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Time Lady 2
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Can I tempt you, come with me,
Be Devil may care, fulfill your dream,
If I said I'd take you there,
Would you go, would you be scared?
 - from 'Caught Somewhere In Time' by Iron Maiden

Chung Yin

Solaria appeared before her Fist like a radiant fashion model, her beauty cascaded from her like sunbeams dancing on a spring morning.  Her brilliant platinum blonde hair shone radiantly with the power of a summer sun.  Her blood red eyes like tiny twin red giant stars and her lips painted the exact same hue.  She embraced Li Na, warmly and affectionately.  “You are beauty beyond compare.”

Welcome my child.  Solaria’s image flickered and wavered briefly.  A mass of writing tentacles that were burning for all time with the fires of atomic fission that boiled inside the heart of a star.

“Hello?”  A voice called out across the empty realm.  “Can you hear me?”

The Fist wondered who was speaking.  It sounded like a male’s voice.  Then she saw him, dressed in a light brown jacket, with stripy trousers and wearing some sort of green plant on his lapel like a badge.  “Who are you?”  She asked him.

“Who are you?”  He asked in reply.

“I am the Fist of Solaria.  Grand Paladin of her armies.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am.”

“Are you sure about that too?”

“What do you mean?”

“Who were you before all this started?”

“Before all what started?”

“Consider your life before you became this Fist of Solero.”


“It’s not important.  You are being deceived.  I am being deceived.  Solaria is a lie.  Whatever else you think, know this, Solaria is a lie.”

Someone disturbs me.  Solaria looked at the stranger.  You do not belong here.

“I have every right to be here.”

“Who is he?”

“I am the Doctor!”

You are unimportant.  Solaria held the Fist in her arms and embraced her with a passionate kiss.  Her will probed into the mind of her slave and began to burn the hidden truth out of her.



Nyssa was alone, all alone.

Adric, dear kind Adric had been killed when the spaceship he was on had crashed into the Earth. Shortly afterwards Tegan had been left behind on Earth when the Doctor had been forced to leave without her.

The Doctor, the Doctor had retreated into himself. He wandered the corridors of the TARDIS aimlessly. Sometimes she suspected he was grieving too much, because he could save his friend any time he wanted but was prevented by a stupid law the Time Lords had made.

The Time Lords, pompous, arrogant and cold. That was what she thought of them. The Doctor was the best of them and how did they treat him? He had been put on trial, twice. Treated as a criminal for no more than caring about the people he met. They didn't do anything about The Master though.

He was totally without concern for anyone but himself. He had stolen her father's mind and body and destroyed a chunk of the Universe. What had the Time Lords done about it? Nothing. They let the evil go on killing and persecute the good and the innocent.


She heard the Doctor calling her. Silently she wiped away the tears with a handkerchief and went to see what he wanted.

Nyssa dragged her heels as she walked through the dull monotonous white corridors of the TARDIS. It was amazing, she thought, how they all looked the same. After a while though she had found herself somehow able to navigate her way through the identical passages to wherever she fancied going to.

The Doctor looked at the readout again still not understanding the strange readout. He was on the verge of reprogramming the old girl when Nyssa entered. ‘Ah Nyssa yes.’ He left the controls and walked over to her, placed an arm around her shoulder and manoeuvred her to the bizarre readout. ‘I wonder...what do you make of this?’ He stood back and let her absorb the information.

‘This isn’t possible,’ Nyssa answered quickly, ‘the readout is obviously wrong. There cannot be two Moons around the planet Earth’ she smiled at her friend to enforce her decision.

‘I know and yet I’ve checked the fault locator bay next door and it states that there is no fault in the sensor.’ The Doctor removed his beige jacket and hung it up on the nearby coat stand. ‘It seems there is a mystery and I suggest we sort it out one way or the other. The newcomer is covered in literally dozens of artificial structures. Would you go and get the space suits while I find us somewhere to land on the duplicate Moon.’

‘Of course Doctor.’ Nyssa headed to the storage lockers when she was struck with a peculiar thought. ‘We’ve been so busy wondering why there’s a second moon we haven’t stopped to ask who or what put it here and why.’

