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The Doctor is a lot more human and yet also more alien in this novel.  She’s warm and compassionate and loving, yet can calmly stand by and destroy a planet full of people.  She’s a lot more indulgent and adult than previous incarnations, she aspires to lead a normal life, but fate decrees that it’s not to be.  Like several other Doctors she’s not a violent person, she prefers to think her way out of a situation, rather than use her fists.  She’s also quite adept at setting up people for a nasty accident, at least twice deliberately murdering someone who threatened her life or the lives of someone she cared about.




Chung Yin’s life changes forever the day the Doctor saves him from being run over.  He was an aimless wanderer, trying to work out to do with his life.  He didn’t want a part of the family business, shipping cargo, instead he wanted to see something of the galaxy and maybe find an idea or two off world.  He falls madly in love with the Doctor, he feels that she is his soul mate and quickly their relationship hots up until marriage is the perfect expression of their love for each other.  Then outside forces come to bear that slowly tear them apart.  He realises before the end that the Doctor cannot change, cannot settle down.  She’s a free spirit and he knows it would be wrong to try and trap her in a relationship.




Erin is an unfortunate orphan.  Her mother was killed by the Solar Knights, using her for their insane breeding programme and her father and brothers were gunned down trying to save her life.  Alone and scared she went on the run, just trying to get away from the hurt and pain.  Then she met the Doctor who saved her life and has become a big sister/aunt figure to her.


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