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She was born on October 11 in Sydney, Australia.  She is 5' 9" (1.75 m) tall.  She had her first big screen film debut in Pitch Black. She has also been a guest star on the popular TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in 1995 playing Cassandra. Claudia was also the finalist 1990 Globe Shakespeare Competition.  In 2001 Claudia Black could be seen as Pandora in Queen Of The Damned, a sequel of Interview With A Vampire. Unfortunately, almost all her scenes (along with the rest of the Ancient Vampires) ended up on the cutting room floor, but are now on the DVD release of the film.  Her favourite foods include: Lucky Charms and Robyn Rotondo's Tomato Sauce & Pasta.  Claudia became internationally renown by acting Aeryn Sun in the science fiction series Farscape by Jim Henson Production. Aeryn Sun is a former military pilot who got expelled from her people and gets hunted through the Uncharted Territories on a living spaceship with former prisoners and a chased human. For her part as Aeryn Sun Claudia Black got nominated as Best Actress for the Saturn Award and won as Best Actress for year 2000 by scifi ign and by TV Zone Magazine.  For the sake of filming the mini-series Farscape - The Peacekeeper Wars, Claudia Black cancelled her wedding and moved it to a later date. She is married since 2004 and spent her a two months long honeymoon in Italy.  As of 2005 she has a semi-regular part in Stargate SG1 as Vala.




Garrett Richard Wang was born on December 15, 1968 in Riverside, California to Chinese immigrant parents. He is 5' 11" (1.80 m) tall.  He and his sister Laura spent their childhood on the move. He lived in Indiana, then moved to Bermuda and finally to Tennessee. Later, he graduated from Harding Academy High School, Memphis, and moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA where he majored in Asian studies. UCLA theater professor Jenny Roudtree inspired him to pursue an acting career. His first acting performance outside College was the portrayal of John Lee in the lead role of Chay Yew's "Porcelain" at the burbage theater. Later, he continued to perform onstage such as "Model Minority", "Woman Warrior" and "A Language Of Our Own". He made his TV debut in 1994 as a guest star on the pilot episode of comedy "All American Girl". One year later, he got the part of Ensign Harry Kim on "Star Trek: Voyager" where he appeared on television regularly for 7 years. Later, in 1997, Wang was named one of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people in the world. Also E! Entertainment Television has named Garrett as one of the "20 Coolest Bachelors" in the country. His television experience also includes roles in a variety of movies including Flesh Suitcase (1995), Angry Cafe (1995), "Ivory Tower", Hundred Percent (1998), "Demon Island" among others.




Jennifer was born in Jensen Beach, FL, where she lived until she was 17. She is 5' 7" (1.70 m) tall.  After making some tough decisions about her life she choose to leave home and head for New York where she studied acting under the tutelage of several acclaimed acting coaches. She became well-versed in the Meisner technique of acting. Jennifer is a very active person who enjoys running, snow-skiing, and spending time outdoors. She describes herself as "a family girl" and considers her mother to be her best friend. She has been blessed with a great career in acting ranging from a year on the Soap Opera General Hospital to guest appearances on SeaQuest and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In theater, Jennifer has demonstrated her versatility by portraying such roles as Frenchie in the Juniper Theater production of "Grease" and Julie in the Martin Co. Theater production of "Romeo & Juliet". She also starren in a leading role in the TV series, Cleopatra 2525.


As an aide to help readers know more about the characters, I based them on very specific actors as I wrote the story.  These mini-biographies are here so people can read more about them...

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