‘That’s what I intend to find out.’ The Doctor returned to programming the landing co-ordinates as Nyssa left. ‘Who indeed.’ He mused as he pressed the final button and the TARDIS dematerialised.



Good, I have found it.  Solaria pushed harder on the memory, burning it to dust.

“I am the Doctor!”  The man repeated.

“Who are you?”  The Fist asked again.



The Doctor backed away, slowly. Maybe she, it, wouldn't notice.

"What do you mean by everything, exactly?"

Nyssa stared at the Doctor. "I am all there is, all there was and all there will be. I am, everything."

"That's a paradox, if you're everything, then who am I? Hmm, tell me that."

He casually pressed a few buttons on the console. The Cloister bell began to ring, distracting Nyssa. "What is that?" She turned her to see where the sound was coming from.

The Doctor pressed the dematerialisation button and the TARDIS left the space/time continuum and entered the vortex.

"If I'm right you're powerless now, the vortex is an infinite void. A nothing if you will."

He was quite shocked when a blast of energy was emitted from Nyssa's finger tips, striking his left shoulder.

"I am everything and soon I will be you..." Nyssa's eyes glowed brighter than before before fading back to their normal hazel colour.

"Oh my, why did I do all that? Doctor, are you alright?" She checked his pulses but both were normal. Then she checked the wound, it was bleeding badly. His face started to blur and glow and there was a brief suggestion of blonde curly hair before it stopped and he was back to normal.

"What have I done?" Nyssa's yell ended up as a sob as she cradled his unconscious body.



Later on the Doctor was recovering in the Zen room. It was a strange room full of brightly coloured silk cushions and several lava lamps. Kula Shaker was playing but there was no sign of a record player or speakers.

"It almost happened again Nyssa, I felt it starting but it stopped and reversed itself. I almost died."

"I'm sorry; I didn't exactly have control of myself. It was like I was a puppet; someone else was pulling the strings." Nyssa started to cry again, but the Doctor dabbed her eyes with his handkerchief.

"This is something new Nyssa, something I've never seen before but it's somehow familiar. The future perhaps? That would be bad if I haven't met them yet but they know all about me. Yes, very bad indeed. I..."

Nyssa looked up to see that the Doctor was smiling at her but it wasn't a nice smile, more sinister. Then his eyes started to glow orange. "I am everything..."

Nyssa screamed.



This last barrier has almost fallen.  Solaria cackled in triumph.  The memories that trouble you shall afflict you no longer.

“I am the Doctor.”  The man shook the Fists shoulders.  “I am me and you are me and we are all together.”

“Goo goo ka choo?”  The Fist mocked.

“It’s almost too late.”  The man, this Doctor, screamed as his body began to catch fire.  “Remember this, this is who you are.”



Nyssa swung the club at the Doctor's head but without seeing her he reacted to avoid the blow. The instinctive, reactionary upswing however connected and she saw her friend hit the floor with a soft thump. She managed to tie his hands together with a shoelace, just in case what was in him tried anything nasty.

"Oh my head." The Doctor tried to stand up but fell down when he couldn't use his arms to balance. "Stay there. Don't move." Nyssa didn't want to take any chances. "Listen Nyssa, there's something inside of you. It's controlling you, you have to fight it." "Nice try Doctor."

"Listen Nyssa, it's inside of you."

"It was inside of me but then it jumped into you."

"That's not possible. We Time Lords have a highly developed set of mental defences. We can..." He stopped speaking. Somehow he knew Nyssa was telling the truth. "It was inside me. I wonder where it went."

"I don't know Doctor, perhaps someone with a more powerful brain?" Nyssa was grasping at straws here.

"Oh there's very few races with a larger mental capacity than a Time Lord. It's our refractive synapses if I recall old Borusa's anatomy class correctly. If as it seemed it was everything it would take the memory capacity of a TARDIS to store that much information."

The TARDIS lights all dimmed to a dull orange. "Oh dear..." The Doctor was stuck for words.

"The TARDIS is possessed?" Nyssa's face adopted the same shocked expression. The Cloister bell began to toll but was soon replaced by what seemed like a foghorn with bronchial pneumonia. The two friends raced back to the console room. The lights on the mushroom-shaped console were all flashing on and off. The screen shutters were opening and closing while the screen flashed up various images of planets once visited, friends once departed and previous incarnations of the Doctor. "This does not look good Doctor." The landing beep sounded. "Thanks Nyssa, I had noticed. I wonder where we are."



