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I have seen many things, in a lifetime alone...
 - from 'Brave New World' by Iron Maiden

lipstick is a girl's best friend

The Doctor patted the TARDIS doors before opening them.  “I feel young again.”  She went inside the larger than expected interior.  Her hands automatically moved over the controls to depart Drahva Prime.  Slowly and surely the green ball of energy in the centre of the TARDIS console burst into life, indicating that the ship was in flight through time and space.

She slowly stood away from the console and looked around the room.  It would all have to go, all of it.  It was just not who she was anymore.  The carpet beneath her feet was way too gaudy, the pink panelled walls were far too bright and the circle of tea plants around the room was just so, so, not her.  She wanted to do things her way, in a style of her own choosing.

It was like renting a council house only to find the previous owner had left everything behind.  This was her ship now and she was determined to express her self in it.

She picked up a postcard from the small end table by the wall with the sofa.  It was from Alice, she was enjoying her holiday so much that she wasn’t coming back.  She’d met a few robots and they were going to help her and her daughter setup home there.  The Doctor smiled, she had no more connections to the past now.  She was free of everything.

The ship lurched, suddenly and violently.

The screen flickered into life, if showed that they had materialised unexpectedly inside a huge asteroid belt in the Solaris system of planets.  The unexpected arrival had dislodged an asteroid from its stable orbit.  No harm no foul.

The Doctor dematerialised the ship again.  She looked at herself in the mirror by the inner doorway.  She was wearing the clothes of a dead woman.  What’s more, they were far too extravagant for her.  She resolved to find something more in keeping with her own predilections and she headed inside of the ship to find something that she didn’t quite know she wanted yet.



The bath was filled with very warm water, just the perfect temperature for her skin and topped up with loads of bubbles.  The scent of citrus fruits filled the air as she stripped off the unwanted clothes of her previous existence, casting them off as an insect moults its own skin so it can grow.  The final part of her regeneration was complete as she stood naked before the universe, well the bathroom mirror anyway.  Everything seemed fine in her opinion.  A flat stomach, firm thighs and breasts, her arms were a little thin but she could do some power aerobics.  Her hair was fine; she liked the natural dark waves of hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back.  Her face had a simple, understated, beauty.  A natural attractiveness that needed very little make up to accentuate the cheek bones and pouty lips.  She could have done a lot worse than this she thought as she picked up a Venus razor to do her legs and armpits with before she climbed into the comforting warmth of the bath.



She’d allowed herself to simply soak for what felt like hours and hours; her whole body had been pampered and kneaded by the Venusian foaming bath salts.  Her legs were now clean and silky soft and she’d relished the aromatic scent of the bubble bath, it was her favourite, she decided.  Her own brand of uncomplicated comfort in this, her refuge away from everything else.  Finally however she made herself climb out of the warm security of the tub.  She plucked a huge white fluffy cotton towel from the top of the hamper and wrapped it around her body, just above her breasts.  Even though she was the only one in the ship she still felt a tiny pang of modesty.  There was nude and there was naked.  Nude was ok for the bathroom and the bedroom, naked was to be avoided, especially when not alone.  Then she wrapped her hair up in a smaller towel and pulled on a simple pair of slippers so that her feet wouldn’t slip or get cold on the floor as she made her way back to her room.



Inside of her bedroom she discarded every outfit she’d seen and could find.  None of them was her; they all failed to capture the essence of who she was.  They were either too colourful or too daring or simply just not right in any visible way but she knew non-the-less that they were simply wrong.  She decided to head down to the large clothing room on the floor below and pick up something there that she really liked and felt comfortable wearing.  On top of that she could always go shopping for something new later on.  She liked the idea of someone fussing over her needs for a change.



