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Concerning The Writing Of ‘Doctor Who And The Solar Knights’

Of Right and Wrong

This is not an easy book to read, at least I hope so.  Some things are meant to be easy and can be safely dealt with and then forgotten.  Other things are hard, they’re not easy to do, they require sacrifice and dedication to see though to the end but they live on in memory because of they capture something of the moment and become immortalized.  I’m not saying that’s what this book is, far from it, rather I’m talking about my own personal achievement.  Two full weeks of my life, morning, noon and night were given to the writing of this book.  In years to come I can look back and say I did this with my life, but I’m getting above myself again.  What I wanted to write was a story about the struggle between Good and Evil.  A simple story, it goes on all around us unseen every second of our lives.  Look around you sometime, really look around you and see things as they really are.  There are people who have lost everything, who have endured terrible trials and tribulations.  They fight each and every day to simply stay alive.  There are people battling with terrible addictions against drugs and alcohol, sometimes they stumble and fall and sometimes they win.  There are victims of terrible domestic violence who are forced to flee to shelters, forced to tear themselves from their homes for fear of another beating.  Would you recognize them if you saw them?  Chances are you wouldn’t.  So what does this have to do with what this book?  Everything.  Sometimes those without voice to ask for help get a helping hand.  Those whose bodies are poisoned by narcotics receive counselling to help them face terrible traumas or ease their burden as they fight the withdrawal.  The homeless can find themselves in a soup kitchen run on a hope and a prayer by volunteers.  Those who help without expectation of reward or credit are as much the Doctor as that man on the telly with the silly scarf.  Doctor Who isn’t Time’s Champion or some great and powerful mystic equation of the universe.  Doctor Who is that person who’s always willing to do what most are not.  Be a force for good when times are bad.  The person who you can turn to for comfort when it feels like you are at the very end of life and the path is hidden from sight.  Doctor Who isn’t a knight or a warrior or a mystic, rather a friend and companion and a guide.



Of Good

Goodness is not a virtue or an obligation or anything tangible to be given, for what is given can also be taken away.  Good is all around us, it is the chatter of birds on a warm day.  It is the sound of children playing on a winter’s afternoon.  It is sitting in a comfy chair enjoying a book.  Good isn’t something that is created because what is created can also be destroyed.  Good is simply what it is, a force that surrounds us at all times, when we are happy we can let this into our lives, we can rejoice in it and celebrate it and it never goes away, it is only hidden from us.  When times are hide it becomes a lot harder to see Goodness, but it is there, only waiting for us to reconnect once again.  At the darkest hour it accompanies us into our own personal hell so that we might see it when we need to and pull ourselves back out again.  Good is like a sunbeam, intangible, insubstantial, but all around us.  Unlike a sunbeam though it’s there all the time, day or night, over ground and below it.  It simply is what it is, what we do with it is up to us.



Of Evil

Evil is like a two-headed snake.  One head beguiles you with its strange form, while the other bites your skin and injects its venom into you, clouding goodness from your vision.  Evil is a terrible beauty, a rose with thorns that inflict wounds if plucked.  It looks like Good at first, it promises many things, but delivers nothing but pain and misery.  It makes you forget who you are, forget how strong inside you really are.  It saps the will, making you its slave.  It blinds your senses to the truth, poisons the mind with its lies and venom.  It transforms slowly at first, the tiny footsteps towards damnation soon speed up however as it invokes a terrible curse, building up arrogance and false pride, saying that its path is the true path and all others are lies.  Once upon its road it is often hard for its victims to see the true light of goodness ever again.  Evil is manipulative, it makes us see what we want to see, instead of what things really are.  It is not to be taken lightly, for always it tries to deceive us.



Of Chaos

Chaos is the natural order of the Universe.  All things are by nature chaotic, until put into order by the laws of mathematics.  The Brownian motion of a stirred cup of coffee is very much the same as the slow whirl of the milky way’s rotation around the black hole centre that eats all stars.  The fires of the sun arc and bubble with random atomic majesty, a natural torment of nuclear oblivion that boils exactly like water in a kettle.  Chaos theory speaks of strange attractors, always in pairs they are, like Doctor and Companion.  Chaos is the force of creation, the random movements of the stars, the very nature of life itself, yet even in chaos there are patterns.  Everything is created and everything is destroyed.  Then the cycle repeats itself.  What was once a fragment of star is now a part of you; everything we are is made of stardust.  We are a small part of the universe recycled into something new.  Chaos isn’t any one thing; it’s simply what is and what everything tends to revert to over time.