“Why do you struggle?”  The Fist asked.

“I won’t give in so easily.”  The Doctor replied.  “I am a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.  I am Lord President of the High Council.  Keeper of the legacy of Rassilon.  Protector of the laws of time.  I won’t let you…”

There, almost gone now.  Solaria pushed the last fragments of memory away.



The bridge was empty. The view screen showed the rapidly expanding image of ancient Earth. "Doctor, where's Adric? I felt sure he would be here. It was so perfect, we could rescue him and things would be better again." "I know Nyssa, I know." The Doctor gave the bridge a final look over before turning to leave. "I think this is all just a dream of sorts. Some kind of mental projection that is affecting both of us. Whatever it was that got inside our heads created this for our benefit."

"But why didn't we get a chance to say goodbye?"

"I'm afraid that could have been me. I'm a sceptic by nature in all of my incarnations so far. Maybe I just felt it was all too good to be true a little too hard." There was a scraping noise behind them and they both turned around. "Adric!" The two time travellers exclaimed together.

"No, but I hope you will be able to talk to me in that context. For a long time I was without purpose, without will and without direction. Now thanks to you I have become something, a being if you will. I hope this form doesn't upset you but it was the most dominant individual in your thoughts and it overwhelmed me."

"You sound like Adric too." Nyssa said.

"I have absorbed the thoughts of both of you two and found direction. In a sense you are both my parents. Now I have your minds I no longer need your bodies. After all if I am you then you are no longer needed."

"What are you saying?" The Doctor looked perplexed.

"It is simple; this mental landscape is not inside of your minds. You are inside of it. You are in my mind. You will live in here forever, as a part of me. I will dissolve your inert bodies before moving on to find new minds to add to me."

"Doctor, we have to escape!"



The figure that was the Doctor was now burning fiercely, his whole body was on fire, his skin melting away to expose charred flesh and bone.  “I resist, I resist!”



Nyssa felt the strange orange fire constrict around her arms and body holding her immobile. She could barely breathe and was feeling light-headed. "Doctor, run, save yourself." She passed out with the effort.

The Cybermen seemed more real somehow to the Doctor, not just the blank faced impassionate robots they had made themselves into.

"Doctor, what are these thoughts in my mind?" The Cyberleader asked as it held each side of its head.

"I rather think you've contracted a nasty case of emotions, don't worry they won't harm you. They enhance life and make each day more personal and special." He started to back away.

"My mind is burning with strange things I have a compulsion to, no must fight it. No I must embrace it. Logic error. Cannot, must, will not, shall. Pain I feel pain."

"You need to see a Doctor, luckily I'm here. Now there's only one thing you can do, find out the source of the orange energy that just affected my young friend. Stopping it is the only course of action left open to you."

The Cyberlieutenant pulled out a small handheld device and used it to examine Nyssa's inert body. "Residual energy readings are sufficient to track down the entity."

"Excellent. Take a patrol and find it at once." The Cyberlieutenant and three other Cybermen filed out of the room following the energy trail. After five minutes of walking along a very interesting and unique corridor they re-entered the bridge by the other doorway. "Energy readings are highest in this section Leader." It scanned the Doctor. "The Doctor is the source of the energy entity."

"Open fire." The Cyberleader commanded. The Cybermen raised their guns.



Your time has come.  Solaria mocked the dying figure.  Surrender to me, now.

The Fist watched impassively as the man looked up with pleading eyes.



Nyssa thought through this revelation. "If this second moon was already there before we discovered the Everything then surely what ever we did is independent of the outcome."

"Oh Nyssa," the Doctor began, "time doesn't work that way. It's not strictly a linear phenomenon. Most life forms perceive it that way but we Time Lords can glimpse the threads that permeate the space-time continuum. That's why we're not supposed to interfere; the results can be quite surprising."

"So we changed history before we actually changed history? Now I really am confused."

"Just do what I do Nyssa, don't dwell on it. We have to figure out how to put things right, back on track as it were."

