Time Lady 2

The Planet of Hate

Time Lady 2
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The Whitechapel Murders
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Drain you of your sanity
Face the thing that should not be
 - from 'The Thing That Should Not Be' by Metallica

Cthuga aka Solaria

It was the crown jewel of the mighty Jaatian Star Empire.  Celeste, the extraordinary holiday planet of a thousand different pleasures.  At least that’s what all the advertising holo-posters described it as.  The rich sapphire sky was a deeper blue than any other world.  The calm cerulean sea was like a mirror all year round and the local people were more friendly and welcoming than on any other world in the whole of the galaxy.  The Doctor thought it wasn’t quite as nice as Earth, but then she was slightly biased.  They spent their honeymoon relaxing by the golden lake of Auriga.  So named because of the way it caught the sunlight at sunset.

At last, a chance to unwind after the distress of the previous few days and they could just be happy for a change.  At last the Doctor and Yin could try to put their ordeal with the Solar Knights behind them once and for all.  At last they could try to move on with their lives and enjoy their honeymoon.  At last the Doctor could enjoy her marriage, even if it did mean coming here as a compromise instead of having a really great time at Blackpool liked she’d hoped for.  With a day on the beach with the donkeys and a stroll along the golden mile and then fish and chips while she wore a kiss me quick hat.  Still she wasn’t complaining, the weather was warm, she could fit into her bikini and Yin was happy because it was a thong.  She hadn’t been to Celeste before either.  It was better than she’d feared.  Luckily though she wore her wedding ring with her bikini otherwise she’d have been chatted up from here to Tuesday by every male and several females on this planet.

Yin had never been so happy, he was married to the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, the strongest and most passionate lover he’d ever been with and the most intelligent and brilliant person in the whole cosmos too.  Plus, she was wearing the sexiest thing he’d ever seen in his life.  He felt lucky that she returned his feelings and deep down he wondered what she saw in him.  However he didn’t want to push too deep into his neuroses and discover an inferiority complex.

So far today they’d had a walk round the lake to see a small wine making farm, explored the grounds of a nearby castle and also enjoyed a flask of coffee in a secluded bay before making love with the water of the lake gently lapping around their toes.  The Doctor had said that the chances of them conceiving a child was low, which was why they didn’t use protection.  They’d had their tests, they were both clean.  Yin wasn’t ready for kids yet and the Doctor had already fathered a son millennia ago.  She said she wouldn’t mind becoming a mother if it happened but the biology’s of their species only accounted for a mixed race baby once every hundred years.  Maybe they’d be lucky by then, they certainly expected their marriage to last that long.  Yin’s people normally lived to one hundred and fifty, one seventy five tops.  He was still quite young so he still had a lot left in him for the duration and the Doctor said that he’d better.

The Doctor allowed herself to relax and absorbed the warm rays of the sun, knowing that Yin had thoroughly rubbed cream all over every inch of her topless skin.  She turned over and let the warm caress of the sun play gently on her back.  “Care to put some more oil on me?”  She called over to her husband, delighted that she thought of him as her husband.



Knight Enceladus paced around the command deck of his time ship.  He was ready for action now.  He’d been bred for combat, trained for war.  He was programmed to fight and kill and conquer.  He was chomping at the bit, to use an old off world expression.  Solaria herself had come to him in a vision dream and commanded him to find the Doctor and slay her.  She was an impurity in the golden future.  She and her…escort.  Solaria had looked so radiant, a maiden of infinite virtue dressed in a gown of spun gold and her fiery wings shone with a brilliance none could deny.  Her burning eyes had looked at him with infinite compassion as she commanded him to secure the future for truth, purity and a bold future.  Knight Enceladus had vowed to do this, for the glory of his honour, the honour of the Knights of Solaria and the blessed future they were creating.

Knight Enceladus was the rising star of the Knights of Solaria; he had been promoted faster than any of his peers.  His ruthless aggression and relentless fury in battle had earned him all he had achieved.  They said that one day he would become the Grand Paladin and sit upon the Throne of Solaria.  It had been a dark day when the Temple of the Sun had been destroyed by that coward but the Temple of Fire on the other side of the planet was far bigger and the true centre of their command structure.  Those who had sacrificed their lives were the old who wanted a glorious death of sweet fiery oblivion so that they may arise from this life to serve Solaria in the next.

