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Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way
 - from 'Born To Be Wild' by Steppenwolf

Chung Li Na

Space City was a melting point of many different cultures and species from all over the galaxy.  A mix of people from all walks of life ended up here.  From all over they came, it was said that everyone would one day end up on Space City, the home of lost wanderers, illegal traders, wanted smugglers, carefree pirates and many lost souls in search of the something they didn’t yet know they wanted.

In its many bars and casinos deals were brokered that would change the lives of many.  Some grew richer and others poorer.  Nothing was static; everything was always in some sort of state of flux.

New faces and old ones were always to be seen in the huge sea of opportunities that flowed through the twisting main boulevard.  Some people say that a new religion is started here every ten minutes or so.  Today, however, a bunch of converts were worship the recent arrival of a strange blue monolith that had seemingly come from out of thin air.

Its occupants however were already far away, having a look around to try and drum up some interest in the family business.  Li Na sighed; she had such a bad feeling about this place for some reason.  She’d been here before, many times in fact, but never had it felt like this.  “This place never changes.”  She said to her husband.  “No matter how many times the superficial details are altered, one thing always remains under the tissue thin surface.”

Yin looked across to his wife; her green and gold silk dress might also be called tissue thin.  He could see the bra straps on her shoulders through the thin fabric.  “There is much greed in this place.”

Li Na grinned as she ran her hand lightly over the shoulder of his dark blue suit.  “You’re absolutely right.  This is the most corrupt place in this sector of the galaxy.  We’re better to find a buyer for our merchandise.”  Li Na fancied herself as a modern day trader or better yet a buccaneer sailing the inky depths of space, but with regular baths and dresses that didn’t show too much cleavage, some was ok, too much was slutty and only her husband got to see slutty.



Knight Commander Tanya sat back in the control chair on the time ship.  She was confident of success; however the ship’s navigator was having a hard time locking on to the position of Space City.  It was as if some force was resisting the inevitable, trying to stop them from landing.  She would brook none of this and ordered the ship to use full power to the time drive.  The resistance died down and the time ship re-entered the time stream.



The business meeting was going well.  Li Na was sure than the Kellonian trader would sign up for a guaranteed next-week shipment scheme.  She knew these amphibian creatures could not resist the can of dead insects she’d placed in the middle desk drawer.  “Are you sure everything is to your liking?”

G&$$”fgjhfr$! nodded.  “Yes, we will sign.  The Silver Lotus Shipping Company offers the best price on the market.”

“Our family business means that we pass on the savings to you, the valued customer.”  Yin replied.  He couldn’t wait for his niece and her new husband to take over the full-time running of the off world contracts.

“Thank you for your custom G&$$”fgjhfr$!.”  Li Na said softly.

Yin looked at his wife once their new customer had left.  “Now that business is out of the way.  I invite you to accompany me for an afternoon of pleasure.”

Li Na smiled.  “It’s a little early for bed, even for us.”

“I was thinking more like shopping.”  Yin replied.

“I knew I married you for a reason.”  Li Na replied.  “Apart from your good looks, perfect manners and terrific stamina of course.”



The time ship appeared in the deserted landing bay and within a second of its arrival it looked as if it had always been there.  Docking data was downloaded into the computer system, rearranging the facts into a more acceptable fiction.  Their presence here was now one hundred percent legitimate.  Knight Commander Tanya drew her sword and looked over the edges of it.  They were sharp enough to carve through secure-steel, flesh and sinew and bone would be no problem at all.