"But what about Adric? We can keep him out of the loop can't we? If he's inside the TARDIS then surely he's protected from the changes?"

"We'll see Nyssa, I can't make any promises." There are too many variables at stake, billions of lives on Earth to consider and then there is Earth's role in the future history also."

"Earth might not become the Earth I saw?" Adric finally asked.

"No, like I said meddling with time is very tricky. That's why as a rule I don't, except for now and a few special cases."

The TARDIS arrived on the surface of the second moon. "All the answers are here somewhere.  So come on and get suited up. We have a lot of walking about to do."



Eyes watched the image of the Time Machine arrive for a second time. There would have to be a confrontation, this time the Doctor had served his purpose and must be taken out of the equation lest he disrupt the great purpose...he will have to die!



The end, the final end.  Solaria said to her underling.  He will trouble us no more.

However the skeletal figure reached up and grabbed hold of the Fist.  Empty eye sockets glowed red with unnatural life.  “You are me.”



Nyssa grasped the sleeve of Adric's tunic before he could storm out of the brightly lit, circular cold steel room. “Please believe the Doctor, we did our very best but the Cybermen really damaged the TARDIS console. There was nothing we could do I swear.”

Tears rolled down Adric's face. “It's a time machine Nyssa, the Doctor could travel back in time and pluck me out of there. I thought there was no hope but there was, please leave me alone.” Adric headed towards the door.

The Doctor started dumbfounded at the back of his companion. “Adric.” He whispered quietly. “I'm sorry.”

The Everything cocked its head and looked at the shocked Time Lord. “Should we pity you or hate you?” It looked at Nyssa before coming to a decision. “I think I should hate you yes. By your own choices you have damned yourself.”

“There was no choice.” The Doctor breathed quietly. “There are things that even I am not permitted to do.”

The Everything laughed. “Not permitted? Afraid is closer to the mark, yes? You were afraid to save your friend. What sort of cruel being are you? Even the Master is not so cruel. You show interest in his name? I know you, Doctor, like very few can do. I know how you measure your worth and you don't come up to scratch.”

Nyssa stood in front of the Doctor. “Leave him alone; can't you see how much he's hurting?”

“I can't say that I do.” The Everything looked at Nyssa. “He does not cry, he does not grieve, do does nothing but feel self pity and loathing. Where are these emotions you boasted to the Cyberleader about now?”

“The Doctor mourned Adric's death in his own way as did Tegan and I.” Nyssa glared at the Everything.

“Oh yes, what did he do? Abandoned Tegan because she was what? Too emotional? Too human? Too much of a reminder of your own cold heart?” The Everything glanced over to the returning figure of Adric and it put an arm protectively around his shoulder. “This dear boy is far too good for you Doctor. I'm sure he'd rather be with us than you, you'd only try and get rid of him again because you don't want to anger that pathetic collection of dotards you call the High Council.”

“Yes.” Adric agreed. “I want to join you. I want to be part of the Everything.”

The Everything ruffled Adric's hair. “And so you shall be. This was always your destiny. We created this artificial satellite to draw you too us so that your destiny could be fulfilled. You are the one the Everything should be. Curious, honest, appreciative, helpful and kind. Our cousins of Earth, those you label Silurians and Sea Devils, will be your loyal subjects in the new era. Serve them Adric; serve them well. Only you can give them the wisdom and leadership they require to evolve to the next level and join the Everything. Our influence will be complete.”

“I will do my best.” Adric made up his mind.

“Please Adric don't listen to it. The Everything is lying to you. We can sort things out.” Nyssa pleaded with Adric, she liked, no loved the young man like a brother. “Now that you escaped the crash we can explore the Universe once more can't we Doctor?”

The Doctor stared at the floor. “Nyssa, listen to me.”

Nyssa turned around to look at the Doctor, her waterlogged eyed burned with love and anger. “It's Adric Doctor, our friend say you'll take him with us?”

“I can't.” The Doctor sighed. “I wish I could truly but I simply can't.”

“Then I don't want to travel with you anymore.” Nyssa half-shouted half-sobbed. “I'll stay here with Adric.”

“I am ready.” Adric said to the large reptilian creature. “Let it begin.”

Nyssa gasped as Adric's look of naivety changed to bland arrogance. The Everything was Adric. “No.” Nyssa gasped.