He watched as the two accursed beings sat together, parading their evil union with abandon.  Their indecent behaviour knew no ends as the female removed her scanty top to expose her body to the sunlight.  This was too much for Enceladus; his rage grew such that he crushed the railing beneath his hands.  “Their decadence knows no limits; I shall put an end to their debauchery right now.  He picked up his ceremonial sword of fire and stormed out of the ship.  “For the glory of Solaria!”



Yin massaged the Doctor’s back as she lay face down on the beach.  He slowly rubbed the oil into her skin as he kneaded the muscles below.  “I’m no trained expert but you feel tenser that usual.”

“I was relaxed before, it’s just all of a sudden that I feel tense.  It’s like I’m just waiting for the other Jimmy Choo to drop.”  The Doctor replied.  “I’ve had this feeling that something bad is going to happen.  It’s as if we’re waiting for an invisible thunderstorm to break.”  She let out whimpering sigh as Yin hit the spot that was troubling her.  “Oooh, that’s it, right there.”

Yin began to work the area more carefully, trying not to cause damage while trying to loosen it up at the same time.  “Still it’s been a great few days.”  He pressed on the belly of the muscle.  “We’ve had so much fun together, right?”

“I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”  The Doctor replied.  “What do you think about Debbie?”  She asked.

“What for?”  Yin asked.

“A first name.”  The Doctor replied.  “I need a proper first name.”

“Why?”  Yin asked.

“Just so it sounds more like a real name.  Mrs. Debbie Chung.”

“Why not something more traditional?”  Yin asked.

“Like what?”  The Doctor rolled over and let Yin’s hand massage a couple more things that needed his delicate touch.

“Li Na.”  Yin said softly.  “It means you’re beautiful and graceful.”

“I can live with that.”  The Doctor replied.  “I’m Dr. Chung Li Na.”

“It suits you.”  Yin kissed Li Na and lifted her up.  He carried her in his arms over to the picnic table from inside of the TARDIS.  “Now why don’t we eat something, we’ll to build our strength up, for tonight.”

“Oh, got something planned have you?”  Li Na teased her husband as she put her bikini top back on slowly.  “The sun’s going in now; perhaps we should go for a walk after lunch, to keep warm.”



Knight Enceladus had made his way on foot, through city and village and field to find the two sickening degenerates that threatened the rule of Solaria’s just laws.  He spotted them, she disporting herself like a common whore and her mate wasn’t much better, giving in to his base desires of the flesh.  Knight Enceladus pitied them; they were cast out of the brilliant burning purity of Solaria.  They would never know the true grace of her majesty.  That wouldn’t stop him from carrying out his mission though.  Carefully he took aim, intending to draw first blood.  He threw the knife at the whore.



Chung Li Na screamed as the knife sliced through part of her upper arm.  “What the frak is going on?”  She swore loudly.  “Get me something to stop the bleeding Yin.”

Yin handed Li Na her body wrap.  “This is all we have.”

Li Na wound the wrap around her arm.  It soaked up the blood immediately, going from white to scarlet in seconds.  However it did the job of staunching the wound and quickly she pulled on something more protective, a sleeveless pink top and matching trousers.  It was better than feeling vulnerable in just a thong bikini however.  She then pulled on her leather open toe sandals and saw that Yin was likewise getting dressed as fast as possible.  “We have to get back to the TARDIS.”  She said to him.  It was just across the other side of the gently arcing curve of the bay, so near and yet perhaps too far.  They could walk into an ambush at anytime.  They had to find shelter, protection.  Move slowly and make no sound.  “We’ll take the long way around.”  She pointed towards the narrow path that cut up deeply in the steep sides of the surrounding bay.  While it was perfect for skinny dipping, the bay could also become a killing ground.  She picked up her sonic screwdriver; she’d need that for later.

Yin was finally ready for action.  He saw the strange device the Doctor used to summon the TARDIS.  It was important so he picked it up and popped it into his pocket.  The last thing they wanted was the Solar Knights getting hold of the TARDIS.  He spotted their target, dressed in thick metallic armour.  “A Solar Knight.”  He said to Li Na.

“I thought we’d dealt with them for good.”  Li Na replied.  “Like cockroaches you just can’t get rid of them all I guess.”

“We can try.”  Yin replied.