Of Order

This is the natural state of humanity.  The creation of systems to try and achieve levels of control over the natural world.  Regulations and laws to approve or reject modes of behaviour, to enforce the will of a few upon many, usually backed by force of arms to destroy those who do not accept those laws.  Order is a very personal thing, the private and personal way we conduct our lives is governed mainly by those laws we create for ourselves.  Usually however these personal laws are shaped by our culture and our upbringing.  We’re as much programmed by the laws of our past as by our free will to decide what laws we wish to live by.  This is a way in which a community is formed, by forging unity though diversity and accepting differences as long as they benefit one another.  Evil can seep into the hearts of lawmakers, making unfair laws that seem just and fair.  Allowing the terrible abuses by weak men seducing into thinking that they are strong because they hide behind injustice for all.



Of Mercy

This is beyond compassion, it is the will of one who sees Good and wishes to perform great and selfless acts of compassion and charity.  Mercy is the greatest gift that can be given for it costs the giver nothing and gives the receiver much.  It should never be mistaken for pity, because pity is what those tainted by evil perceive as mercy.  Pity is merely the cessation of their oppression rather than a true gift.



Of Justice

This is a necessity, the laws of communities should never focus on the punishment because that it a perversity of Evil’s influence.  Rather it should be the application of harsh discipline to create an atmosphere of understanding, that to be removed from the community is not worth the crime that led to this justice.  It should also be about rehabilitation, of allowing those cut off from the community to see their errors and find a way to correct their actions so that they might seek readmittance to the community.  Some care nought for the community and seek to leave if it acts in opposition to their own personal laws.  Sometimes it is necessary for a community or an individual to act against their personal laws to carry out an action that will greatly benefit the community.  The taking of a life is a heavy responsibility, never to be taken lightly because that life cannot be given back if it’s later discovered that an error has been made.  Even a council of community leaders should not seek the ending of a life with vigour, because to demand the ending of a life is a sign that some evil purpose is affecting their judgement.



Of Love

Love is a connection that transcends rational behaviour.  It is as chaotic as life itself.  It can be fickle and transitory and it can also be deep and meaningful.  Great deeds have been done in the name of love, great sacrifices made in its name.  Love is what binds communities together; it also binds people to each other.  Because it is chaotic it is neither Good nor Evil, but Evil can seek to use love as a weapon to cause pain and injury.  Love can also allow people to endure great burdens and suffer through terrible hardship because love inspires hope, hope that Good will one day be seen again, that love will last forever even when we fear it will not.



Of Hate

Hate is not the negative of love, it is its polar opposite, it is as deep and powerful as love, but through the corruption of evil it is turned into malice and wrath.  It is a seductive thing, hate, it encourages like behaviour in others.  The evil creeps in words and actions from one person to another, making people adopt hate as their personal law, against others, or things.  Hate is the darkest road because it is so similar to love, the seduction is often too deep for some to tear themselves away from and they are willing to die for their hate.



Of Time

Time is a realm, it is a one-way dimension we travel in just one physical direction, but through memory we can travel back in time with ease.  We can recall yesterday or things long ago.  However the memory is not perfect, it tends to cheat, by making some things more important than others.  It is a natural human condition to put ourselves at the centre of everything, because we are all the centre of our own lives.  As long as we remember this then we can relish the past and cherish those memories.  However when we forget that we are not always at the centre of every event, we can become ensnared by evil, we become bitter, resentful, we take things innocuous as personal and this begins the path towards hatred.



Of Heroes

Every culture has its heroes, people held in high regard because of their actions.  They are often seen as someone who’s lives seemed to much greater than ours and if we can be more like them then perhaps we can achieve the same level of acclaim and love.  Hero worship is chaotic; we support them when they’re in favour, when things are going our way, when idolising them makes us feel better about ourselves.  When things are not going so well however then heroes are turned upon, they are mocked as being false, of not being a good example.  We see them as being unworthy because we see their actions as being something ignoble even when they are doing the same thing as before.  It is because we only wish to associate ourselves with the fleeting fortunes of fame through reflected glory, when our heroes fall from grace then we don’t wish to associate ourselves with that failure.



Of Cthuga/Solaria

Cthuga is both evil and chaotic.  She is a malign force that forever seeks to corrupt the hearts of lesser beings and turn them to her path of pain and hate.  She is capricious; she changes her plans on a whim when new possibilities present themselves.  Forever she eats away at the souls of the Knights of Solaria.  Taking on the name and mantle of their goddess, she turns a holy order into a dark and terrible army of hate and wrath.  They become decadent as her evil corrupts their minds, transforming them into beings capable of terrible acts of malice and perversity.  Then as her plans change she simply discards them or adapts them to her new plan, to create an army of creatures more like herself.  Beings of chaos and evil that know nothing of good or love.  Beings so alien and different that they are too dangerous to be left unchecked.