The large reptile man convulsed and collapsed onto the floor. “It is too late.” It gasped; "The entity will destroy us all." With a shuddering spasm the creature died.

“Nyssa, you will travel with the Doctor.” Adric/The Everything commanded the Traken girl. “Your true place is at his side, it always has been. He needs you and you need him even though neither of you will admit it.” Adric/The Everything smiled. “This is what was always meant to be Doctor; this vessel's destiny was to this point in space and time. You were to one who changed events not us.”

“Can you prove that?” The Doctor asked. “I would feel better knowing that.”

“This is all the proof you need.” The Everything said before turning to leave.

“Don't turn your back on me Adric.” The Doctor snapped. “You're not Adric at all are you? You have destroyed my friend's personality completely haven't you?”

“We are Everything you babbling idiot. He is but one tiny part of our existence. We are Legion.”

The Doctor backed away slowly, pulling Nyssa with him. “Prove it. Adric would bring the TARDIS here so that we can leave.”

The Everything waved its hand and the TARDIS appeared nearby. “We allow you to leave now that your part of our existence is completed. Go now, you have little time.”



The Doctor bounded into the TARDIS, realised that Nyssa was still outside and brought her inside. “We have to leave now.” He closed the doors.

“What about Adric.” Nyssa thought about running thought the closing doors but the Doctor moved between her and them.

“There is no time Nyssa.” The Doctor dematerialised the TARDIS. “No time at all. Adric is gone, he was absorbed into the Everything and it doesn't want to let go of his body. We both know what it's like to be apart of it. There's nothing we can do but get clear in time.”

“What do you mean Doctor?” Nyssa stared at the Time Lord suspiciously. “You're planning something aren't you?”

“Yes.” The Doctor admitted. “Now let me concentrate Nyssa.” The Doctor's hands were almost a blur as he rapidly reprogrammed it. “Hold tight Nyssa, this is going to be a bumpy ride.”

Nyssa was catapulted around inside the TARDIS console room as it shook violently. “What's happening?” She shouted to the Doctor.

The Doctor glanced up at Nyssa. “I'm taking the room the Everything was inside and moving it. I'm putting it at the intended crash site of the freighter. It's the only way Nyssa.”

“Adric?” Nyssa asked, as fresh tears streamed down her cheeks.

“He was gone the second it took possession of him. This however will stop the Everything. Without it's host body it will be unable to exist. As I said, it's the only way.”

Nyssa heard the Cloister Bell begin to chime as she fell to the floor once more. “Imminent danger? The Everything knows what we're planning doesn't it?”

“Yes.” The Doctor sighed. “This time however I've adapted the TARDIS's force screen to protect us.”

Explosions inside the TARDIS console caused heavy black smoke to pour forth as Nyssa and the Doctor watched the space freighter crash once more into the Earth. Nyssa hugged the Doctor and buried her face in his chest.

“There should have been a better way.” The Doctor soothed his distraught companion. “We did the only thing we could.”



The crash site was sea of molten rock but a large slab of cooler rock floated on the red-hot lava. A lone surviving Cyberman was sprawled on the surface; its internal machinery and organic components came out of the damaged sections of its body armour. Its blank eyeholes seemed to glow slightly. “We survive.” The Everything took stock of its new host body. It was badly damaged but it would do until it could reach a new and permanent host.



“What if it survived Doctor?” Nyssa asked suddenly. “What will it do to us?”

“Brave heart Nyssa.” The Doctor said as he worked the badly damaged console. “Lets just get this lot sorted out first before we worry about maybes? Why don't we take some time out first to recover from this ordeal?” The Doctor pressed a few more buttons and the view screen came on. “Alaska, the year is 1964. What can possibly go wrong here?”



The Fist kicked the skeleton away and it crumbled to dust.  However its voice spoke once more.  “Cthuga was the Everything.  Solaria is the Everything.”

You are free now.  Solaria said to her minion.  I shall give you a great and powerful gift.  She touched the Fist’s head and stomach.  You will transform my minions, my Solar Knights, into my children.  You have the power to corrupt their flesh and remake it in my image.  You shall be the instrument of my will, the means of my path to glory.

