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Time Lady 2
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The other Doctors...

The Solar Knights

The 2nd Doctor, Jamie & Zoe

An idea I had a while ago, the original intention was to write the story backwards!  I really liked the Solar Knights and it was always my intention to write a full story for them one day.




The 1st Doctor, Susan, Ian & Barbara

An idea I had before I really found Who fandom.  A self-contained living city where everything was in harmony and humanity could grow and develop.  I really was an idealist back at University, I wanted to save the rainforests, even though I’d never been to one.



The Fires of Hermes

The 3rd Doctor, Jo & The Brigadier

This goes back to my days at sixth form, when I opted for a 6 week astronomy course and I learned about the formation of the sun.  Of course in reality the sun was formed first and then the planets, but that’s the beauty of sci-fi, that one exception to the rule you pull out of the bag when you need it.



Horror from the Ocean

The 4th Doctor, Sarah Jane, Mike & Drax

I never liked the way Mike just left at the end of Planet of the Spiders.  I really felt he needed one more story, with the new Doctor, to pass the baton over as it were.  Also the NA attributed the sea devils to the deep ones, the worshipers of Dagon which really fits into the Lovecraftian homage of the main text.



Vision Thing

The 6th Doctor, Peri & The Master

I liked Pyramids of Mars and I wanted to do a proper rematch, this was written before the Sands of Time, and then amended after it was published.  I also really wanted to pit the 6th Doctor one on one with the Master.  His only two encounters with the Master were overshadowed by other time lord villains: The Rani & The Valeyard.




The 7th Doctor & Ray + The 7th Doctor & Ace

This was written due to my great dissatisfaction with Ace as the 7th Doctor’s companion.  I much preferred Ray from Delta and the Bannermen, so I wrote my own story in which Ray is the 7th Doctor’s companion.  Then I adapted that idea so that this parallel Doctor is forced to replace our 7th Doctor after our Doctor is killed by Fenric, who is again revealed in the NA’s to be one of the Old Ones.  Also Ray is killed, cutting all ties with his own dimension; this darker Doctor comes into our lighter world with a vengeance in Remembrance of the Daleks…



Souled Out

The 8th Doctor

An idea for a story that never went any further.  It was all about corporations ruining things unnecessarily for a few extra percent profit. 



Tears of Sorrow

The 5th Doctor, Nyssa and Adric

A rather complex exploration over the Doctor’s refusal to save Adric’s life.  I really wanted to explore the Doctor’s psyche and guilt over this, by bringing Adric back, as being rescued by a third party, the Everything, which as later turns out is revealed to be Cthuga!  It also features the Cybermen, who’s own twisted creation mirrors the slow corruption of the Solar Knights.



Timewar: Sacrifice

The 9th Doctor & The 4th Romana

A short story about pain and loss in which Romana sacrifices her life to save the Doctor’s during the Timewar with the Daleks.


A quick guide t the flask back sequences that feature in the story and some of the ideas behind them...

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