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The jewel of the Jaatian Empire, the holiday planet of a thousand different pleasures.  The rich blue sky was a deeper azure than any other world.  The calm blue sea was like a mirror all year round and the local people were more friendly and welcoming than any other world in the galaxy.  The golden lake of Auriga was so named because of the way it caught the sunlight at sunset.  It was ravaged by Cthuga turning it into the hell planet of a thousand different mutations!  In just one day it had gone from the centre of the local tourist trade to the folklore of a million superstitious tales.




Home of the Chung Dynasty.  One of the main trades is cargo shipments, many headquarters are based on Dang for tax reasons.  There is also a gang problem, as organised criminal gangs vie for control of the main cities illegal activities.  However when two gangs are brought together the emerging power structure is powerful enough to turn into a legitimate business interest.  The Silver Lotus shipping company became a powerful business leader, until Dang was destroyed by the Doctor in a desperate attempt to defeat Cthuga.



Drahva Prime

Peaceful matriarchal planet, ruled by Queen Taanda I and her consort John.  The planet was once a warlike culture, but the reign of Queen Haana III brought about a golden age of wisdom and culture.  Now the planet explores philosophy and artistic endeavours instead of conquest and war.




An unimportant planet, only noticeable by the quality of its foot ware and the frilliness of the lace trim on its lingerie.  Also the Metro Centre was built by aliens, but this is not news.




The planet was an expanse of oceans and lush green continents.  It was considered a lush garden planet, the fruit basket of the galaxy.  However on the largest continent a brave new community was paving the way for future generations.  Biopolis, grown from a single genetically modified seed, was the future of social environments.  It later became home to a new order of Solar Knights, dedicated to truth and virtue and honour.



Ma’rhud Beta

This is the homeworld of Erin Vale.  It was a former agricultural world, but since the Solar Knights invaded the fields were full of rotting crops and the bones of dead animals, picked clean of their flesh by scavengers.  The stench of death hung heavy in the air.  The Doctor was forced to destroy the planet with a fragment of anti-time, after learning that the Solar Knights had set up another terrible breeding centre to produce more of Cthuga’s abominable offspring.



Orman’s World

The planet is named after a 21st century author from Earth.

“A theme planet.”

“Not exactly, unless the theme is gardens of the ages.  I guess it is a theme planet then.  There’s the usual touristy stuff but I’m sure we can make our own tour of the gardens an experience to remember.”

There is a popular museum dedicated to the life of Orman and her greatest love.  There was a number of pictures and statues from over the ages, as well as the inevitable collection of 21st centaury items to give the patrons a look at what life was like ten thousand years ago.

The gardens were simply beautiful.  The Doctor felt her soul filled up on the beauty of the flowers.  Acres of garden stretched before and aft and she wondered if she could ever see it all.  They passed roses over every colour, including some behind heavily shielded lead walls whose colours were in the gamma ray spectrum of the EM spectrum.  There were orchids, once her favourite, now just part of the gorgeous ensemble.  There were daisies and posies and daffodils and tulips from New Amsterdam.  There were carnations and chrysanthemums and rhododendrons.  Dog’s mercury and even eight leaf clovers.  The display of plant life was truly amazing, even the eye stalks of Spiradon (lacking their toxic spore glands) were beautiful in their own special way.



Rees 7

This world is actually a large moon orbiting a huge gas giant.  The seventh moon is just far enough away to avoid the lethal radiation belt and close enough to get enough ambient heat from the planet to keep it at a stable earth like environment.  The planet is hugely volcanic, large black streaks of basaltic lava criss-cross the green sides of the huge shield volcano islands.  The basalt erodes over time to form wonderfully soft beaches, which combined with the purple sky and yellow sea create a spectacular backdrop.




The sky is green, the sea is beige and the rest of the planet was invaded by the Manvin Alliance.  The invasion was later overthrown by a resistance movement led by a visiting alien.  However the guerrilla warfare had turned the once beautiful planet into a concrete no-mans land.




A warm world, closer to its sun than Earth but it was bigger and covered in 85% water, which was deeper than the deepest ocean on Earth.  The main continent was a large ring with a central freshwater lake at the heart of its donut mass.




This was once an agrarian planet with small communities, the planet was colonised by the Solar Knights who enslaved the female population in a terrible breeding programme of obscene proportions.  The planet was irradiated by the Doctor to prevent the nightmares produced on this world from leaving it.



Solaris Prime aka Solaria Prime

The homeworld of the Knights of the Order of Solaria.  A world of terrible beauty, with baking hot deserts and freezing cold polar ice caps.  This planet seemingly was build to force the physical and mental toughness of the original order of Solar Knights, before Cthuga perverted their order.



Space City

A floating city in space (hence the unoriginal name) it was a melting point of cultures and species from all over the galaxy.  People from all over would one day end up on Space City, the home of wanderers, traders, smugglers, pirates and lost souls.  In its many bars and casinos deals were brokered that would change the lives of many.  Some grew richer and others poorer.  Nothing was static; everything was always in some sort of state of flux.


A tourists guide to the main planets featured in the story.

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