The Fist just let out a sigh of pleasure as her body was transformed from woman to demon flesh.  Her belly was one giant uterus now, filled with a billion eggs.  They would each be passed to a Solar Knight and they would be consumed by the will of Solaria, their bodies remade into the tentacled masses of Solaria’s demon spawn.  The Fist was the vector for this glorious means of rebirth.  “The honour is mine.”  Her arms and legs were transformed into giant tentacles too, each ending in a giant hook-like claw to allow her to pull her bulk across the floor easier.  The Fist was transported out of Solaria’s realm and back into the lower dimensions where she had much work to do.



Knight Miranada stripped out of her armour eagerly as she entered the Fist’s chamber.  She slinked over to the large bed and climbed up onto it.  She was gay and proud to be selected to serve the Fist as a ‘companion’.  She saw the Fist, wearing only a skimpy nightdress and kissed her passionately.  The Fist rolled on top of her, pinning her down with surprising weight.  Then she felt a pain as something sharp stabbed her in the stomach, just under her solar plexus.  “What is this?”  She asked.

“Relax.”  The Fist said and kissed the woman again.  Though not her type, she served Solaria and Solaria wanted daughters as well as sons.  “I’m impregnating you with the means of your transcendence.”  The Fist sat up on her lower tentacles and the long spiked birthing tube folded back up inside of her chest.  “You have been chosen to become one of the children of Solaria.”

“I have?”  Miranada asked, but it was the last human thing she’d ever say as her body twisted in impossible angles where no joint could possibly be.  Within seconds the tentacled mass shuffled off the bed and followed the scent of fresh meat to feast on the fresh, succulent meats prepared for it in the next room.

The Fist watched the abdominal mass leave, proud to have been the instrument of its creation.  She waited a few seconds before the next volunteer entered.  She enjoyed writhing her tentacles about at obtuse angles when they should have been acute angles.  She enjoyed her own repugnant form that marked her as beloved. So far she’d transformed over ten thousand eager Knights, none of them suspected the truth that awaited them, the twisted horrors that they would be transformed into.  The Fist had never felt so happy, so alive to be in the service of her god, Solaria.  Who was Cthuga?  Who was the Everything?  Who was the enemy?  This didn’t make sense.  She loved Solaria with all her being, thanked her every second for the gift of transformation.

Knight Yin entered the chamber.

“No!”  The Fist howled as memories began to reform in her head.  “Not him.  I know him.  He’s known to me.”

“I am?”  Knight Yin asked.

A memory fired inside of the Fist’s head.  A war, a terrible time war.



A streak of fire across the sky, tears burned away before they form.

“Come back!”

“Goodbye, my love.”


“I love you.”

Fire, everywhere.

“Don’t go.”

“I have to.”

Faster and faster it fell, the air sizzled with friction.

“Stay with me.”

“I wish I could.”

A blinding light, too brilliant to be ignored.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Don’t do this. Stay here with me.”

“I have to do this, for you.”

“Don’t you dare say that!”

“I have to keep you safe.”

For the love of tomorrow the ship streaked down through the clouds.

“Don’t go.”

“I have to.”

The ground leaps up.

“I have to keep you safe.”

“Stay with me.”

“I wish I could.”

The flaring brightness, a second dawn at midday.

“Don’t do this. Stay here with me.”

“I have to do this, for you.”

World saved, but the cost paid in full.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The brown leather jacket man stands with head bowed.

“You were the noblest Romana of them all.”



That man, he was the same as the other man, yet he was totally different.  The Fist was confused.  How could two different men be the same person?  Can one person have two appearances?  Different and yet the same?

“Are you thick or something?  The man in the brown leather coat asked.  “Of course we’re the same person.  I’m the Doctor, by the way, pleased to meet you, Doctor.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know something?  You’re thicker than Jackie Tyler, you are.”

A flash of memory, a connection, a name.  “Rose’s mum?  How did I know that?”

“Eureka, she’s thinking at last.”  The Doctor grinned.  “All those memories burned from your mind, but you still know who you are, except you don’t want to remember.  Because if you remember then you’ll realise what you’ve done you yourself, myself.”

“You’re saying that you’re me?  But you’re a man.”

