resting in the dormitory she shared with fifty other women.  Each had a bed and a box to store their dress and shoes in under their bed.  They also had a rough blanket to keep them comfortable at night.  Some of the other women were groaning softly, the silent squeak of springs revealed their night time intimacy with one of the guards.  After the deaths of Reet and Deng none of the other guards dared to go near her and she was glad of that.  What she wouldn’t give to be with Yin right now she thought, as she did every night.  She wanted him to hold her in his arms and just hold her.  She was still wallowing in her own depression an hour later when the sound of the alarm went off.  Quickly she jumped out of bed, pulled her dress on and shoes on just before the doors opened and a group of women wearing blue socks burst into the room.

“We’re here to rescue you.”  One of the women said.

All the women in the room let out a quiet cheer and the others quickly dressed and went outside.  The Doctor saw Yin, helping usher out the men from the nearby men’s dormitory.  She ran over to him and threw her arms around him.  “I love you.”  She started to cry.

Yin hugged the Doctor.  “I love you too.”  He kissed her.  “We have to get everyone out of here.”

“You did all this?”  The Doctor asked.

“I had some help and I put myself in your shoes.  Not literally, your feet are smaller than mine.”  The Doctor giggled for the first time in what felt like an eternity as Yin continued.  “I just asked myself what you would do.  Then I remembered the teachings of Sun Tzu.”

“I was his ghost writer.”  The Doctor smiled.  “Thank you.”  She kissed him.



After what seemed like hours, the prisoners and rescuers snuck down through the escape tunnel.  They collapsed the entrance once everyone was through and then followed the twisting tunnel that led to freedom.  Their plan had worked.  The Manvin soldiers were searching the area around the fake exit.  The Doctor and Yin and the hundreds of others let out a cheer as they celebrated their freedom.

“We should leave now.”  Yin said to the Doctor.

“I don’t have the TARDIS key.”  The Doctor replied.

Yin held up his copy.  “You gave me this, remember?”

The Doctor smiled.  “I knew I kept you around for something.”



The TARDIS materialised inside the office of the camp commandant.  It was empty, as he’d been executed by his own soldiers half an hour earlier.  The Doctor found her jewellery and TARDIS key in a small metal box.  She scooped them up in her hands and replaced them with a tiny metal disc.  “A going away present.”  She went back into the TARDIS and left the planet for good.  Seconds later the camp exploded in a huge fireball.



The Doctor felt like she could stay in the bath forever.  She scrubbed and scrubbed her body until it burned with pain.  She wanted that planet off of her in the worst way possible.  Repressed memories began to resurface.  The things she’d seen, the things done to her and the others.  She climbed out of the bath and dried herself off.  That night she moved into a separate bedroom.

Yin understood when she told him about almost being raped and the humiliating experience afterwards, even though it had been performed by a female gynaecologist.  He held her in his arms.  “I love you.”  He said to her.  “I want you to take all the time you need.  I’m here for you, whenever you need to talk.”



That night the Doctor screamed herself to sleep as the nightmares grew in the dark.  What had almost happened was becoming all too real in her dreams.  The power of the fear held terrible sway over her conscious and unconscious mind.



Yin felt powerless as he lay awake in the bed they had shared not so very long ago.  Tears rolled down his cheeks as he felt her pain in every moment of her fear.  He resolved to ask her to talk to a counsellor, to help her come to terms with her torment and anguish.



The Doctor woke up after another nightmare.  She needed help; some professional help.  She hoped Yin wouldn’t mind if she started seeing a counsellor to talk to about her distress and feelings of sexual worthlessness.


This is Yin's episode to shine as a character of substance.  He's well read, well educated and intelligent enough to know that he doesn't know enough.  It's also where he truely learns that he's in love with the Doctor.
The Doctor on the other hand goes though more suffering and torture than any of her other selves, she's humiliated and abused, nearly raped and beaten.  She also takes out her revenge in the only way she can, using seduction as a weapon to kill those who would further threaten her safety.
The name of the Blue Wheel cell is taken from 'The Blue Wheel Party' from Rift World novels, specifically the second half of Magician, as an homage to Raymond E. Feist's long running series of fantasy adventures.  If I can one day be half that good then I'll be one of the best writers in the world *sigh*.
Sun Tzu wrote 'The Book of War' which Lin quotes a couple of times and the Doctor also quotes Mahatama Ghandi on occassion, taking the real credit for them of course.
As a student studying geology I learned about melting limestone rocks with acid, hydrochloric acid though is far better to use than the vinegar used by Hannibal and mentioned repeatedly in 'Aliens of London/World War III'.
The Doctor telling Yin that she was once a man many years agon is used as a brake on the Doctor and Lin's growing relationship, but his feelings for her only grow through the story as he realises that not only would he do anything for her, he actually does them.  He's the one to rescue her, which is payback for her saving him in Brave New World.
The begining and the end mirror each other as oposites, they start together as a loving couple in bed enjoying each others company, lost in the moment.  And they end in seperate beds, each alone and in pain and spending every moment thinking about what's been lost and trying to find some way to cope with the seperation.
The next story 'Emotional Baggage' follows on from where this story leaves off.
The working title for this story was: The Manvins

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