Of The Doctor

The Doctor is chaotic and order.  She is a wanderer and an adventuress.  She does not wish to be held to one place or time.  She also brings hope and mercy to those who need it, without hesitation or delay.  She allows others to see good by her actions and deeds, yet because her origins and personal laws are often different to our own we cannot always agree with them.  Those who seek to inflict unjust laws see her as a wild storm that they cannot endure.  Those who revel in chaos as an application of evil see her as a shield no weapon may break.  She endures personal torments and the corruptive influence of evil so that she might understand its weaknesses.  She is flawed, opinionated, and chaotic.  She seeks not the oppressive statutes of laws; she goes where she wants to and does what she wants to.  She is the first to speak up when there are things to be done, when war must be waged to ensure the safety of those that would otherwise be killed or enslaved by evil’s malign code.  Her own personal laws keep her going when all else seems bleak and even in her darkest hour some small spark within herself awakens to remind her of who she is and what Good is.  She is not a fighter, she cares not for the use of physical strength, and instead she uses the sword of her mind, the spear of her intellect, the seven ton truck of her cunning.  She ensnares her opponents in their own evil intentions.  If they were not slaves of Evil’s vile venom then they would not walk willingly into their doom.  The taking of lives is sometimes a necessity and she will not shirk her responsibilities lightly.  She is prepared to do the things that need to be done, to defeat Evil rather than let it go to fester and thrive and kill many more lives.  Her personal laws might seem alien to us, because she is from an alien culture; she grew up on Gallifrey, which has many different laws to those of Earth.  Yet the Doctor knows the difference between justice and mercy.



Of The Companion

The Companion is a friend who accompanies someone on their journey for a time.  Often they will have some special insight or wisdom that they can bring to bear when the time is right to help their friend see something from another perspective.  Other times they are as pupils, seekers of knowledge who follow a great teacher hoping to learn from them as they journey together.  Usually however they are a mixture of both, so some degree or other.



Of The Journey

The journey is its own purpose.  Whether a path to a new level of understanding or a sight that offers some new insight into a puzzle or problem.  The journey doesn’t always provide the answers we expect, it is often more an insight into what we already know about ourselves.  We know our strengths and weaknesses and in knowing these we can know when to be strong and when to be weak.  Being strong is not always a good thing, because it can be transformed into the cowardly actions of the bully, using fear to intimidate others.  Being weak is not always a bad thing, because it allows us to be vulnerable and then we can often learn the most because we’re open to information and ideas.  The journey isn’t always about us either.  It can be about a friend or a stranger, only with misplaced faith in ourselves do we think that everything is about us and the shock that it sometimes isn’t can be as much a lesson about ourselves as one we might demand happen for our benefit.  One should never expect answers; they will come when we are ready to understand them, not before.  The journey is not like a quest, it is chaotic, it is random, one action might have a hundred different permutations or a hundred actions all have the same outcome.  Such is the way of chaos.



Of The Quest

The quest is a directed, shaped thing.  It has its own laws and structure.  Often the results are meaningless and only have value when one is imprinted upon it.  Quests are often the follies of those who do not accept the answers drawn out by the journey.  They are a way to enforce a personal belief upon the answer to change it to suit the answer that is expected or desired.  All quests are dangerous, for they allow no flexibility, they are rigid and for a quest to be proved false can cause great harm to those on the quest.



Of Stories and Propaganda

Stories are artificial structures, created to enforce morals and laws upon the reader.  They are a form of control used to shape communities through the telling and retelling of legends about great heroes, people whose ideals suit the desired form that the teller would have the community adopt.  They use several devices to manipulate the reader, the use of metaphor and allegory, the use of the desired thought processes of the writer by the characters to show that it leads to a happy and contented life.  The use of heroes to provide icons of devotion so that the reader tends to adopt their principles as their own and so be changed in accordance with those who write the words.  They are of themselves and only the intent of the writer can direct the outcome of the story, whether for good or evil.  The structures of stories vary but all present a problem to be solved or an intractable force to be surmounted.  Words used to teach by example are stories.  Those used to inspire actions and patterns of behaviour are propaganda.  They almost always look the same.


To provide further insight into the story I thought it might help to write down some of my thoughts on the big imponderables and also some of the things in the book, as a way of adding more depth to the concepts and ideas that infuse my writing.  Wether it's a religious text or a propaganda document or just psychoanalysis I'll let you be the judge of that...

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