Li Na wielded Yin’s credit card like a sword, slashing into the sales section with no remorse.  She picked gowns for herself, silk robes for her husband, sexy bras for herself and sheer undies to match for his libido when he saw her wearing them.  Of course she stocked up on sensible items too, shoes were a must, flats and heels and boots.  She found the most adorable outfit for her baby niece, a little princess outfit, she’d look so adorable in it.  She really liked this whole shopping splurge, it was about time she restocked the TARDIS anyway.  Over the years she’d worn many of the costumes in it anyway, first the gents section and since her last incarnation the ladies section.  She’d even tried on that blue and white spotty number of Mel’s but white was not her colour and against all her former beliefs she was going off trousers as well.  She was actually finding herself more comfy in a dress, even more so than her last self who’s always enjoyed the chance to tart herself up for the occasion.  She wondered if she was subconsciously preparing herself for a maternity gown.

Yin meanwhile was working his way through the novelty gag gifts section.  He bought his mother a speaking wok that proclaimed that it was melting whenever you held the handle.  For his oldest brother and his wife he bought them a new car, and the same for his eldest sister and her husband.



Knight Commander Tanya was the first out of the time ship.  She casually hacked one of the maintenance crew in half while he slept.  It served the lazy good for nothing right.  The word of Solaria had come a calling and those unworthy to hear the message would be purged, with cleansing fire.



Yin and Li Na were enjoying a delicious meal in the Casanova Caf, scrambled eggs and boiled tomatoes.  Li Na fed Yin a forkful of eggs and tomatoes when suddenly a huge explosion rocketed around the enclosed area.  “I have a bad feeling about this.”  She said as she dropped the fork on the plate.  Tiny splatters of food went flying on dress and suit and hair and table cloth.

Yin looked around, just in time to see the armour plated psychopaths of the Solar Knights bursting into the main corridor.  However many of they were wielding what looked like laser cannons.  “The fools.”  He said sharply.  “They could cause a rupture.  This is like Neptune’s Garden all over again.”

Li Na took a step back.  “It seems they’ve stepped up their recruitment campaign.”  She watched on as those who agreed to serve were spared, the rest were put to death.  The number of new recruits was increasing rapidly as people caught on to the means of survival.  “This is monstrous.”

“We are but two, against an army of fanatics.”  Yin replied.  “You cannot fight fanatics with honour, they must be silenced with cold steel.  A war of words cannot be won against an enemy who is deaf.”

Li Na nodded.  “I agree, but no matter what we do people are going to die.”

“People always die, it’s inevitable.  I will die, you will die, however if we fight to save as many as we can knowing that we cannot save all then we have a better chance of victory.”



Knight Commander Tanya took centre stage in the middle of the throng.  “We are the Knights of Solaria.”  She looked at their faces to see who was hanging on her every word.  “Solaria is the one true goddess, your goddess.  All will worship her glory everlasting or for the sake of your souls we will cleanse your bodies with the fires of purification.”  She waited a few moments to let her words sink in.  “All those who pledge their lives and souls to Solaria, say yes now.”

A chorus of “yes” went up from the crowd.

“No!”  Li Na shouted.  “I will never serve your false god.”

Knight Commander Tanya looked up at the defiant slip of a woman.  “Who are you to make such a bold statement?”

“I am Chung Li Na.  Better known to you as the Doctor!  I have defeated your kind several times in the past, I will do so again.”

Tanya was disgusted to see looks of hope on the faces of those in whom she wished to crush all hope except through the salvation of Solaria’s mercy.  She stabbed several of the crowd in the chest with her holy blade to get her point across.  “Solaria is the one true goddess, she is the true way to glory.”  Tanya watched as a Knight wielding a flame thrower set fire to the dying victims of her sword.  Their screams were as music to her.  “The holy flames of Solaria have cleansed their souls.  They are at peace now.  I hope by accepting the mercy of Solaria many of you will find such peace in this life.  Bring the Doctor and her man to me.”

Li Na and Yin did not resist as Solar Knights dragged them away.



