Time Lady 2

Time Lady 2
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Book Two
The Whitechapel Murders
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Doctor Who

The Past
The Doctor had used up 13 lives, but somehow she survived her last death.
Maybe it was a gift from a grateful universe for her sacrifice or a deeper and more mysterious plan she may never know.  One thing however the cosmos has changed so much.
The Present
The Daleks have completed their mutagenic cycle, becoming Kaleds once more.  The Cybermen have been restorted to their original organic origins and even the Sontarans and Rutans have made peace with each other.
Now in a reborn universe the Doctor must face new and unknown dangers...
The Future
Doctor Who: Time Lady 2

Doctor Who

Claudia Black as Doctor Who
Garrett Wang as Chung Yin
Jennifer Sky as Erin Vale
Kevin Smith as Dave

where no Doctor has gone before...

- the home of the 14th Doctor -