“So?  It’s never a defined process, is it?  Regeneration.  You never get what you expect and you always get something new.  I’m a man, you’re a woman.  It’s only an X instead of a Y, how hard is that?  There’s more difference in hair colour or height.”

“I am the Doctor?”

“Bingo.”  The earlier Doctor hugged the later one.  “I knew you’d work it out in the end.  Now all we have to do is figure out a way to defeat Cthuga, or Solaria, names are not important right now.  We have to stop a being with the actual real powers of a god.  Did you really have sex with that guy, Yin, something?”

The newer Doctor just grinned, like the cat who got the cream.

Betrayal!  Solaria screamed loudly.  You have betrayed me!

The newer Doctor smiled.  “I am who I am.”

“She is who she is.”  The other Doctor laughed out loud.  “Yes, give me more Doctors like you.  One of me I can actually stand to be around.”

“You like me?  I mean, I just said that.”

“You could have said it better.”

“I have the means to end your children.”  The Doctor said to Solaria.  “I can analyse these mutagenic eggs inside of me and create an antidote.”

No!  Solaria returned the Doctor back to her time lady self.  I won’t let you hurt my children.

“The old reverse psychology.”  The earlier Doctor grinned.  “I like the suit by the way.  Tasteful and modern, but with just a sprinkling of me about it.”  He vanished back into the memories of his older self.

“He’s lucky he didn’t see the one after him.”  The Doctor said to herself and awoke from her self induced trance.



Knight Yin watched as the Fist of Solaria was transformed into a normal woman and he recognised her immediately.  “Chung Li Na?”

The Doctor sighed when she remembered that she was still married.  “Yes.”

“I thought you’d died.”

“Me too.”  The Doctor joked.  “Now to get out of here.  I like you hair like that.  Long hair really suits you.”  She removed the TARDIS summoning device from inside her handbag.  “It’s so nice when they let you keep your toys, isn’t it?”

Just for a second she thought she saw thirteen figures standing in the shadows over to her left.  She nodded to them, before summoning the TARDIS.



No!  Solaria screamed and wiped the planet out with a solar flare of nova power.  Then she realised that she’d been tricked into destroying ten thousand of her children and her fury grew to incandescent levels.



The Doctor looked at Yin.  “I really need to be by myself, for a while.  I’ve been through some crazy stuff.  I have a way to destroy Solaria.  It’s a long shot, but it might just work.  However I can’t afford to have any distractions, what I’m going to do will require total concentration and it’d be unfair for you to hang around here seeing the worst possible side of me.”

Yin nodded.  “I understand.  I too have undergone many crazy things.  I too need time by myself, to understand and come to terms with them.  I will go home, and wait for you there to join me.”

The Doctor nodded.  “One more thing.  I, we, lost the baby.  Solaria, she, she did terrible things to it, before it died.”

Yin hugged his wife.  “I’m so sorry my beloved.  Damn Solaria for taking our baby and damn her for keeping us apart for so long.”

The Doctor set the TARDIS controls to take Yin back to his family.  She honestly didn’t know if she’d ever see him again, or want to.  She’d lived a normal life for the first time and it had brought her nothing but suffering and hearts-ache.  Some people were just not meant to marry, have children and live happily ever after.  The TARDIS arrived at its destination and she kissed him, passionately.  Perhaps as a reminder to herself of what they once had and she’d never have again.

Yin wondered why Li Na embraced him so passionately.  Then he realised that he may very well never see her again.  This plan of hers was a lot more dangerous and desperate than she’d indicated.  “I love you.”  He said before he left the TARDIS.  He had the funniest feeling that he would never see her again, even if she did win.


This is the beginning of the end now, as the Doctor regains her lost memories and realises who she is and what she must do.
She's fought Cthuga once before, during her 5th incarnation, when Cthuga tried to use Adric as a pawn in her games against herself and Nyssa.
Also a brief glimpse of Romana's death during the Time War as she sacrifices her own life to save the Doctor's.
The use of the past Doctors was really my way of celebrating the show and its past, while looking to the future, by only featuring the past Doctors in flashback/dream sequences.
The Doctor's plan to defeat Cthuga/Solaria will be revealed in the next chapter 'The Hole in Space'...

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