Knight Enceladus advanced slowly down the side of the steep hill.  This natural cove would become a killing ground.  The blood of him enemies would flow into the sea.  Their mangled flesh would be a banquet for the animals to feed upon.  History would forget their names because without the light of Solaria to shine upon them they were nothing.  He hefted his sword with pride and imagined it cleaving off the head of the Doctor, the accursed abomination whose deviancy was a blight upon the glorious vision of a perfect future.  Solaria was the path, the burning passion, the just cause.  Solaria’s words echoed inside of his mind, filling him with purpose and intent.



Yin and Li Na scrambled up the simple trail, it wasn’t much but every second they put between themselves and the psychopath with the oversized letter opener the better.  Li Na knew she’d recover.  Already the wound was healing.  She knew that she’d recover in a few hours, without even a scar to remind her of the injury.  However right now she was more concerned about being cut off from the TARDIS.  It was their only way out of here, the only way to put time and space between themselves and their pursuer.  She just wasn’t up to dealing with him.  She had no plans, no schemes in motion to stop him.  She hadn’t seen his arrival; he was outside of the great scheme of things.  That couldn’t be, she would have known of his arrival…unless…it was too horrible to contemplate.  Their opponent was also a time traveller.  The Solar Knights had discovered time travel.  Not only could they kill millions now, they could also destroy the universe by causing a temporal embolism. 

Yin stopped for a breather.  His lungs were on fire.  “I think we overdid it last night.”  He smiled at Li Na.  “I just need a few seconds.”

Li Na nodded.  “Endurance is what we need now.  That heavy armour will work against him.  We need to climb, where the air is thinner.  You’ll be better up there.”

“You want to tire him out, and then make our move when he is weakened?”

Li Na nodded.  “It is the only way.”  She pointed to the mountains in the distance.  “Seventeen miles then a very hard climb.  We need transport.”  She looked around and spotted a hover cart.  “We’ll hotwire that.”  We’ll go just fast enough so that our Solar friend thinks he has a chance.  However we’ll keep just ahead of him enough so that he uses up enough energy to tire himself out on the mountain.  They are trained to deal with extreme situations, which is why we have to judge this just right.”  Li Na walked over to the hover cart and overcame the simple locking mechanism easily with her sonic screwdriver.  “Well aren’t you going to help your wife into the vehicle?”  She teased Yin playfully.

Yin sat in the car.  “I used to have one of these when I was younger.”

“Great.”  Li Na replied.  “I need to take a closer look at my arm.”  She unwound the makeshift bandage.  The wound was dark and swollen.  Not a good sign.  “Damn, I think the blade was poisoned.”  She sat back.  “I just need to concentrate for a while, to analyse the poison and metabolise an antidote.”  She closed her eyes and stopped breathing.

Yin’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when Li Na’s face began to frost over!  “What is going on?”



Knight Enceladus watched as his quarry began to slowly limp away.  However they weren’t going much more than his walking pace.  He could easily keep up with them.  He set off after them, determined to play with his prey before the kill.  A Knight of Solaria isn’t just born, it takes years of training.  As an initiate he had been taught to endure pain, in all of its forms.  He’d been whipped until his skin was tougher than stone.  He’d been left in the middle of a desert and had to walk to the nearest oasis.  He had to endure the searing wrath of a hot sun for three days before he passed that test.  Then they took him to the polar ice cap and left him naked on the ice.  He’d killed a polar predator for her fur and worn it with pride when he was found a week later with a pile of freshly caught fish ready to salt and store for the coming weeks he expected.  He’d fought dozens of his peers in single and group combat.  While not to the death, they all picked up broken arms and legs from time to time.  Knight Enceladus had only three broken limbs, while the average was eight.  He was fearless too, having spent a week in a remote rainforest when a training shuttle crashed.  They’d found him living as top predator in his local environment, having brutally killed off any and all competition.  That had earned him top spot in the graduation honours.  That first night Solaria had come to him in a dream and told him that one day he would serve her well.  Knight Enceladus had taken a mate, Callista; she was just as vicious as he was.  A merciless warrior and a deadly assassin of the highest calibre.  She’d born their child through three combats before the weight became too much in those last weeks.  Their son was born to much acclaim and currently he was being prepared for entry into the Order of Solaria.    He would carry on in the traditions of family and honour.  Knight Enceladus had no doubt that one day they would fight side by side to slay the infidels and bring Solaria’s grace to the rest of the universe.



Li Na’s eyes opened suddenly.  “There, that’s it.”  She looked at Yin and smiled.  “Problem solved.”  She kissed his nose.  “A simple alkaloid base.  All I had to do was increase the acidity of my blood by one percent.  I’m sure they didn’t expect me to have a biological self repair cell in my body.”