The clothing room was like a New York shopping mall, all glass and marble and a chilled bottle of champagne waiting by the door for her.  On the left of the room was the women’s section, it covered a modest eighty six acres of floor space, covering every single style known to every single species.  There were rows and rows of mannequins (they were definitely NOT Autons in disguise – she’d made sure of that) stretched backwards into the almost infinite distance.  The Doctor looked at each one in turn as she made her way past them all.  She selected underwear, a simple black silk bra and soft, silky French knickers, which fitted her body perfectly.  She found sheer black stockings that gripped the top of her thighs gently and showed off her legs to the best effect, without any of that strappy garter belt nonsense.  Women really hated those, well this woman did and she seemed to recall that none of her female friends liked them either.  Then she found a simple sleeveless light grey polo neck top that flattered her bust and still showed off her flat, thin, midriff.  She was considering getting her bellybutton pierced, but given the nature of her travels it might not be the best idea.  Finally a woollen charcoal grey trouser suit finished off the ensemble and that left only shoes.  She needed something strong and resilient that could be used for long walks and still make her look and feel a bit sexy.  She found the answer in a sturdy pair of one inch heels.  She slowly looked herself over in the mirror, she was smart and yet casual at the same time.  She could pull this look off in formal company and still not look out of place at a trendy wine bar.  She fluffed her hair out one last time before returning to her room to fix her make up.



She felt that a light foundation and bit of lippy and eyeliner and just a touch of colour on her cheeks was more than enough to look classy and elegant.  She knew how gorgeous she looked and hoped that she’d be the centre of everyone’s attention.  Finally she dabbed a delicate, fruity, perfume behind her ears and on her wrists.  Her work here now done, she returned to the console room to find a nice safe world to try out her new look.  Which would be completed once she had her ears pierced (again) as the old holes has vanished because she hadn’t been wearing earrings when she’d died.



The planet Serenity was a warm world, closer to its sun than Earth but it was bigger and covered in 85% water, which was in several places twice as deep than the deepest ocean on Earth.  The main continent was a large ring with a central freshwater lake at the heart of its donut mass.  Around this inside edge a huge tourist area had established itself over the years.  The northern quadrant was populated by mainly humanoid cultures from off world.  It was here that the TARDIS had arrived unnoticed and its single passenger had emerged to find herself in a shopper’s paradise.

Currently the Doctor was sitting in a beauty salon, getting a manicure and a pedicure.  Once her nails were shaped and buffed, they’d be painted in a delicate soft pink colour, which she felt accentuated her feminine charms and sensibilities.  She felt it was important to treat herself; she deserved a little pampering and besides she needed a break after the hours spent looking in each and every single shop on the area.  Her bags of clothes and toiletries and other assorted knickknacks stood over to one side.  She’d restrained herself from going overboard.  She’d bought a couple of new outfits, only three pairs of shoes, and a lot of jewellery.  Her newly pierced ears sported simple plain gold studs but in time she’d experiment with hoops and drops and something that looked like a set of mini-chandeliers.



Chung Yin was wandering down the street.  He was impressed by this planet; it was so big and yet so small.  He considered himself a tourist of taste and this world was feeding him with views and vistas and panoramas to gorge his soul a dozen times over every second.  He tried to dress like the natives, wearing a simple black t-shirt and black denim jeans.  After all he didn’t want to get mugged, did he?  The guide book said crime was rare but that didn’t mean it was non-existent.  He waited until the road was clear before crossing.  He didn’t see the coming truck.

“Watch it!”  The Doctor grabbed the day dreamer’s arm and pulled him out of the way before the truck hit him.  “Always look where you’re going when you cross the street.”

“What the hell?”  Yin gasped as the truck thundered past.  I looked both ways, that truck was not there a moment ago.

“Well another second and you’d have been road kill.”  The Doctor replied.  “Are you ok?  Any trauma?  Mental anguish?”

“I’m fine.”  Yin replied.  Before being overcome and collapsing on the ground.

“Great.”  The Doctor muttered to herself.  “The first cute guy I meet and he faints.  Typical.”  She took out a vial of smelling salts from her handbag and wafted it under his nose.

“What’s that stench?”  Yin coughed and spluttered.

“Wakey, wakey.”  The Doctor replied.

“What am I doing on the floor?”

“You had a reaction to the stress of nearly dying.  Your mind had to switch itself off in order to deal with the emotional trauma.”  She waited until he got to his feet.  “I have something in my ship that will help.  Delta waves are very therapeutic, in small doses.”  She found herself attracted to him, in some strange way.  Was this love at first sight?  “We should go for a nice relaxing drink somewhere first though.”  She scooped up all her shopping bags.  “Why don’t I let you buy me a coffee for saving your life?”