Li Na was separated from Yin, taken into a small room and beaten up by three rather large female knights.  Blood poured out of her mouth and nose as she struggled to her feet.  “It’ll take more than that I’m afraid…ladies.”  She ducked a clumsy punch to the face but caught a knee in the stomach and she collapsed on the floor on her hands and knees.  They then tore her dress off and set it on fire.  “That cost more money than any of you have seen.”  This just earned her another beating as they aimed for her very exposed skin.  Finally they must have had enough sport and they left her alone.  For a few moments she lay there on the ground, trying to catch her breath.  Then she began to struggle to the near by chair and used it to haul herself up onto her knees.  A sharp burst of pain immediately flared up in her right knee, it had been stamped on, hard.  No doubt the knee cap was broken, probably shattered.

Knight Commander Tanya walked into the room and found the prisoner freshly softened up.  “I see you resisted.  You only have yourself to blame.”

“I am stronger than I look.”  Li Na replied.  “I blame those weak willed scum for failing to get the job done.  Instead of softening me up, they’ve only increased my resolve.”

Knight Commander Tanya ignored the bleatings of the prisoner.  “You claim to be the Doctor?”  She laughed.  “We checked our archives, this is a picture of the Doctor.”  She showed the woman a picture of the Doctor.

“Yes, that’s me.”  Li Na replied.  “I looked like that back then.”

“You have some cosmetic surgeon.”  Knight Commander Tanya replied.  “Maybe I can get their name, I could do with a face lift myself.”

“It’s a trait of my people.  We can change our appearances from time to time.”

“So you became a woman?  Well at least you joined the superior side of the gender division.  Why resist us?”

“I resist all tyrants.”


“Because no one else will.”

“What if I told you that is what we do too?”

“You are the tyrants.  Only the other day one of your…associates…chased me up the side of a mountain.  He’s dead by the way.  I’m responsible for that.”

“Solaria must have shown you mercy not to bring down her wrath upon you.”

“Oh she tried, she tried to kill me in person.  She too failed.  If your god can’t kill me what chance do you think you have?”

“I have the life of your mate in my hands.  If you resist I will snuff out his existence, making you a young widow.”

“I’d still resist.  Anyone who threatens my man deserves no mercy, no forgiveness.  You sit here threatening me, you bully, I defy you, you have no faith in your god, you use your religion only as an excuse to kill and intimidate others.  I’d hate to be in your shoes when judgement day comes.  What do you think they’ll do to you when they find out that you’re not a true believer?”

“That is irrelevant.  As long as I do the will of Solaria I am quite safe.”

“No, you really aren’t.”  Li Na replied.  “They’ll know, they probably know already.  They want martyrs ready to die on a whim, not bullies and cowards.  They’ll find you and they’ll kill you a true heretic.  Are you afraid yet Tanya Jorgensen?  Do you feel your heart hammering?  Do you sleep with a gun under your pillow, for when they come for you?”

“I am a loyal servant of Solaria!”  Tanya yelled.

“Then prove it, to them, let them see the true test of your devotion.  Offer your life to Solaria.  If you’re truly her creature then she’ll stay your hand.  If you’re a heretic then you won’t dare do it.  Are you a heretic, Tanya?”

“I am a true believer!”  Knight Commander Tanya drew her sword and stabbed herself in the stomach with it, driving the blade through her body all the way up to the hilt.  She collapsed to the floor the second her spinal cord was severed.  A pool of blood began to form around her dying body.

“Thank you.”  Li Na stood up and picked up her handbag from the far corner of the room..  “The fanatics are always the easiest to manipulate.”  She didn’t give the corpse a second glance as she left the room and went to find Yin.



Yin was sat in a large room with a dozen others.  One by one they were carried away and then there was the sounds of violence and the terrible, terrible screaming of someone passing between life and death.



Li Na went from room to room looking for her husband, ignoring the fact that she was dressed only in her (non-slutty) underwear, she didn’t have time to worry about how she looked right now.  Finally she found him inside a waiting area.  She motioned for him to leave and he held her in his arms, then gave her his jacket to wear.  “”We can take the TARDIS and leave.”  She suggested.  “Take as many as we can.”