“Your face.”  Yin said.  “It was covered in ice.”

“Yes, a simple response to the lowering of my body temperature.  The sweat simply froze on my brow.  It’s an unfortunate side effect and it makes me look like an ice maiden, literally.”

“I was worried.”  Yin replied.

“It takes a lot more than that for you to be rid of me.”  Li Na replied.  “I gave you my vow to be with you for a very, very long time and I never break my word.  I just love you so darn much.”

“Do you always say the right things?”  Yin wondered.

“Yes.”  Li Na replied.  “I’m a woman.”  She kissed his neck.  “I always do the right things too, and so do you.”  They were passing a field with large green bulbs in it.  “Stop here.”  She said to him.  “We need a break and we can deal with our friend if he shows up.”  Li Na hopped out of the hover car and then jumped over the fence into the field.  She approached the nearest bulb and rubbed it with her hands.  “I read about these in the guide.”  Slowly and surely the bulb unfolded its leaves to reveal a ready made picnic!  “They’re genetically created to suit the needs of the tourists.  This one’s a coffee planet.”  She sat on the edge of what looked like a tartan rug and picked up a Pease pudding sandwich.  “They’re a real breakthrough for biotechnological tourism.  I keep meaning to buy one for the TARDIS.”  She took a bit of her sandwich.  “Delicious.”

Yin cautiously nibbled what appeared to be an apple and blackcurrant pie.  It tasted exactly how it looked.  “This is amazing.”

“They recycle the unused food to grew a new crop every month or so.”  Li Na poured Yin a large mug of coffee and then one for herself.  “I love the smell of coffee in the afternoon, smells like…success.”  She took a sip and let out a small self satisfied sigh.  “Just the thing.  Are you done?”  She asked Yin.  “Take it with you.”  She had another sip of coffee before placing the cup back on the blanket.  “It’s a shame we can’t spend more time here, but we do have a trap to spring.”

Yin headed back towards the hover cart, holding the fruit pie in one hand.  He climbed the fence and let Li Na drive this time.

Li Na put her foot down hard and gunned the engine, making it look like she was having trouble with the gears or something.



Knight Enceladus watched as the female struggled to control the vehicle.  He had gained ground on her now.  Soon she would make another mistake and he would enjoy snuffing out her life like a candle.  He felt Solaria’s will urging him on, driving him to succeed at all costs.  He redoubled his efforts to give her what she wanted, two deaths for a bold new future.



“I think we did it.”  Li Na said to Yin.  “He’s still following us.”

Yin was finishing off the last of his meal so only nodded in agreement.

Li Na allowed herself to relax.  She unwound the bandage on her arm to reveal a scabbed over cut.  Already she was healing, the damage was mostly repaired, and her arm was like new, with no loss of movement at all.  She let the bloodied wrap fall into the backseat of the hover car and tossed her hair back in the slight breeze.  “Times like these it makes you glad to be alive.”  She looked at her husband and saw that he was fast asleep, bless him.  She kept forgetting that he was less…robust than she was and last time they had really gone at it for hours and hours and hours.  Their love making was like a storm, intense and energetic.  He crashed into her like waves on a beach, she screamed out like a ceaseless wind and he erupted like a volcano.  Well that was enough of the mixed metaphors.  She really missed having a girlfriend to talk to about all the sex stuff.  Over the years she’d had to listen to her female friends talking about boys and sex and marriage.  Now it was her turn and she missed having no one to discuss these things with.  She didn’t want another woman in the TARDIS now; it’d complicate things too much.  But if she had somewhere to go from time to time to chat with a girlfriend about her life and other things, it’d be nice.  Maybe she could pop by and visit someone?  Or maybe she’d just give someone a call on her mobile phone and spend hours gushing about her marriage?  She didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good friendship over a man though, even if he was her man.  No, she’d just have to endure this, for now.  Maybe spread the good news around a little too.  No, she didn’t want to look to the past anymore.  She had a new life now and a future to build with her husband.  She’d just have to talk to him about their sex life; hopefully he wouldn’t run away after only a few minutes.



Knight Enceladus watched impassionate as the hover car pulled up in a village and the female jumped out and began waving her fists at it and then opened the engine compartment.  He saw more waving of fists as the male was awoken to deal with the problem.  He smiled to himself as he kept his steady pace, drawing nearer and nearer to his quarry with each footfall.