“Y…yeah.”  Yin replied.  “Sure.”  He wondered why this beautiful woman wanted to spend time with him.  He wasn’t anything special; he could barely afford the coffee she wanted.  But she had just saved his life.  He owed her coffee at least.  “My name is Yin, Chung Yin.  Chung’s my family name, it’s said first, it did cause me some problems at customs before I explained the ways of my people.  If you see someone from customs asking questions about my visa, tell them that you’ve never heard of me, ok?  It’ll save you being asked a lot of questions about red tape and so forth.”

“I’ll try to bear that in mind.” The Doctor replied and smiled.



The Doctor enjoyed the taste of her hazelnut latte.  All her previous selves had preferred tea, but the thought of tea repulsed her now in a way she couldn’t describe.  Things had really changed this time, but naturally she thought they were for the better.  It didn’t do to have a mid lives crisis at her time of life so she just accepted her lot and what a lot it was too.

“Thanks, for saving my life.”  Yin said once more.

“That’s ok.”  The Doctor smiled.  “I make it a habit to save at least one handsome man every day.”

Handsome?  She’d called him handsome?  Was she just playing with him or was she flirting?  Did she really think he was handsome?  “Well I’m grateful you picked me today.”

“Well I was in the area; it seemed only right and proper.”  The Doctor took another sip of her latte, noticing the thin smear of lipstick on the rim of the mug.  She’d have to touch her lippy up before they left the café and she was seen in public as the woman with the terrible makeup.

“I came to this planet to see all the sights, but by far the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today is you.”

The Doctor felt her cheeks burning and thanked herself for the foresight to cover them in foundation.  “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”  True, she was less than one day old, but that only meant it was true as she’d just chatted to the girls in the salon about her hangnail.  “Did you want to come back to my ship; I’m a doctor, so I could run a couple of quick checks on you, to make sure you’re really fine.”  She wasn’t sure why she said this; she was only sure that she didn’t want to be separated from Yin, her hearts beat faster and faster while she waited for his reply.

“Sure.”  Yin said after a few seconds.  What the hell he thought.  She was pretty, she liked him.  She cared about him.  He’d be a fool not to see where it went, even if it was just a simple medical thing he wanted to be with her, spend time with her.  “I guess a physical would be a sensible precaution.”

The Doctor smiled and finished most of her latte.  She didn’t want to drink it all, that wouldn’t be right.  Then she touched up her lipstick, making sure she looked presentable in her compact mirror, before popping the tools of additional beauty into her handbag.  She went to pick up her bags of shopping.

“Let me get those for you.”  Yin offered and picked the bags up.

“Such a gentleman.”  The Doctor said with a giggle.  “I’ll have to make doubly sure that you’re in the best possible health.”

“I don’t even know your name.”  Yin said suddenly.

“Just call me Doctor.”  The Doctor replied.

Kinky.  Yin thought.  He just prayed to his ancestors that she wasn’t just playing him along.  Still though, he wouldn’t mind if she was.  “Fine, Doctor, which way to the spaceport?”

“Oh, I never bother with those.”  The Doctor replied.  “It’s just down this alley.”

“This isn’t a thing were I get ambushed and beaten up and my wallet stolen?”  Yin asked suddenly.

“Of course not.”  The Doctor replied.  “My ship is just a little different to anything else on this planet and I prefer a certain level of discretion, it all adds to the experience.”  She walked down the alleyway and started to unlock the TARDIS.

“This is your ship?”  Yin asked as he looked around the small wooden blue box.

The Doctor emerged through the doors.  “Yes, now come inside will you?”

Yin popped his head through the door, expecting to see a cramped interior.  Instead he saw a room that was too big inside, the angles were all wrong, how could such a large six-sided room be inside such a small four-sided exterior?”

“Come on in.”  The Doctor said, but Yin just stood there.  She walked over to him and led him inside by the hand.  “I forget how difficult it is to get used to the first time.”  She closed the doors and dematerialised the ship into the vortex.  Then she sat him down on the sofa.  “My ship is bigger on the inside, much, much bigger.  My people invented this technology ten million years ago.  I’m not human, well not entirely.  I’m a Time Lady.  This is my home, my ship, my means of seeing everything there is to see.  My way of saving your life.”  Yin seemed shocked, poor thing.  There was only one way to cure him.  She put her hand on his face and then lent in to kiss him.  Their mouths and tongues wrestled at first, before becoming a harmony of action.  She sunk deeper and deeper into it, giving it her all.  She put her arms around his shoulders and simply enjoyed the moment for what it was; a sincere declaration of her love.  She loved him, she really did.  It had been so casual, so subtle, and so good it made her whole body shake with primal lust.  “Let’s go to the bedroom.”  And that was it.  She had found the man she knew she wanted to be with her whole life, her soul mate, the one to complete her yearning wanderlust.