“No.”  Yin said slowly.  “These evil bastards are going to suffer for each and every life they’ve taken here.  We’re going to kill them all.”

“What do you suggest?”  Li Na asked.

“We evacuate the people and then blow up this space station with all those frakkers still in here.  Let them be cleansed by fire.”

“We can set the power supply to overload.”

“They might detect that.”

“We could override it from the TARDIS.”

“They could bypass it.”

“We can build a bomb.”

“That’s more like it.”

“I have a detonator.”  She produced it from her handbag.  “We just need a fuel source.”

Yin began to smile.  “The power supply, we adapt you first idea, turn this place into once huge nuclear bomb.”

Li Na took the TARDIS summoning device from her bag.  “Ok, once it arrives, everyone get inside.”



Yin had volunteered to stay with the others in the TARDIS, but Li Na knew it was more a case of him not trusting the men to behave like gentlemen to his wife.  Li Na could handle herself of course, but this was her plan and she wouldn’t let someone else take a risk that she herself was not willing to take.  The power generator was guarded by just one Solar Knight.  Li Na had toyed with the idea of taking the TARDIS back in time, but the bomb could have exploded accidentally too early and she didn’t want to risk a change to the time line when it could be avoided.  True many lives could be saved, but the risk of an embolism in the fabric of time was enough to dissuade her of that idea.  She didn’t see the second Solar Knight until he grabbed her from behind.  She struggled but his armour dug painfully into bruised and vulnerable flesh.  She dropped the bomb, but luckily it didn’t go off.

“What are you doing down here, missy?”  Knight Karl asked as he threw the female around like a rag doll.

“They stopped watching me.”  Li Na replied.  “I was trying to escape.”

“No one escapes Solaria.”  Knight Karl replied and stroked the woman’s hair.  “We’re going to save you and then we’re going to have you.”

Li Na tried to struggle as the other knight came over.  “There’s a maniac on the loose.”  She lied.  “He killed one of you.  I’m trying to escape from him.  I don’t want to die.  Tanya died saving my life after I swore to serve Solaria.”

“Well if you’re already one of us, then you won’t mind, giving of yourself for the greater good of Solaria.”

“Do I have to do it with him as well?”  Li Na pointed to the other Solar Knight.  “I only want you to have me.”

“Of course he doesn’t.”  Knight Karl replied.  “I’ll get rid of him for you.”

“I think he’s going to ambush you and rape me.”  Li Na shouted.

Knight Karl attacked his comrade.  Slicing down with his sword into the shoulder and chest of his colleague.  The other Solar Knight however shot Knight Karl in the chest and stomach before they both fell in a pile.

“This is too easy.”  Li Na stepped around the dead Solar Knights, to prime the detonator.  She had five minutes to reach the TARDIS.  She’d make it back if she ran.



Yin was pacing around the TARDIS interior ever since the pinging sound of the detonator being activated filled the room.  The others were huddled in small groups, holding each other for comfort and security.  Suddenly the doors opened and Li Na ran inside.  He closed the doors for her.

“This is going to be tricky.”  She said as her hands worked over the controls.  She looked up.  “Don’t worry, we’re probably quite safe in here.”



From space it seemed as though the space station began to glow from red through orange to yellow and then a brilliant white.  With nothing to push against the explosion was a uniform pulse of energy that expanded like an ever growing shell away from the empty core where all matter had been converted to energy.  These few Solar Knights were dead, no longer would they harm anyone else, but there were others, so many others out there.  Li Na set course for the nearby Space City 2, the larger, more visited cousin of the series.  There she would deposit the survivors and do some more shopping to replace the stuff lost with the destruction of the station.


This story was originally planned to come before Gang Warfare but it made more sense to place it afterwards as it segues better into the next couple of stories that are really going to push the Solar Knights as a crumbling order with decaying morality and an unpleasant decedence about their motives and actions...

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