“We have to steal another one.”  Li Na said to Yin.  “This one’s had it.”

“Can I help?”  Beur, a local man asked the two tourists.

“Our car broke down.”  Yin said to the man.

“A shame.”  Beur said and shook his head.  “This model does not have a good reputation, which is why so many are used in the tourist trade.”

“That’s about right.”  Li Na said.  “Is there anywhere around here where we could rent a new one?  Only this is our honeymoon and my husband and I wanted to go climbing.”

Yin nodded.  “We had our ceremony on the side of a mountain.  Climbing is our life; it’s what brought us together.”

Beur saw the size of the engagement ring on the female’s hand.  “I will lend you my own car, alas I was going to use it to go to the city today and buy medicine for my sick mother.”

Li Na smelled a work a mile away; she was determined not to let this con man sucker them into parting with all their goods.  “Well perhaps you should go, we’ll ask around the rest of the village.”

Beur acted quickly.  “They do not have as good a car as I.  It would be a shame to give such a happy couple an inferior vehicle, I would…”  His worlds were cut off as a sword was driven though his body from behind.

Yin struck the Solar Knight in the neck as hard as he could.

Knight Enceladus fell back as the lucky strike caused him to lose his balance for a few seconds.

Li Na broke into the local’s garage and hot wired his car.  She pulled out slowly so Yin could hop aboard while their pursuer was still reeling from the sucker punch.  “Can’t catch me.”  She taunted.  “You have no honour.”  She hoped her barbed words would sting enough to keep the Solar Knight from taking revenge on the innocent villagers.  Then she drove away quickly in the hope that their adversary would waste vital energy running after them.



Knight Enceladus ran to the edge of the village, he saw the hover car slowing down slightly, they were arrogant, their mistake.  He slowed down to a fast walk now.  He was as relentless as the heat he had endured as a teenager.  He would never give up.  His will was as cold and bitter as the polar wastes he had endured.  He was the predator, tracking his prey; step by step he ploughed on, unforgiving as his training.  He was the instrument of Solaria’s will, the executioner of her enemies.  He was a Knight and his honour had been questioned.  He would never give up now; never give in to the burning pain of tired legs and the thudding heart in his chest.  On and on he’d go to the very ends of this world.  He owed it to his teachers, his mate and his son; he would not stain their honour with defeat at the hands of two honourless foes.



The gentle rolling hills gave way to steeper, more rugged, terrain as they passed into the foothills surrounding the mountains.  Li Na was still aiming towards the tallest mountain, apparently known as The Finger that Scratches the Sky.

Yin was ready with the climbing equipment they’d found in the boot of the car.  He had climbing axes and crampons and ropes and pitons.  All they needed to complete the illusion was a Sherpa to point out the local sights for them.  “We’ll have to be fast once we park up.”

“We’re not parking up.”  Li Na replied.  “At least not at first.”  She pointed to the vertical control.  “We can easily get a couple of thousand feet head start.  Of course we’ll have to send it crashing back down below, to stop him from using it.”

“Cool.”  Yin grinned.  “I’ve never climbed before.”

“That’s ok.”  Li Na replied.  “Neither have I.  Well not this me, I did climb Ben Nevis once with Alistair and Jo during that business with the Cybermen in Scotland.”

“Then you can go first.”  Yin replied.  “I’ll copy what you do.”

“Sounds like a plan.”  Li Na agreed as the hover car began to rise up in the air.  This really is the way to travel.  First floor haberdashery.  Second floor ladies lingerie.  Third floor sports attire.  Fourth floor inexperience climbers with a death wish.  That’s us honey.”

Yin stepped out of the hover car onto the small piece of flat ground.  Then he grabbed the equipment as Li Na passed it over to him.  Finally she joined him on the ledge and seconds later the hover car vanished as the vertical drive switched off.  “Maybe it’ll hit him.”  He said.

“I doubt it.”  Li Na replied.  “We’re not that lucky.”  She removed her jogging outfit and pulled on the thick, warm climbing suit over her bikini.  “Just take your time.”  She said to her husband as she tested the rock with her axe.  Remember to attach your line to the pitons and follow my line of ascent as best you can.  It doesn’t look like we’ll have a problem here.  If we can make it to that bigger plateau up there we’ll make our stand there.”

“Fine by me.”  Yin agreed.