Their lovemaking was tender at first, they took time to explore each others bodies, to revel in each others passions and there was much touching of sensitive areas.  The Doctor discovered she liked having the backs of her knees gently tickled.  Yin liked it when she sucked and licked his small, perfect, nipples.

Then it became more powerful, more primal.  He took control, pushing her to higher and higher levels of emotional awareness and interconnectivity.  He made her scream his name so loudly it seemed as if she were deaf for hours afterwards.

Then she took her turn, riding soft and slow, speeding up and slowing down.  She was teasing him closer and closer, pushing him to the edge and pulling him back, finally she took him to the very edge of pleasure and let him fall over the edge before catching him in her arms.

They lay together in each others arms.  She’d never had this before, not this.  Her first marriage all those years ago had been anything but normal, a political grab for power, marrying the daughter of the president.  It had been a sham marriage, she left as soon as she was pregnant.  She raised the son herself, ashamed that she’d borne a child of her loins.

The son however had felt no shame and when he came of age, he’d taken a wife who was eager to love him and be loved.  They’d had a granddaughter, Susan.   The Doctor had taken care of Susan after her parents had vanished one day.

They had to leave Gallifrey however; she’d stolen the Hand of Omega and a strange lump of metal that turned out to be Validium.  The Doctor couldn’t punish Susan’s actions however and tried to cover them up as best as possible.

Of course many years later they were actually needed and used to protect Earth and Gallifrey from a couple of mad psychotics who cared only for power.  That early time with Susan had been the closest the Doctor had ever had to a normal life.

Now many lives later she’d finally found what she’d secretly always wanted.  She had a man who seemed to love her and the sex had been fantastic.

Dare she hope that the universe wouldn’t conspire to take it all away from her?  She smiled and hoped that they could make it work.

Yin looked at the Doctor and saw the smile on her lips.  “What you smiling for, pretty lady?”

The Doctor looked at Yin.  “I’m just so happy.  Being here, in your arms.  I’ve never been with a man like this before.  That’s why I’m smiling like this.”

Yin kissed the Doctor’s nose.  “I love you.”

The Doctor’s hearts skipped a beat.  He’d said the three words that meant more to her than anything else in the world.  “I love you too.”  She wondered what sort of life she could build for herself with Yin at the centre of it.  She kissed him, again and again, working her way lower and lower down his chest.  Their second bout of lovemaking would last even longer, but in a way wouldn’t seem nearly as long as the first, although it felt just as good and this time she shouted out his name even longer and louder.


The central idea of this new series of adventures was taken from a comment in the new TV series of Doctor Who when the 9th Doctor tells a couple of newly weds that he's never had a normal life.  While planning the 14th Doctor's adventures I really wanted to do something absolutley new and different and distinctive with the format of the show.  I knew I wanted the Doctor to be a woman again and quickly settled on Claudia Black as the ideal choice to base her on.
The 14th Doctor is not an action hero, she's more girly than her last self who had a mean left hook.  The 14th Doctor uses her brain and her wits to get out of danger and save the day.  She's more likely to talk things through or even run away to get help than stand and slug it out.  She's also adept at using time travel to set traps for her opponants, and use words as a sword to twist others to her own design.
She's also a sexual being.  She's much more human than even the 5th Doctor, she's intimate and deep and totally in love with Yin.  She wouldn't just hop into bed with a man she just met.  She sees Yin as her soul mate and her love for him will be the dynamic that drives the first season of stories.  She wants a 'normal life' or at least what she considers a normal life.  She has a man in her life whom she loves and she wants to show him her life and let him share it and enjoy it with her.  She's also tied up all the loose ends to her own life so the new series can explore all new avenues of story telling and she and Yin can face new foes and meet new aliens.
Chung Yin is a 27th century explorer, with strong roots back to his Chinese ancestors.  More of his back story will be revealed in later stories, starting with Planet of Terror, as this first story has been all about the new Doctor, who she is, what she wants and whom she loves.

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