Li Na began her ascent of The Finger that Scratches the Sky.



Knight Enceladus looked at the pile of burned out wreckage.  Alas no remains were inside it, they hadn’t died in the crash.  He’d have to follow them up the mountain.  Luckily he was an expert climber.  He’d climber the fifty eight tallest peaks of Solaria Prime by the time he was twenty.  He activated the crampons in the boots of his armour as well and the climbing spikes in the gauntlets.  They would make his ascent quick and easy.  Once he caught up with them he considered throwing them off the mountain alive.  He would like to have seen their faces as they plummeted to their deaths.  He’d just have to make do with seeing their mangled corpses instead.



Yin was quickly coming to believe that this was the dumbest thing he had ever done in his life.  For every foot he climbed he felt more tired than he had ever done so in his life.  His armed hurt with the pain of lactic acid build up in them.  Even Li Na hauling up his weight every now and then did little to improve his climb.  However he was slowly making it, bit by bit up the side of the mountain.

Li Na paused, to take the stain again.  Yin was obviously even worse at this than he’d said.  Luckily though she was better at it than she thought.  She could take some of his weight off of him to make his climb easier.  She’d have to help him build up some strength in his arms sometime.

Yin panicked as he slipped and fell.  He fell down and down, before the rope took their weight and held him there.  He swore hard before resuming his climb.

Li Na’s hearts leapt as Yin had fallen, but luckily he was saved by the rope she’d insisted on.  She waited as he began his climb once again.



Knight Enceladus was making good time.  He’d already reached the base camp where he found their footprints.  He saw them ahead of him on the mountainside.  They were terrible.  He would easily reach them and his victory would be sweet.



Li Na reached the plateau and began to haul Yin up with all her strength.  It wasn’t much but inch by inch by inch by inch she pulled him towards safety.  Finally Yin’s hand grabbed the edge of the outcrop and she grabbed hold of it and hauled him up to safety.

Yin could breathe easier now in the thinner air.  This was more like it.  He said to himself.  He sat down next to Li Na, putting his arm around her waist and holding her close to him.  “I love you.”  He said and kissed the top of her head.  She patted his hand.

“Are you ready?”  Li Na asked Yin.  “He’ll try to lunge at you or try a swipe.  Keep out of the way of the sword, and then once he’s off balance, stab him in the neck with this.”  Li Na produced the poisoned knife that had struck here mere hours ago.  “Try to twist it around inside of the wound, cause as much damage as you can.”

Yin nodded.  “The taking of a life is not something I have ever considered before, but now it is a necessity to save our lives.”

Li Na nodded.  “It is now the only way left to us.”



Knight Enceladus surmounted the edge of the plateau.  He moved towards this quarry.  He unsheathed his sword from the scabbard on his back and advanced towards the Doctor.

Yin stood in the way.  “You have to go through me.”  He said sharply.

“I will enjoy the diversion.”  Knight Enceladus replied.  “I like a little sport; you should provide a few seconds of entertainment.”  He advanced quickly, taking a swing at his quarry.

Yin darted forward and buried the knife into the Solar Knight’s neck.  However a mighty backhand in the face sent him sprawling on the ground.

Li Na rushed over to her husband’s side.  He was ok, just dazed from the force of the blow.  “Now to end this.  Your people may have discovered time travel but I am monarch of that dimension, a ruler of time, it bends to my will, not yours.  I will delete your kind out of existence if necessary.”

“You talk too much, whore.”  Knight Enceladus lifted the sword high above his head.  The pain in his neck was a distraction, he was fuelled by hate.  Pure rage filled him now as he prepared to deal the final blow.

Li Na took out her sonic screwdriver and aimed it at the Solar Knight, magnetising his armour.  The sword stuck to it like glue.

Knight Enceladus could not free the sword.  “You shall pay for this, harlot.”

The Doctor watched as the knife in her enemy’s neck was pulled deeper into his body by the force of magnetic attraction.  It sunk through his heart and lungs, killing him in seconds.  She stood back as his bead body pitched forward, falling face first in the thin gritty surface of the plateau.  “Score one for Team Chung.”  She laughed, letting the fear wash out of her body.  She was about to attend to Yin, when suddenly there was a huge flash of light on the horizon.  She saw a huge red star rising quickly, it filled the sky!  She felt oppressive heat as the star winked open to reveal a single baneful white hot eye of burning nuclear hate, almost like a giant amoeba from a certain angle.  “Solaria.”  She spat.  “Your ploy failed.  Your little tin soldier didn’t get the job done.”

No matter.  Solaria replied.  I will finish the task myself.

Yin pulled out the TARDIS summoning device from his pocket.  He stood by his beloved and pushed the button.  With a wheezing groan the ship materialised around them both.

No I shall not be denied!  Solaria blasted the planet’s surface with lethal firestorms of deadly cosmic radiation.  However the tiny blue box was gone.  Another time, Time Lady.  Solaria retreated back to the wrong angles of her true home near Fomalhaut.



Li Na and Yin lay in bed together.  Their energies spent once again.  They held each other and planned their future.  “I want to meet your family.”  Li Na said.  “After all they’re my family now.  I’m sure your mother will want to judge her new daughter in law to make sure I’m good enough for you.”

“She won’t do that.”  Yin replied.  “She will love you because of who you are.”

“All parents want what’s best for their children.”  Li Na replied.  “One day we’ll discover this for our selves.”

“You want children?”  Yin asked.

“Eventually.”  Li Na replied.  “Right now though you’re enough for me.”

“Not quite.”  Yin replied.  “You want this life style too, as do I.”

Li Na kissed Yin.  “You’re getting quite good at it.  That thing with the summoning device, that was brilliant.  You saved our lives.”

“Billions died.”

“I know.”

“What was that thing?”

“A dark legend.  A being from the past, from before the beginning of the Universe.  I’ve fought some of them before and barely survived.  She’s ancient and powerful and I should have realised sooner.  Now she has an army of lunatics killing in her name.  She’s building a future for herself and she sees me as a threat to her plans.  I’m flattered.”

“Can you stop it, her?”

“She’s nothing like we are; she’s a being of complex dimensions.  Her true aspect dwells only in the higher plains of existence.  However when she forces herself into our realm of being she always has the same appearance, a baneful star.  Solaria is the name given to her by her worshippers.  She is known by another, older name from the distant histories of my own people.  She is Cthuga, the swollen red eyed giant.  She dwells near her companion star Fomalhaut, renewing him again and again with her powers.  If we’re dealing with her then all bets are off.  The best we can hope for is a draw, a stalemate until she changes her mind.”

“We can’t win?”  Yin asked after a few seconds.

“He who wins shall lose.”  Li Na repeated thoughtfully.  “He who loses shall win.”  She sat up suddenly.  “There might just be a way.”  She sat astride Yin and began a fresh round of lovemaking.  “Now enough talk, it’s time for action.”  She giggled as he rose to the challenge.



It was the stuff of nightmares, the bane of the Jaatian Empire: Celeste, the hell planet of a thousand different mutations, at least that’s what all the slanderous holo-posters of their rivals described it as.  In just one day it had gone from the centre of the local tourist trade to the folklore of a million superstitious tales.


This is the end of the beginning.  The true enemy is at last uncovered.  The Solar Knights will still be seen, as they are the arms of Solaria aka Cthuga.  I just wanted to give the story a more epic feel by introducing an enemy against which the Doctor can do little real harm.
Also to highlight the Doctor's growing relationship with Yin, I decided that she'd take on a fake name for herself, Chung Li Na.  It's a set up for the next chapter of the story as the Doctor meddles with more earthly matters than mad gods with insane servants out to kill her.
I'm really happy with the direction the story is taking, I want to really take the format of Doctor Who in new directions and this is one that has never been explored before.  Mixing a marriage with exploration really adds to things as the Doctor has much more invested emotionally in her relationship with Yin.  As she shows him the universe it will be seen that their union is both a blessing and a curse.
Cthuga is charater of the same ilk as Cthulu and Yog Sothoth, a great old one from ancient past, dwelling in the madness of different dimensions and obscure angles to reality.  I chose Cthuga because it fitted in with the whole stellar image of the Solar Knights and it made sense that a god of fire would be using an obscure cult to further its plans and it ties into earlier chapters when the Doctor mentions that the order suddenly fell into ways of corruption and evil.
I really wanted to explore the background of the Solar Knights too.  By giving insight into the past of Knight Enceladus I could highlight what they were like by how they trained him.  I wanted them to really believe that they were on a holy mission, that theirs was a righteous path ordained by their god.  Even though the truth is they've become little more than goons for a mad goddess killing those she doesn't want or need without mercy or reason.

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